The 63 Best Gifts for Hikers in 2022

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Check out our top 63 gifts for hikers, backpackers, and outdoorsy people. Prices in our gear guide start from under $10.

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It can be difficult to know what to get a hiker, especially if you’re not a hiker yourself. That’s why we’ve compiled our top 63 choices as a gift guide. We’re hikers ourselves so we know what we need and want for outdoor adventures.

Best of all? These fun gifts for hikers start from under $10!

Check out our top gifts for hikers:

Hiking Gifts for Her

Atlas Elektra Lockjaw 3

Made with lightweight steel, the Atlas Elektra Lockjaw is a good hiking pole for any terrain. The lockjaw adjustment mechanism makes it easy to fit your needs. The comfort your favorite hiker can get from the EVA Foam grip is unrivaled as it is made specifically for women.

Icebreaker Comet

These leggings are awesome gifts since it is one of the warmest options, perfect for winter activities guaranteeing comfort and protection. Despite being winter leggings made of a wool blend, they can be worn year-round.

For more great options check out our hiking leggings guide.

Merino 250 Base Layer

The Merino 250 is pretty warm and a great addition to a hikers winter closet.

This Smartwool features anti-odour technology making it great for multi-day hikes.

Check out our women’s hiking clothes guide for more ideas.

Crescent Moon Gold 13

Specifically designed for women, this snowshoe offers you comfort and is made to conform to a woman’s natural gait.

With a unique shape for better movement, an easy binding system and a light and durable frame, these are a great choice.

These snowshoes also offer you great grip in icy conditions. Outdoor lovers are sure to love enjoy these!

For more great snowshoes check out this post.


Salomon has a reputation for quality. These hiking boots are comfortable and work well on every terrain and are water-resistant.

The Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX is perfect for long-distance hiking and is incredibly versatile.

You can find more hiking footwear with our guide.

Black Diamond Patrol

If you plan on climbing high peaks, the Patrol is a wonderful choice. This jacket is great for milder weather.

You can easily pack it for long multi-day hikes and will withstand colder weather with the right base layers.

Check out our hiking jacket post to find more great jackets.

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Wild is a powerful memoir of a woman who goes from the lowest low in her life to do a hike of a lifetime that changes everything. This inspiring book is perfect for the avid hiker or the beginner looking for the inspiration to do a multi-day trek.

Oakley Women’s Lowkey Sunglasses

Oakley makes some of the most durable and stylish sunglasses. These make a great gift for hikers with their classic design and wonderful colours.

Women’s Hiking Crew Socks

Socks are always a great gift for hikers. These are padded and moisture-wicking, which are perfect all year round. And with their great colours, who wouldn’t love them?

Unique Gifts for Hikers


Share an epic hiking experience with someone that you love. Our Tour du Mont Blanc Self Guided 6, 7 & 10-Day tours, Alta Via 1   or Dana to Petra trek in Jordan are gifts that will be cherished and remembered for years to come. What better gift than spending time with someone you care about. Need some convincing? Check out How to Convince Your Partner to Go on a Hiking Vacation.


This portable coffee press just requires hot water to make excellent espressos, perfect for the hiker who enjoys stopping for a picnic. It is one of the more unconventional gifts for hikers and is great for the coffee-loving hiker.


The Xenvo Pro Lens kit fits onto any smartphone and is perfect for taking professional photos with your smartphone. This is a great gift for the hiker who loves to capture their moments in the outdoors.


This cookbook includes nutritious and healthy snacks that are easily packed up to be taken on the go. If you know a hiker that loves to making rather than buying their own snacks then this is the perfect gift.


Made with 100% natural ingredients this is a great way to pamper someone that you love with a gift they’ll use every day. I bring very minimal skincare products when I hike, but I always bring one of Burt’s Bees Lip Balms.


Running out of water can be extremely dangerous. This device removes a minimum of 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites. It’s a great alternative to iodine tablets, which can give water a funny taste.

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Get inspired and help you hiking buddy plan their next hiking trip with this great book. Our top pick is hiking the coast of Spain to France.  Tell them they should take you too. You gave them the idea after all 🙂


Don’t let your hiking buddy find out too late that their backpack cover doesn’t actually keep all the rain out. These dry bags keep electronics and other essentials dry.

Neo Nautical Sundial Compass

This beautiful compass is a great novelty gift for hikers. It comes in a leather case and is engraved with an adventurous quote. Stunning and practical, every hiker can appreciate a piece like this.

KOSIN Survival Gear, 18 in 1 Emergency Survival Kit

Survival tools are a must for avid hikers who love the adventurous wilderness. This multi-tool has everything a hiker can think of for safety. It is a great gift for hikers.

OCOOPA Rechargeable Hand Warmers

This is the perfect winter warmer for every outdoorsy person. With three heat settings and a selection of great designs, this is the perfect unique gift for hikers.

Solar Charger Power Bank

Solar chargers are a great gift for hikers and outdoorsy people. This one can easily hook onto a backpack to charge as you go. This power bank is waterproof and durable and will fit into every hikers journey.

Hiking Gifts for Him

Yukon Sherpa Charlie

Yukon Sherpa Charlie Snowshoe for rough terrain.

The Yukon Sherpa Charlie offers you an ultra-durable HDPE decking with steel crampons made to grip the snow securely.

With the easy to use ratchet binding, you’ll have a secure footing in these snowshoes. These are a great gift for hikers who love getting out onto rough terrain during winter.


The Salomon X Ultra 3 is for the ultra hiker. Designed for the aggressive hiker, this hiking shoe offers stability, traction and great foot support.

These are great for casual hikers. They offer a stylish design that is perfect even off the trail. This hiking shoe is a great hiking gift for him.

The North Face Essential Fleece

he TNF Essential Fleece is warm, comfortable and looks great.

This fleece is recommended for winter temperatures above 5C° or as a layer. It makes a great gift for hikers that enjoy long-distance hikes and other outdoor activities.

Oakley Men’s Sunglasses

Oakley makes some really great sunglasses that any hiker can appreciate. With their stylish shape and polarized lenses, they are the perfect stocking stuffer.

XKTTAC Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Shorts

Lightweight, durable and stylish, these hiking shorts are a great addition to any hikers closet. These shorts have six pockets, so there is ample space for everything a person needs when hiking.

Performance Quarter Zip Pullovers

Quick-drying and perfect for athletic men, these lightweight and durable pullovers are the perfect gift for hikers. They come in a great selection of colours and have a chest zip pocket for convenience.

Gifts for Casual Hikers

Baseball/Sun Cap

Headgear is a must when on a hike. The hiker in your life will definitely appreciate a good baseball cap as a gift.

Water Bottle

On a longer day hike it is always a good idea to take an extra bottle. The Life Straw purifies water so you don’t have to worry abut bacteria and other impurities from water sources along the way. It’s a great gift for casual hikers.

LANNEY Hands Free Dog Leash

This is a great item for casual hikers. It is the perfect size to fit into a day pack and has everything you need for a short hike. It makes a great gift for hikers.

Gregory Inertia 20 Hydration

It might be a little heavier than the previous options, but it is still great for those hikes when you need to be light and fast. It comes with a 3-liter water bladder reservoir, easy-access pockets, and an adjustable harness. The backpack also has a designated system to carry your trekking poles. The Gregory Inertia 20 Hydration has great online reviews for its comfort and a great hiking day pack.

Neck Warmer

A neck warmer should always be in your day hiking pack – even in summer. It can also be used against the wind. It is a great gift for casual hikers

Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock

These are great for all kinds of hikers, but the idea of taking a short hike to the perfect scenic spot and setting up a hammock is irresistible. It’s what makes this such a perfect gift for a hiker.

Gifts for Hikers with Dogs

LANNEY Hands Free Dog Leash

Made of a tear-resistant material, this is a great gift for hikers with dogs. It’s hands-free and has a bungee cord strap giving the dog freedom of movement. The waist bag has two pockets, perfect for all the little accessories you may need to take with.

Dog Water Bottle

This great doggy water bottle has a silicone leaf-shaped attachment, which extends to become a small bowl. It is the perfect bottle to take with for a hike with a dog. It makes a wonderful and practical gift for hikers with dogs.

lesotc Collapsible Dog Bowl

f you need inspiration for a great gift for hikers with dogs, then these collapsible dog bowls are what you’re looking for. They are eco-friendly and conveniently clip onto a belt and backpack.

Adventure Dogs 2022 Wall Calendar

Stunning inspiring images of pups in the outdoors. What could be better for hikers with dogs? With some of the cutest images of adventure dogs, this calendar makes a great gift.

Collapsible Canvas Dog Bowl

The collapsible canvas dog bowl is another innovative gift for hikers with dogs. It is lightweight and can easily fit into your pocket.

Dog First Aid

This is a great pocket-sized book that hikers with dogs should have with them in the outdoors. It has all the emergency first aid any dog owner should have.

Outward Hound, Lightweight Dog Backpack

Dog backpacks are a great gift for hikers with dogs.

If you are looking for a useful gift for someone who loves hiking with their dog, this lightweight dog pack is perfect. It has great compartments that are evenly spread. It also comes in a selection of sizes that caters to most dogs.

The Dog Who Took Me Up a Mountain

Books are a great gift to give, and this book about an inspirational hiking journey with man’s best friend is no different. Join Rick and his tenacious pup on a journey of a lifetime for the ultimate gift.

Kurgo Dog Shoes

If you are looking for tough dog booties for every season that will hold up on the snow, salt and ice, the Kurgo Dog Shoes will do all that and more.

They are lightweight and can be adjusted for a custom fit. These are also water-resistant and feature LED light-up soles with reflective trim that will help you find your dog at a distance.


While the average day hiker won’t likely need this, this small lightweight sleeping bag comes in handy as a safety precaution and it doesn’t take up much room if your hiking friend tends to venture off into uncharted territory.


This small bracelet gives access to a compass, flint fire starter, and fire scrapper, which also serves as an emergency knife and an emergency whistle and a paracord. It’s perfect for hikers that love gadgets and makes a great stocking stuffer.


Nothing makes hiking more uncomfortable than chafing where every step becomes painful. I love that this comes in different sizes for easy carrying. It’s also the product of choice for the World’s Toughest Mudder.


This bright white LED light is USB rechargeable and is waterproof and durable. Headlamps are a great way to be prepared for everything, or early morning hikes, a time before the sun rises. And they are super versatile and can be used for a whole lotta other outdoor activities making an excellent gift for hikers.

TETON Sports Ultralight Backpack 

This 70L backpack is quite light considering its size. Plus it comes with the features that all hikers love like the adjustable torso, breathable padding, and pockets on the waist belt for easy access to essentials. The TETON Ultralight line also offers Hiker 60 and Outfitter 65.

NEMO Hornet

The NEMO Hornet has one of the easiest setups, especially with the easy to use poles. It also has two big doors and huge vestibules, so two people could camp in it quite comfortably.

It is one of the biggest lightweight tents you can find.

One of the best things about this tent is its solid construction and its durability.

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Unisex Gifts for Hikers


This isn’t an ordinary watch; it is thermal, shock and water-resistant and has a built-in GPS and a 3 axis compass, which is perfect for the hiker that liked exploring rugged terrain and less travelled paths. It comes in a few different colour options. 

Check out other hiking watch recommendations here.


If you’re hiking buddy love early morning or evening hikes, then this LED Beanie cap will make the perfect stocking stuffer. And it comes with batteries included.


These gloves are perfect for winter hikes. They are thermal, have extra grip and can be used on touchscreens. This is a perfect budget gift for any hiker.


This is a great multifunctional gift serves as sun, dust and wind protection. It can be work in 12 different ways and wicks away moisture. It’s stretchy and comes in many different styles. Besides being great for protecting against the elements it’s also super stylish


Microspikes are a thoughtful gift for the winter hiker. The spikes provide traction for slippery terrains such as wet rocks, snow, and ice. It is a useful gift for the adventurous hiker.


Keep your feet warm in the winter and fresh and cool in the summer. These tough socks wick away sweat reducing the chance of blisters. These hiking socks that hikers will actually look forward to receiving – unlike most socks.


These are essential items for most hikers. They are great for snow and mud and add an extra layer of warmth. Gaitors are an incredible gift for hikers.


These poles have all of the standard features that high-quality poles offer like easy to lock system, sturdy construction, and ergonomic cork grips. Hiking poles are a great gift for hikers. Check out my post on the best hiking poles for more options.


A hydration pack is always a great asset for any hiker, especially for long-distance hikers or for hikes done in hot weather. This is one of the essential gifts for hikers.

Gifts Under $10


Waterproof cases are an asset to have, especially for hiking in wet weather or in a terrain that might take you over water. This case is compatible with most smartphones and is great value for money.

Compeed Blister Cushions

Whether for an avid hiker or a casual hiker, these are a must for a hike. Your hiking buddy will more than appreciate this gift.


This microfibre towel is lightweight, compact and fast drying. It is the perfect add on to any outdoor hiking trip. The towel is a great compact and useful gift for hikers.

X-Plore Gear Firestarter

This outdoor gear is a great tool to have with you in the wild. This firestarter is the perfect gift for a hiker. A hiking essential it’s under $10!

Tiny Survival Guide

This is the perfect hiking gift for your hiking buddy. It’s pocket-sized and can easily fit anywhere, including your wallet. It is the perfect safety gift for hikers.

You can find other great gifts for the outdoorsy here.

Aluminum Survival Whistle

Emergency whistles are a great addition to any hiking pack. These come in terrific colours and can be worn or attached to a backpack. And they are under $10!

Searching for more gifts for hikers? Check out our recommended hiking backpacks and trekking poles. And don’t forget to check out our Hiking Gear page.

There you have it. Our top 25 gifts for hikers. What’s at the top of your wishlist?

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