Gifts for the Outdoorsy Adventurer

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Find the right gift for the outdoorsy person in your life with our ultimate guide, written by someone who spends more time outdoors than indoors any chance they get. 

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the outdoorsy person in your life, this guide is just what you need. Here are some of the best outdoor gift ideas that will suit every outdoor adventurer; and every budget.

gifts for outdoorsy adventurer

Gifts for Hikers

Best Quality Jacket
Hiking Jacket

Here's a great hiking gift! A versatile waterproof jacket with an attached hood to ensure complete rain coverage. Its packable design lets you stow it away in its own chest pocket. Perfect for when the last drizzle subsides.

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Ethereal Wilderness: Landscape Watercolor Gallery Wall Set of 3

This enchanting set offers a minimalist interpretation of a mountain, forest, lake, and waterfall landscape. Environmentally friendly as digital downloads, these stunning artworks are a thoughtful gift that lets you bring the trails home guilt-free.

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Floral Watercolor Water Bottle for Nature Lovers

These eco-friendly floral water bottles, adorned with enchanting pastel designs, are a delightful gift for nature enthusiasts and hikers. Combining style with sustainability, they offer a practical and visually appealing way to stay hydrated on outdoor adventures.

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Best Witty Gift
Blue Q Novelty Crew Socks

Let your socks speak for how much you love the outdoors! These novelty socks are sure to put a smile on anyone. 

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Adventurous Hike to Mont Blanc Puzzle 500 or 1000 Pieces

This art puzzle's depiction of awe-inspiring scenes can ignite wanderlust and remind one of past hiking or backpacking adventures. It is a meaningful and thoughtful gift for anyone passionate about exploring the great outdoors.

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Best Space Saver
Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

These leakproof, durable and collapsible water bottles are space savers that outdoor adventurers love.

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Best for Surprise Lovers
National Parks Scratch Off Map of United States

Gift your hiker friends one that will challenge and motivate them to keep being outdoors with this scratch-off map of various national parks in the United States. This gift for hikers is the best so far.

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Best for Wildlife Spotting
Roxant Monocular Telescope

Your favorite outdoorsy is sure to love you even more with this Roxant monocular telescope! These allow you to heighten any hiking experience and see more stunning views.

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Gifts for the Outdoorsy Adventurer Who Loves Cats

For the trekker who cherishes the call of the wild and the purr of a companion, our “Hiking Cats” collection is the perfect blend of passion and playfulness.

Our hiking cat Christmas ornaments are sure to make you smile every time you look at them.

Our cat spiral notebooks are perfect for mapping your adventures or unwinding after a day’s hike with a purr-fect puzzle challenge.

Get yours and make every adventure ‘pawsitively’ unforgettable!

Furry Footprints: Colorful Cat Notebook For Your Untamed Thoughts

Our “Furry Footprints” colorful cat notebook features a white cat hiking along a trail set in a vibrant landscape. It’s your invitation to wander through wild trails and write down untamed thoughts.

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Paws for Thought: Cute Anime Cat Kids Journal

Our “Paws for Thought” cute anime cat notebook for kids is a back-to-school essential that’s the ultimate kid’s journal for for kids who pounce on every chance of a hiking adventure with a feline friend!

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Paws & Peaks: Hiking Cat Notebook

Let your thoughts gather and the mighty meow-ntains inspire you to take note with our Paws & Peaks: Hiking Cat Notebook.

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Idylli-cat Lake: Scented Jar Candle

Gift paw-erful relaxation to your friends and family and get this Idylli-cat Lake: Scented Jar CandleChristmas is coming! Buy Meow

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Meowtain Trails: Hiking Cat Jigsaw Puzzle | Backpacking Cats Art Puzzle

Our “Meowtain Trails” hiking cat art puzzle captures the essence of cats amidst the serenity of a hike, igniting your imagination and challenging your puzzle-solving prowess. Buy Meow!

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Trailblazing Tails: Colorful Cat 3 in 1 Puzzle Collection for Adults and Teens

Our “Trailblazing Tails,” is a colorful cat puzzle collection set of 3 for adults and teens. It captures playful and colorful cats exploring the great outdoors on a hike. Buy Meow!

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Or for an instant gift idea, check out our printable cat wall art that you can print out to the size of your choice. Makes for a very affordable gift that you can customize:

Meowtain Trails: Hiking Cat Wall Art (Printable)

Our “Meowtain Trails” hiking cat wall art features three hiking cats on an epic backpacking journey. It’s the perfect piece of art for the avid hiker or backpacker who loves hiking cats. Buy Meow!

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Trail-Blazing Tails: Vibrant Hiking Cat Wall Art Set of 3 (Printable)

Embrace the PAWSitive beauty of our colorful wall art set of 3 as the hiking cats navigate through the canvas, symbolizing your own outdoor adventure. It’s the PURR-fect decor for cat lovers, animal lovers, and hikers and makes a great gift for people who love cats.

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Fur-ever Snowy Tails: Hiking Cats Christmas Ornament Bundle of 6

Take this bundle of 6 Hiking Cats Christmas Ornaments to decorate for the winter season! Or, gift them to cat enthusiasts and keen ramblers. Buy Meow!

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See all of our Hiking Cat gift items.

Puzzles for Hikers

Jigsaw puzzles are the perfect gift for hikers who can’t get enough of the outdoors even when their indoors. Our curated selection of puzzles will provide hours of enjoyment.

Adventurous Hike to Mont Blanc Puzzle 500 or 1000 Pieces

This art puzzle's depiction of awe-inspiring scenes can ignite wanderlust and remind one of past hiking or backpacking adventures. It is a meaningful and thoughtful gift for anyone passionate about exploring the great outdoors.

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Golden Reflections of Autumn Jigsaw Puzzle 500 or 1000 Pieces

Our "Golden Reflections of Autumn" puzzle portrays a tranquil lakeside embraced by leafy trees. Indulge in the therapeutic activity of piecing together our fall puzzle, allowing your mind to wander through the tranquil autumn landscape.

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Awe-Inspiring Canadian Rocky Mountain Puzzle 500 or 1000 Pieces

Embark on a puzzle adventure and experience the breathtaking allure with our "Awe-Inspiring Canadian Rocky Mountain Puzzle." Our minimalist hiking art jigsaw puzzle lets you piece together the iconic Moraine Lake and its imposing peaks in a minimalist style that radiates tranquility, serenity, and simplicity.

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Gifts for Trail Runners

Best for All
TheraFlow Foot Massager Roller

Runners will love this wooden acupressure therapy. This an awesome gift for the awesome trail runner in your life.

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Best for Him
Jogger Pants

If you are looking for a great gift for outdoorsy men, you won't go wrong with this cool jogger. It has an elastic waist, and a drawstring for extra comfort but unfortunately doesn't come in a wide variety of colors.

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Best Buy
Water Shoes

Water shoes are incredible gifts since they are lightweight and comfortable. They can be worn almost anywhere and for any adventure, including kayaking, surfing, swimming or just lounging at your favorite beach. They are a great gift for adventurers.

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Best Lightweight Jacket
Rain Jacket

Made of durable and waterproof materials, this Columbia rain jacket is perfect for the outdoors. It has pockets and a full zip, hood, and drawcord to ensure complete coverage against the rain.

It is also lightweight and can easily be added to any size backpack. A must for your avid hiker friends.

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Best Thoughtful Gift for Runners
Chest Running Light

Runners can now enjoy a hands-free adventure while clearly seeing the trail they're running. These are rechargeable and last up to 5 hours.

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Gifts for Backpackers

Best for Minimalists
Dry Sack

Keeping everything dry in wet conditions has never been this easy. The dry sack is useful and a great gift for your adventurous friend.

It is made from durable nylon and has a fold-over top to ensure no water can seep in even if it's submerged.

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Best for Early Risers
LED Beanie

A perfect gift for the outdoorsy as it provides the power to see in the dark. It even has an ultra-bright dual action LED task light system providing close-up task lighting & distance lighting

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Best for Eco-friendly Adventurers
Sasquatch Soap

The Sasquatch soap is eco-friendly. It's perfect for the outdoor enthusiast who may spend a few nights in the wild. It even smells perfect for the outdoors! And, the tin is pretty cool too.

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Best for Tree Lovers

Hammocks are a great gift for the outdoorsy kid. They can be set up almost anywhere and are taken down and stored.

They are also really light so that outdoorsy kids can carry them around in their packs with no problem. It comes in a variety of sizes too!

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Best for Stargazers
Solar Inflatable Lantern

With 9 color modes, this lantern is great for the outdoorsy. It is solar-powered and waterproof and can be used in any outdoor setting. The outdoorsy person in your life will appreciate this great gift.

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Gifts for Campers

Best for Time Keepers
LEDWay Watch

This survival bracelet includes a High-Quality Compass, LED SOS Emergency Function Flashlight, and Flint Fire Starter Fire Scrapper. A fantastic gift for adventure travelers.

Instructions, survival tips, and ideas are included. Emergency Kit and Disaster Preparedness Kit for your entire family.

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Best for Nomads
Waterproof Portable Tarp

The perfect gift for those that love spending time in outdoors, this portable tarp can be put up anywhere and is a great shelter. It is water and UV-proof and super durable.

It is a great gift for the outdoorsy. You can pair this with a hammock for an exceptional outdoor gift idea.

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Best for Military Aesthetic
Tactical Belt

This utility belt attached a military buckle made of heavy-duty metal. Widely used for military training or outdoor camping expedition. Great for any camping trip.

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Best for the Compact Traveler
Quick Dry Towel

Soft, absorbing, and easy to pack, a quick-dry towel is always a good thing to have handy when outdoors. It can be used for any activity, making it a versatile gift for the outdoors. It even comes in a variety of colors! These are super useful on road trips too!

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Best for Extreme Campers
Plasma Lighter

This plasma lighter is water and wind-resistant and will work in almost any weather conditions. The exterior rubber casing is durable and has an excellent grip.

The best part is that it doesn't use any gas but is rechargeable. This is a great outdoorsy gift for all your nature lover friends.

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Gifts for Fishers

Best for Witty In-laws

These witty hooks are sure to hook your family in!

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Best for Clean Freaks
Fishing Towels

Fishing towels are the ultimate microfiber towel to keep within arm's reach whenever you go fishing. The metallic clips make it convenient on the boat too! while keeping you dry.

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Best for Sun Protection
Fishing Cap

Protect your favorite fisherman with this durable and breathable cap! They're sure to love this ball cap from Columbia! It's a classic, it's stylish and functional too. 

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Best for Organized Fishers
Fishing Sling Bag

This great product comes highly recommended to have for every fishing tackle. It features a number of pockets and boasts durability.

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Best for Sentimental Fishers
Rustic Wooden Keepsake Box

Every adventure trip has a story. Gift this to your outdoor lover to keep their memorabilia from every fishing trip.

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Gifts for All Types of Outdoorsy Adventurers

Best for Water Adventure Lovers
Waterproof Backpack

If you're looking for an outdoor gift idea, look no further. Completely waterproof, highly durable, and great for any outdoor adventure.

You can't go wrong with this backpack. It is easy to clean and includes foldable water bottle storage that clips onto the strap. This is a great gift for your outdoor adventurers in the family or friend group.

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Best for Alpine Travelers
Heat Holder

An amazing gift for adventurers to keep warm. This is a plush fur-like thermal lining that maximizes the amount of warm air held close to the skin. It comes in a bunch of colors, there might be a problem when choosing!

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Best for Long Trip Travelers
Emergency Survival Shelter

The Lifetent is designed to give shelter from the elements and can fit up to two people. It has an easy setup and is small enough to be carried in any pack.

This emergency tent is also tear and puncture-resistant. It is the perfect survival gift for the outdoorsy.

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Perfect for Backpackers
Outdoor Water Filter

Water filters are a great addition to your pack when out on an adventure. They are great in an emergency and can purify any natural water to ensure that it is safe to drink. Any outdoorsy person will appreciate these as a gift.

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Best for Clumsy Travelers
Mini Compact First Aid Kit

First aid kits are always a good idea to take with you when embarking on an adventure. This is a practical gift for the outdoorsy that will always be appreciated by any adventurer.

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Perfect for All Adventurers
Emergency Whistles

Survival whistles are made to be loud and easy to carry anywhere. Every adventure should have one for emergencies. They are a great gift for the outdoorsy that won't break the bank.

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Best for the Multi-Adventurer
Pocket Knife Multi Tool

This 10-in-1 pocket knife is the perfect addition to any adventurer's gear. Whether it's camping, fishing, hiking or even mountain biking that the outdoorsy person in your life enjoys, this is a great gift idea.

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Best for the Multi-Adventurer
Survival Kit

This 17-in-1 survival kit has everything that an outdoorsy person will need for the next big adventure. It can be used for almost anything from a compass to a spork, and even a wire saw. You can't go wrong with this gift for the outdoorsy.

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Best for Heavy Packers
Duffel Bag

This heavy-duty military-style duffel bag is a great gift for the outdoorsy. With a full-length zipper and great handles, this duffel bag can be carried on any adventure.

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You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on gift-giving. Our guide ensures a fun, witty, and useful gift your outdoor adventurer will love. Happy shopping!

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