The Best Snowshoes: How to Find the Right Ones for You

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Snowshoeing is a wonderful way to explore places in winter that would be off limits with regular hiking. We share the best snowshoes and how to find hte right ones depending on the type of terrain you’ll be coveringinding the best snowshoes for your needs doesn’t have to be difficult.

Winter offers new hiking opportunities that are both challenging and fun. In order to traverse certain terrains, you’ll need snowshoes. Snowshoeing is an activy that every avid hiker should try. You’re sure to fall in love with it.

Get the best snowshoe for your winter adventures.

Why do I need Snowshoes for Winter Hiking?

If you have ever tried walking in the snow with hiking boots then you probably know how difficult it is to keep your balance, not to mention trying your best not to sink into the snow.

Snowshoes allow you to glide on the snow without sinking or struggling to stay upright. Depending on the type of snow you will be hiking on, snowshoes come with special features that will not only allow you to move comfortably but will keep you safe.

How to Choose the Right Snowshoes

If you’re new to snowshoeing then you may be looking at snowshoes with a raised eyebrow wondering how on earth you’ll know the difference between any of them. It can get pretty confusing, even for the experienced hiker. There are a few important things to consider when choosing a snowshoe:

Snowshoe Sizes

One of the most important things to consider when buying your snowshoes is finding the right size. The first thing to consider is your weight which should include your pack weight. Snowshoes have a maximum weight load in the specifications. You’ll find that the more the weight, the longer the snowshoe in order to ensure the right amount of flotation.

Another aspect to consider is the type of snow you will be traversing. If you’re planning to snowshoe in an area with soft powder snow, then you should look to purchase a snowshoe that is longer to ensure better flotation. For compact and wetter conditions, you may want to consider a smaller snowshoe as they are best for narrower areas. This is also true for steep areas where a smaller size will allow you better stability.

If you want snowshoes that are suitable for most conditions then choose ones where your weight falls in the middle, vs the top end. For example, according to Tubbs’ sizing the 21W is suitable for women weighing up to 150 lbs (68 kg), while the 25W size is suitable for weights from 120 – 200 lbs (54 – 91 kg). If you weigh 145 lbs I’d recommend the 25W size, otherwise, you may find that the smaller size doesn’t offer good floatation in deeper snow. I discovered that the hard way.


There are three types of terrain that you can encounter; flat, rolling, and mountainous. Each terrain requires something different. Snowshoes for flat terrain are usually affordable with a simple binding and traction system. These are great if you like to snowshoe on easy packed trails.

The best snowshoes for rolling terrain are moderately priced and have slightly sturdier crampons and bindings. They also have heel lifts allowing you to get up steep slopes.

Mountainous terrain requires sturdier snowshoes which are usually the most expensive on the market. They are made with strong crampons and sophisticated bindings that work well with alpine hiking boots, although you can also wear them over regular hiking boots.

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Snowshoes for Women

Although there is little difference between snowshoes for men and women, some prefer to purchase gender-specific snowshoes. Women’s snowshoes are usually designed to be smaller and therefore weigh less than men’s snowshoes. They are also engineered with a females gait in mind.

Crescent Moon Luna

The Luna offers you some great new technology with its lightweight EVA foam bottom and multi-point traction. It provides you with excellent cushioning while remaining incredibly lightweight.

This is one of the best snowshoes for comfort. With a simple hook and loop binding, you’ll be secure enough to walk in them the entire day.

  • Weight Load: 200lbs
  • Frame Length: 24 inches
  • Frame Width: 8 inches

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Crescent Moon Gold 13

Specifically designed for women, this snowshoe offers you comfort and is made to conform to a woman’s natural gait.

The single pull loop binding is easy to use and ensures that your whole foot is secured in place.

The unique shape offers you great manoeuvrability, making it easy to run and walk. You will also find that these are quite light and the frame is made of strong and durable aluminium tubing. These snowshoes also offer you an aggressive crampon system great for icy conditions and steep areas.

  • Weight Load: 165lbs
  • Frame Length: 24.5 inches
  • Frame Width: 8.5 inches

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Chinook Trekker

Lightweight and strong, the Chinook Trekker is a great budget snowshoe. The decking is UV resistant and is made to last.

This snowshoe uses a dual ratchet binding and heel straps with quick-release buckles which make them easy to fasten and remove. These snowshoes offer you good traction and heel crampons that are perfect for mild downhill slopes.

  • Weight Load: 90lbs – 130lbs
  • Frame Length: 22 inches
  • Frame Width: 8 inches

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Snowshoes for Men

If you prefer a snowshoe that is specifically made for males in respect of size and load specifications, there are some great ones out there. Men’s snowshoes are usually made slightly bigger and take into consideration the male gait. Although for men, some specification will work for women as well, depending on the specifications you require.

TSL Symbioz Elite

Featuring HyperFlex technology which allows the frame to work well on any terrain, the TSL Symbioz Elite is one of the best snowshoes on the market.

This snowshoe has great grip and won’t let you down. The binding system is easy to customize to fit your foot snugly. The Symbioz Elite also offers you a ratcheting instep which further secures your foot so you’ll be comfortable while you walk.

  • Weight Load: 150lbs – 300lbs
  • Frame Length: 20.5 inches
  • Frame Width: 8 inches

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Yukon Sherpa Charlie

The Yukon Sherpa Charlie offers you an ultra-durable HDPE decking with steel crampons made to grip the snow securely.

With the easy to use ratchet binding, you’ll have a secure footing in these snowshoes. Its sturdy design, make them slightly heavier and bigger than some other snowshoes out there.

  • Weight Load: 300lbs
  • Frame Length: 36 inches
  • Frame Width: 10 inches

Winterial Shasta

The Winterial Shasta offers a lightweight design that is durable. This snowshoe is made with a strong aluminium frame, great for backcountry snowshoeing.

This is a great snowshoe that is perfect for flat and hilly terrain. The heel bindings allow you to easily get up hills with added traction.

  • Weight Load:140lbs -20lbs
  • Frame Length: 24.5 inches
  • Frame Width: 8 inches

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Best MSR Snowshoes

MSR Gear was founded in 1969 by the lifelong mountaineer Larry Penberthy. Since then MSR has become a household name in outdoor equipment and gear. MSR produce some of the best snowshoes on the market and offer a large range for every terrain.

MSR Evo Ascent

You’ll have great support and grip with the Eco Ascent. The design of the traction rails and break bar is what makes this snowshoe unique.

The tri fit binding system is easy to use and glove-friendly. It is perfect for comfort and fits a large range of footwear. You can add on additional modular flotation tails to carry heavier loads.

  • Weight Load: 180lbs
  • Frame Length: 22 inches
  • Frame Width: 8 inches

MSR Lightning Ascent

The Lightning Ascent is ultralight with great traction, perfect for mountainous and rugged terrain.

The traction frames offer you edge-to-edge grip and the steel DTX crampons will allow you to get up icy alpine hills easily.

The bindings are a little more complicated but offer you great security, comfort and foot control. The Ergo Televator heel lift bars are perfect for steep inclines.

  • Weight Load: 180lbs
  • Frame Length: 22 inches
  • Frame Width: 8 inches

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MSR Lightning Trail

The Lightning Trail is great for women and those that have a narrower gait. They offer you great traction and floatation and can be used on multiple terrains.

These snowshoes offer you a 360-degree traction frame and Pivot crampons to give you the best grip. The bindings are easy to use and are freeze-proof. They are also easy to adjust with gloves on.

You can add on 5-inch floatation tales if needed.

  • Weight Load: 210lbs
  • Frame Length: 25 inches
  • Frame Width: 7.25 inches

MSR Lightning Explore

If you are looking for an ultralight snowshoe for extended winter hiking trips, the MSR Lightning Explore is perfect. It offers you amazing traction, floatation and still manages to remain comfortable.

The 360-degree traction frames and Pivot crampons make it perfect for a variation of alpine terrains. You can enjoy superior comfort with the HyperLink binding system and the cushioned cradle. They are perfect for long and challenging snowshoeing trips.

  • Weight Load: 180lbs
  • Frame Length: 22 inches
  • Frame Width: 8 inches

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Best Atlas Snowshoes

Atlas is a leading snowshoe brand. With a great range of some of the best snowshoes in the market, you’ll be sure to find a specification to suit your needs. Their designs are unique, making them a great choice for beginners and avid hikers alike. They’re my personal favourite.

Atlas Montane

The Atlas Montane is great for all levels of hikers and can be used in most terrains. You can expect great comfort and manoeuvrability with the Spring-Loaded Suspension as it allows your foot to flex from side to side.

The crampons are designed to dig deep into the snow allowing for good traction on slopes. The binding system is hassle-free and easy to adjust. They are available in two sizes.

  • Weight Load: 120lbs – 250lbs
  • Frame Length: 25 & 30 inches

Atlas Rendezvous

The Atlas Rendezvous is comfortable and durable. The strap systems are easy to use and wrap securely around your boot for added support.

The crampons have a great design. They efficiently help you keep your footing. This snowshoe offers you a great suspension system which will allow you to glide effortlessly over easier terrain. Available in two sizes.

  • Weight Load: 120lbs – 250lbs
  • Frame Length: 25 & 30 inches

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Atlas Elektra Treeline

Take a walk in the Elektra Treeline to experience first hand one of the best snowshoes out there. With its 7075 aluminium reactive frame has a unique shape that increases its comfort and strength.

The light ride suspension allows your foot to glide smoothly across the snow. The wrapped helix binding adds yet another touch of ease and comfort.

This snowshoe is made for women with a narrow gait as it has tapered tails and a narrower nose.

  • Weight Load: 80lbs – 16lbs
  • Frame Length: 23 inches

Atlas Serrate

Like the Elektra, the Serrate is engineered with a 7075 aluminium reactive frame. The Spring-Loaded Suspension suspends the snowshoe close below your foot allowing you to move more freely.

One of the best additions to this snowshoe is the stability rear traction which optimizes weight distribution to its serrated traction elements. This makes it perfect for technical terrain.

  • Weight Load: 120lbs
  • Frame Length: 25 inches
  • Frame Width: 10 inches

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Made for athletes, the Apex-Mtn is lightweight and designed to keep you fast on your feet.

With a 7075 Speed V-Frame your ensured good weight and durability. The binding system holds your foot in place ensuring comfort and ease.

The crampons are designed to give you a good grip. You can also enjoy the benefits of an adjustable spring-loaded suspension made specifically for Nytex decking.

  • Weight Load: 75lbs – 190lbs
  • Frame Length: 22 inches

Best Tubbs Snowshoes

Tubbs Snowshoes was founded in 1906. It is one of the oldest snowshoe manufacturers in the world. And their experience shows when it comes to technology and quality. You’ll be sure to find some great snowshoes in the Tubbs ranges.

Tubbs Flex TRK

Perfect for flat and rolling terrain, the Flex TRK is one of the best snowshoes for mid-winter hiking. It is specially made for uneven terrain with a flexible Torsion Deck frame.

The 3-D curved traction rails are made to take on icy terrain, keeping you securely on your feet. Its heel lift will help you get up slight inclines without fatiguing your muscles.

You will love the binding that requires just one push to unfasten. This snowshoe includes a rotating tow cord which is designed to drop the tail to shed built-up snow. Available in two sizes.

  • Weight Load: 80lbs – 200lbs
  • Frame Length: 22 & 23 inches

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Tubbs Flex RDG

Great for mountainous terrain, the Flex RDG is one of the best snowshoes out there right now. It is made with a Torsion Deck which allows you flexible movement and offers you sturdy traction.

You’ll love the comfort and natural feel of this snowshoe. The binding system has been made to ensure ease, comfort and stability while you hike. Tubbs has ensured that you can have total confidence in the traction provided by the Flex RDG by including a toe crampon and 3-D curved traction rails.

  • Weight Load: 120lbs – 200lbs
  • Frame Length: 24 inches

Tubbs Mountaineer

If you are looking for a classic backcountry snowshoe, the Mountaineer is one of the best snowshoes out there.

This snowshoe offers you aggressive traction for better grip and versatility. The binding is comfortable and secure and is made to reduce friction and ice build-up.

This snowshoe will allow you to easily get up steep ascents without using up too much energy. Available in three sizes.

  • Weight Load: 120lbs – 300lbs
  • Frame Length: 25, 30 & 36 inches

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Tubbs Flex Alp

For the best traction, the Tubbs Flex Alp is the snowshoe to consider. With its micro-serrated 3D Curved traction Rails and Viper toe crampon, there is no terrain too intense for the Flex Alp.

The binding is not as complicated as on other backcountry snowshoes and offers you less friction and ice buildup. Available in two sizes.

  • Weight Load: 120lbs – 190lbs
  • Frame Length: 24 & 28 inches

Best Toddler Snowshoes

Snowshoes for toddlers are adorable and are perfect if you want your little one to join you out on the snow. They are great for taking your toddler along for a short walk. if your little one loves playing in the snow, snowshoes will make it easier for them to do so.

Yukon Charlie’s Junior

With easy to use bindings which are mitten friendly, the Yukon Charlie’s Junior are a great choice for your toddler. This snowshoe is made with a strong plastic base which is lightweight. It is the perfect snowshoe to start your toddler off on a lifetime of snowshoeing adventures.

  • Weight Load: 25lbs – 100lbs
  • Frame Length: 16 inches
  • Frame Width: 7 inches

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Tubbs Snowflake

Get your toddlers excited about snowshoeing with the Snowflake. The bindings are sure to keep your toddler’s feet secure for their safety. These snowshoes come with boys or girls stickers so your toddler can add their personal touch.

  • Weight Load: 50lbs
  • Frame Length: 14 inches

Tubbs SnowGlow

The Tubbs SnowGlow will give your toddler mountains of fun with every step. With the MotionBright lighting system, these snowshoes light up with each step.

The binding system is easy to use and hassle-free, and with the traction rails your toddler will be sturdy on their feet.

  • Weight Load: 50lbs
  • Frame Length: 14 inches

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Best Dog Snowshoes

If you love taking your furry buddy out with you on your snowshoeing adventures then getting a good pair of snowshoes for them is essential. Protect them from the elements and dangerous terrain with the right type of dog boots.

Hurtta Outback Dog Boots

If your furry friend loves to join you on your snowshoeing adventures then the Hurtta Outback Dog Boots are a perfect buy.

These are sold in pairs as a dogs front and back paws are rarely the same size. They are made with non-slip rubber soles to ensure that your dog can walk comfortably in snowy and icy conditions.

Make sure to measure your dogs’ paws and match it to the size chart before making your purchase.

Ultra Paws Light Duty

These booties are great for the occasional saunter in the snow. They come in a set of four and in two different sizes for your dogs front and back paws.

The Ultra Paws Light Duty also has foam padding that allows you to tighten the boot without causing any discomfort to your dog. These are great all year round for any surface.

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Kurgo Dog Shoes

If you are looking for tough dog booties for every season that will hold up on the snow, salt and ice, the Kurgo Dog Shoes will do all that and more.

They are lightweight and can be adjusted for a custom fit. These are also water-resistant and feature LED light-up soles with reflective trim that will help you find your dog at a distance.

Expawlorer Waterproof

Made with reflective material and skid-resistant you can count on your dog being safe, even in low light.

These dog boots are waterproof, perfect for snowy and rainy conditions. Your dog will have great traction in most conditions with the special grooved sole.

Snowshoe Poles

Making sure to have the right type of hiking poles with you is essential when going snowshoeing. Although snowshoes will make it much easier for you to traverse the icy terrain, the right poles will help you save much-needed energy. No matter the distance you plan on going, poles are a great addition to your gear.

G3 Via Carbon

The G3 is a great backcountry ski pole. It is perfect to use together with your snowshoes. Made of Via Carbon, it is light and durable.

The strap is removable for your convenience and it comes equipped with a dual-density handle and a slide hill grip to give you the ultimate experience.

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Cascade Mountain Tech

High quality and lightweight, the Cascade Mountain Tech is great for snowshoeing in frigid temperatures and difficult terrain.

These poles are extendable and feature a quick-lock, making it comfortable and sturdy at any length. The cork grip gives you added comfort while walking. These poles come with a selection of tips for every type of terrain.

Hiker Hunger

The Hiker Hunger is a 100% carbon fibre which is light and durable. These poles are great to use when snowshoeing.

The Hiker Hunger is a heavy-duty hiking pole that is great for icy and mountainous terrain. With all the attachments, you can use these anywhere.

The cork grip is moisture-wicking and conforms to your hand to provide you with extra comfort.

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Atlas Elektra Lockjaw 3

Made with lightweight steel, the Atlas Elektra Lockjaw is a good hiking pole for any terrain. The lockjaw adjustment mechanism makes it easy to fit your needs. The comfort you get from the EVA Foam grip is unrivalled as it is made specifically for women.


The Atlas Apex Mtn adjustable lockjaw poles are great to pair with your Apex snowshoes for the ultimate experience.

These are great for technical terrain. You can easily pack them to go anywhere and the gender-specific grips ensure your comfort.

Snowshoe Boots

Although most hiking boots are good for snowshoeing, sometimes its good to have something extra. These boots are designed to withstand cold and wet conditions. If snowshoeing is something you do often, it is a good idea to invest in a boot that will withstand the elements and last you a long time.

Rossignol BC X2

Anything is possible with the right hiking boots. The BC V2 ski boot is exactly what you need for your snowshoe adventure.

It is a great entry-level boot that is affordable and offers you an easy lace-up design. With a reinforced midsole and toebox, you’re sure to have added comfort.

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Salomon 4D 3 GTX

With waterproof backing and a rubber sole, this is a great hiking boot for snowshoeing. It is light with great cushioning to give you added flexibility and comfort.

These are great for longer treks and can be used in most conditions. The design works well for long-distance treks and longer snowshoe trails.

KEEN Women’s Hoodoo III

Lightweight and durable, you can count on KEEN to make a great product. This hiking boot has sturdy rubber soles and the shaft reaches mid-calf for added warmth and protection.

These are great for snowshoeing as they can withstand tough weather and still remain unbelievably comfortable.

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Baffin Icefield

The Baffin Icefield is great for intensely cold weather and is sure to keep you warm and dry. The base is waterproof and the liner is removable, in case you don’t need the extra layering.

With its B-Tek insulation and double aluminium insole, you’ll be protected even in the worst weather. This makes it a firm favourite for snowshoeing.

With the right snowshoe, winter hiking will be your new favourite outdoor activity.

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