Snowshoeing in Whistler, Canada: The 9 Best Trails

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Snowshoeing in Whistler is undeniably spectacular. You won’t run out of great trails to try out, whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

Although the area is more well known for its epic ski slopes and winter Olympics, snowshoeing in Whistler should be high on your list of outdoor activities.

If you’re planning on visiting Whistler in winter, stay and spend several days exploring, these snowshoeing trails should be on your to-do list or an unforgettable adventure! 

Be sure to check out my winter hiking tips before you go, as many of them apply to snowshoeing as well and check out my guide that teaches you how to snowshoe.

Snowshoeing in Whistler

Tips for Snowshoeing in Whistler

Make sure to wear appropriate gear when snowshoeing. Like most winter destinations, Whistler does get quite cold and you don’t want to get frostbite. If you’re not sure what you should be wearing, check out our guide to winter hiking gear.

Of special note are ensuring you have an emergency thermal blanket, which may save your life. In addition, I also recommend bringing microspikes, since there will likely be parts of the trail where you don’t need snowshoes, but it will be slippery, which is where microspikes come in.

Snowshoes are not easy to carry around, especially if you are traveling a distance. Consider hiring them from one of the local stores in Whistler. There are plenty to choose from, and if you aren’t a seasoned snowshoer, hiring your snowshoes will ensure you have the right size and type for the trail you’ll be hitting.

Once you’ve fallen in love with snowshoeing (which I know you will), why not get yourself your own. Check out our guide of the best snowshoes out there and how to pick the right one for you.

Always make sure to check whether you’re snowshoeing in an avalanche area. If you are, please check the current conditions with Whistler Tourism beforehand. If the weather conditions are not good, then please choose another trail. I can’t stress this enough.

Wherever you plan on snowshoeing in Whistler, make sure that you pack all the necessities. If you’re not sure what to take, check out this day hike packing list for ideas.

If you are snowshoeing in an area that does not have well-marked trails, always take a GPS device. You can even take a GPS-enabled watch. Just for good measure, always keep a map and compass handy.

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Lost Lake Park

Lost Lake Park

Lost Lake Park offers you some great snowshoeing in Whistler. One of the best things about these trails is that they are easy to reach from Whistler Village. Here you’ll find trails that are easy and others that will challenge you.

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Lost Lake Loop


4km Round-trip

This is the perfect snowshoe trail for beginners. The wide and well-maintained paths are easy to navigate, and the views are worth the trek. There is even a gradual incline to test your abilities just a little.

Tin Pants


3.7km Round-trip

This moderate trail offers the best views of Lost Lake. Make your way up to the popular lookout point where you’ll find the perfect bench to stop and take in the sights. Like most other paths in the park, this one does get crowded.

Molly Hogan Trail


5.5km Round-trip

The Molly Hogan/ Donkeys Punch trail is a great loop and the toughest in the park. Make your way around the lake and through the surrounding forests. The trail does get moderately busy but is well-maintained.

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Ski Callaghan at Whistler Olympic Park

Ski Callaghan at Whistler Olympic Park offers great snowshoeing in Whistler

If you’re looking for kilometres of snowshoeing in Whistler, you’re sure to find it at Ski Callaghan. There are plenty of great family-friendly trails to try out. You may not find anything really challenging, but you can try more than one trail in a day.

Here you’ll find some great options for hiring snowshoes onsite. There is also a shuttle that takes you directly to the Olympic Park from Whistler Village. And if you love adventuring with your furry friend, be assured that there are plenty of dog-friendly snowshoeing trails here too.

Real Life


4.9 out and back

Probably the most popular trail at Ski Callaghan, Real Life is great for families and beginners. It is a longer path, and the elevation is slightly more, but the wide, well-maintained trail is easy to navigate. This one is dog-friendly and will take you past some of the most majestic cedar trees in Whistler.

Finger Lakes


4.3km out and back

If you’re looking for snowshoeing in Whistler that is moderately challenging, the Finger Lakes trail is a good option. The path takes you through coastal rainforest and old-growth cedars that will mesmerize you.

Alexander Falls


2.5km out and back

Although it’s short, the Alexander Falls trail is a little more difficult than most in Whistler Olympic Park. You’ll have to pay for entry to this snowshoe trail, but considering how many trails there are and their relatively short lengths, it’s well worth it. This is probably the most scenic snowshoeing trail in Whistler.

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Cheakamus/ Function Junction

Cheakamus/ Function Junction

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Popular in every season, Cheakamus offers you great snowshoeing in Whistler. Trail options are abundant here. Some are perfect for beginners and intermediaries – others should only be attempted by seasoned snowshoers.

Train Wreck


5km round trip

This is a snowshoe trail that is great for beginners. It includes a suspension bridge over the Cheakamus River. Train Wreck gets its name from the seven graffitied boxcars that you’ll pass on the path. The path is well-marked, maintained and excellent in any season.

Cheakamus River Trail


5km round trip

The Cheakamus River Trail is a great place for snowshoeing in Whistler. You’ll follow the river up until the suspension bridge and then make your way back down on the other side. It’s not too steep and can be done by beginners with a little experience.

Loggers Lake


4.5 out and back

One of the less popular trails, Loggers Lake, is a great place to snowshoe in Whistler. You’ll find this trail much quieter but also a little steeper than most. There are 230m of gradual elevation on this trail, but the solitude is worth the extra energy.

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Snowshoeing Tours in Whistler

Looking for something different? Try out a snowshoeing tour in Whistler. For beginners, this is the best way to experience snowshoeing in a safe and fun way.

Top Pick: Snowshoe Adventure

Choose a trail according to your fitness level and discover the best snowshoeing in Whistler. Your guide will give you insight into all the beautiful sights as you go. The tour includes winter boots and snowshoe hire.

Top Pick: Medicine Trail

Discover Medicine Trail, an old trapper’s path and learn more about its unique history. This snowshoeing tour will take you past wondrous trees and Totem Poles. Make a stop at the Trappers Cabin and enjoy warm tea made with plants found on the trail.

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Where to Stay in Whistler

Top Pick: Glaciers Reach

Located in Whistler Village, these cozy apartments each have their own private hot tub. The units all have a full kitchen and free wifi. In your downtime, relax by the fireplace with a glass of wine.

Top Pick: Mountainside Lodge

Enjoy the highly-rated Mountainside Lodge. The rooms come equipped with gas fireplaces and a fully equipped kitchen. You can relax in a cozy setting close to all the wonderful activities that Whistler has to offer. It’s also a great day lodge.

Top Pick: Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel Whistler

Enjoy the perfect mountain setting at the Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel. The rooms are comfortable with amazing decor and a wonderful fireplace. Relax in the hot tub or at the onsite spa.

Snowshoeing in Whistler is a great way to discover this winter wonderland. Which of these trails will you be trying out this winter?

snowshoeing in Whistler
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