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Helping you make the most of your outdoor time because it’s then that we discover what’s inside ourselves.

you'll find hiker and adventure traveller Laurel Robbins in the mountains every weekend

Hi, I’m Laurel. I started Monkeys and Mountains Adventure Travel because being outdoors more often has had a profound impact on my life.  I know that it can have a similar positive impact on your life too.

For 20+ years I’ve been choosing my travel destination based on the outdoor activities and/or wildlife viewing it has to offer. I travelled to Rwanda because I wanted to observe mountain gorillas. I hiked the Tour du Mont Blanc because I wanted to hike in three countries.

Since 2010, I’ve helped millions of travellers experience unforgettable outdoor adventures and have been featured in large media outlets like BBC Travel, BBC Earth, National Geographic, Forbes.

My goal is to help you make the most of your time outside. Spending more time in the mountains, on the bike trail, or doing the adventure of your choosing, can have a tremendous impact on your life long that lasts long after the adventure is over.


Hiking in Naxos during the Cyclades Islands Hiking Tour

Greek Cyclades Islands of Tinos and Naxos Hiking Tour (Self-Guided)

Hike on two of the most beautiful and less touristy Greek islands and discover picturesque villages.


Croatia hiking tour from Split to Dubrovnik self-guided

Croatia Hiking Tour: Split to Dubrovnik (Self-Guided)

Hike along the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia from Split to Dubrovnik. 

explore cinque terre on our self-guided walking tour

Cinque Terre Walking Tour  (Self-Guided)

Walk on some of the best coastal walks in all of Europe in the famed Cinque Terre.


Tour du Mont Blanc Self-Guided Trek

Tour du Mont Blanc (Self-Guided)

Known as one of the best treks in the world, you’ll hike in France, Italy and Switzerland around the famed Mont Blanc. 


On Alta Via 1 hike you g

Alta Via 1 Hiking Tour in Dolomites Italy Entire, North or South Route (Self-Guided)

Hike the most famous hiking/trekking High Route in the Dolomites and one of the top three in the Alps overall. 


Jezerca Peak in Albania is the highest peak in the Dinaric Alps and a higlight of your Via Dinarica HIking Tour

Southern Via Dinarica in Montenegro, Albania & Kosovo (Private Guided)

Hike the most beautiful parts of the Via Dinarica, an epic 2000 km long trail in 7 countries and 1 of the top long-distance hikes worldwide. 


Coastal hiking path in Crete

Crete White Mountains Hiking Tour (Self-Guided)

One of the few places where high mountains meet the sea, + gorgeous gorge and coastal hikes.

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