18 Best Hiking Leggings to Keep you Comfortable on Your Hike

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Hiking leggings can be more comfortable than regular hiking pants. Here are our top recommendations for every type of hike.

What we consider hiking apparel staples have changed over time. Over the last few years, I have discovered that hiking in tights can be way more comfortable than my usual choice in pants. They are incredibly versatile and comfortable. Hiking leggings move with you in the most flexible way which gives you freedom of movement and more mobility than you could imagine.

The best part about a good pair of hiking leggings is the fact that you can wear them on there own or use them as a layer. And did we mention how small and lightweight they are to pack? These are just a few reasons why investing in good hiking leggings is the way to go.

Best Hiking Leggings

Best Hardcore Hiking Leggings

Trading in your favourite pair of hiking pants for hiking leggings may just be the best decision you can make. These hiking leggings are for the adventure junky that isn’t afraid to get into a few tight spots and rough situations. Whether it’s that next peak you are just waiting to scramble to the top of or are planning a route through a few thorny spots, these recommendations will have you covered. You can be the adventurer you want to be with all the protection and flexibility you need.

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Best Hiking Leggings

Fjallraven Abisko Trekking

This hiking legging has gained a lot of popularity recently thanks to its breathability and durability. The Abisko trekking is a rugged legging manufactured specifically for hiking in a wide variety of conditions. With its perfectly placed pockets and its wide waist, you’ll feel very comfortable during those long hours of hiking.

Even if these feel a little odd at first, the thick silky fabric will give you a lot of protection against vegetation and bug bites. The only downside to these leggings is the lack of good weather protection. These tights are not really water-resistant, so you’ll have to stick to dry conditions with this one. 

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Best Hiking Leggings

Arc’teryx Oriel

Arc’teryx has always been characterized for designing great quality products for committed hikers. These leggings are no exception. Rugged, comfortable, and durable, these are the perfect pair of leggings to pack for long hikes with unpredictable weather conditions.

The fabric used to manufacture the Oriel is incredibly resistant to abrasion; you can pretty much drag your lower body on any kind of surface and these will still look like new.

Its pockets are very functional and will allow you to carry your phone very comfortably. What I loved the most, is the mobility these provide, you’ll move freely while hiking, climbing, or performing any kind of exercise. Are there any cons when it comes to these hiking pants? So far not any that I have found.

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Columbia Titan Ultra

The Columbia Titan Ultra is another perfect choice for hiking on rugged trails. With its reinforced knees and seat you’ll always feel protected when climbing or hiking. The back padding makes it a little more comfortable to sit on hard surfaces. It also protects you if you happen to take a tumble.

The breathability is good, but it’s not enough to keep you cool if you plan to go running during the warm months. During winter, you’ll feel warm and protected. These dry very fast, so even if the fabric doesn’t repel water for too long, your own body heat will dry these leggings in a few minutes.

The Titan Peak leggings are perfect for hikers all year round, but if you’re looking for something to wear for intense exercise, there are more comfortable options.

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Best Hiking Leggings

Icebreaker Comet

These leggings are one of the warmest options, perfect for winter activities guaranteeing comfort and protection. Despite the fabric being made out of wool, polyester, and spandex, these leggings are still wearable during the warm months due to its natural breathability and excellent fabric technology.

The Icebreaker Comet is very comfortable to wear, either on its own or as a layer. The fit is great and it offers a classic style so you can wear them even when you aren’t hiking.

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Find the right fit in leggings for you

Eddie Bauer Trail Tight Leggings

This one is another great legging perfect for hiking all year round in any kind of condition. These high rise leggings are rugged, light, and perfectly ventilated for long strenuous activities. The fabric technology features sun protection, moisture-wicking, and odour control, which makes these leggings a great option to pack for long hikes or backpacking.

These also feature three functional pockets so you can access what you need easily. These leggings are very supportive and remain in place even when you’re wearing a heavy backpack. They also give you mobility, even when hiking on steep trails or climbing. All these aspects make these Eddy Bauers one of the best options for multi-day hikes.

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Looking for a cross between leggings and pants? These are the perfect choice.

Prana Sage Joggers

This is what you would consider a hybrid between regular hiking pants and leggings. They aren’t stretchy like leggings but they do provide excellent comfort and are really functional.

The ripstop fabric allows a lot of mobility while also repelling water, and in case they get seriously wet, you won;t have to wait long for them to dry. I love their versatility, you can wear these for almost everything, from long hikes all year round, rock climbing, backpacking and walking to your favourite coffee shop.

The only thing you should note is the durability. If you get too rough on these, the fabric won’t last long. I think these are the perfect option for backpacking because they are so versatile.

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Hiking pants/leggings

The North Face Aphrodite 2.0

The North Face makes great hiking clothing, and the Aphrodite 2.0 is no exception. Technically these are not leggings per se, but rather a mixture between hiking pants and leggings. They are not stretch but they are quite fitted which made me include them here.

These are great for temperate weather and they are also quick-drying. The elastic waist is comfortable and ensures a good fit. I really like these pants but wish it had more pockets. The Aphrodite 2.0 has amazing breathability and you can perform intense activities without cooking yourself inside.

These pants are very comfortable, the stretchy high waist allows you a lot of mobility while ensuring comfort all day long. I would also not recommend these pants for very hot areas as they do get pretty warm after a few hours of hiking. This is one of the best pieces of hiking clothing you can wear to tackle rugged trails for long hours.

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Best Lightweight Leggings for Hiking

For those hikers out there looking for something lighter and breathable, lightweight leggings are the way to go. Keep in mind that these won’t be the best for rugged trails, but they will keep you cool and are much more breathable than normal leggings. These are great for trail running too. I keep a pair for hiking in summer as they keep me dry and this means reduced chafing on longer trails which always has a thumbs up in my book. You could also use some of them as a base layer if you’re a multi-season hiker. 

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Best Hiking Leggings

The North Face Perfect Core

While not being the most comfortable legging for Yoga, the TNF Perfect Core is durable and weather resistant while also making sure that everything will remain in place during a long hiking trip. You’ll feel very supported and protected on the trail, but I don’t recommend them for the gym.

The fabric has good breathability perfect for those faster more intense hikes. But I wouldn’t recommend them for climbing, I found that they do not afford you that much mobility.

Wrapping it up, this is a resistant and durable legging that will make you look stylish while feeling supported and protected, but it’s not the most comfortable one for just hanging out.

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A lightweight legging is versatile for warmer months.

Tuff Athletics Leggings

This legging is one of the best buys on the market. For an affordable price, you’ll get a comfortable and versatile legging that is meant to last. The fabric falls on the warm side, but it’s still wearable in warmer weather.

While not being the most supportive, these still keep everything in place, even when hiking for long hours. They are not as breathable as some other brands, so I wouldn’t recommend these for intense activities; however, you’ll have a lot of mobility, so you can tackle steep slopes while remaining very comfortable.

In short, for a reasonable price, you get a durable and comfortable legging that’s also stylish enough for just hanging around.

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Best Hiking Leggings

Lululemon Align II

This legging is really popular. And that popularity is for a reason: these leggings are incredibly lightweight and comfortable. The “Nulu” fabric feels very soft and feels like you’re not wearing anything at all.

The high waist doesn’t come with elastic, instead, it features a reinforced waistband that feels very comfortable and keeps the legging from slipping down. The waistband also features a small pocket that allows you to carry cash or a credit card without anyone noticing it.

On the downside, the fabric is not particularly resistant, so I wouldn’t wear these in densely vegetated areas or on rocky trails. For the price, I would recommend caring for them well.

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Exofficio Impervia are great for those bug infested trails.

Exofficio Impervia

If you have had bad experiences with bugs, then the Exofficio Bugsaway Impervia legging is for you. These leggings feature insect repelling technology that will guarantee a mosquito-free hike.

The fabric also provides a lot of protection against UV, so you won’t have to worry about sunburns either. You will enjoy breathability and mobility with these while also feeling very comfortable.

I think these leggings are perfect for warm, humid hikes; but if things get too cold, you can always layer them. In my opinion, these leggings excel in tropical conditions. And they have a great fit too!

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Hiking Leggings

Avia Activewear Performance

This is one of the best budget-friendly leggings you can buy for intense activities. These breathable leggings have a perfect fit and a great range of movement. For the price, it is unbelievable how comfortable and versatile these are.

These leggings feature two practical zippered pockets so you can keep your cash and your credit cards perfectly safe. If you need flexibility, Avia has you covered, you can go climbing or tackle steep trails without being worried about tearing your leggings.

For the price, you get good quality leggings that will perform well in most conditions. I find them really stylish too and great for everyday wear.

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Leggings that are stylish and are perfect for the trail.

Reflex 90 Degree

This is another inexpensive legging that will do an awesome job if you wear them during a regular hike or as yoga pants. Despite not having the best breathability nor being the most comfortable out there, for the price, you’ll get a simple yet functional legging that will keep you moving while also looking stylish. They also make a great base layer for very cold conditions. 

The fabric compresses in all the right places without giving a baggy feeling; in my experience, that can affect your confidence, especially when you plan to wear your leggings in town. Overall, while not being the best you can buy, the price couldn’t be better for this simple, stylish, and functional legging.

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Best Plus Size Leggings for Hiking

If you struggle to find the right size for your body type in hiking leggings for your gorgeous curves, don’t fret, these plus-size leggings are just what you have been looking for. Offering versatility, great fits and a comfortable waistband, they will support you even on the longest hikes and prove to be more comfortable than bulky hiking pants. 

Best plus size leggings

Spalding Classic

Spalding manufactures great plus-size legging perfect for working out or going for a hike in dry weather conditions. Its mostly cotton construction feels very comfortable and allows you some mobility.

The downside is that it is cotton and isn’t great in wet weather, so if you catch some rain during your hike, these leggings won’t keep you dry. These leggings are a little thick and warm for tropical weather so you wouldn’t want to wear them in humid weather.

These leggings have a classic look and are very stylish. You can wear them even when you aren’t working out or hiking.

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Hiking Leggings

Columbia Back Beauty

If you prefer polyester over cotton, these hiking leggings are the best option when looking for a comfortable plus-size legging that will both perform well and look nice on you.

These are a little baggy, but still, retain a nice comfortable look wherever you choose to wear them. These are also designed for temperate to cold weather, so if you’re planning to hike in tropical rainforest, the Columbia Back Beauty is not going to be the best option.

On the contrary, these will provide warmth and comfort; either on their own or as a layer. The waistband is comfortable enough for you to wear during the night while camping. The Columbia Back Beauty is perfect for slow-paced short hikes or backpackers.

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Danskin Capri Legging

I have three words for these leggings: comfortable, affordable, and durable. Danskin manages to manufacture good leggings for an affordable price that will maintain their shape for years, even when you’re using them intensely.

I think these leggings are better when you use them during the warm months, if you’re planning a trip to hot areas like the desert, this will be a good option. I wouldn’t recommend these ones for rainy weather since the cotton fabric won’t handle won’t dry well, but for a regular hike or a workout, it will do well.

The fit couldn’t be more comfortable, the waistband fits nicely around your belly button without causing any kind of discomfort. This is a great lightweight option for wearing throughout the day in all your normal activities.

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Leggings that are plus size and more comfortable

Roamans Stretch Legging

Roamans is one of the best brands manufacturing plus-size leggings. Its high-quality cotton/spandex fabric will guarantee that they don’t become see-through no matter how much you stretch it. These leggings are very lightweight as well, so they are best worn in warmer weather.

You can also choose from a wide variety of colours if you think regular black or charcoal leggings can get a little too boring. The well-designed waistband will guarantee that your leggings will remain in place, so you will never get the awkward sensation of your pants falling.

This legging fit well. This is another high-quality budget-friendly legging definitely worth noticing when you’re planning to expand your wardrobe.

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Best Hiking Leggings

Zerdocean Modal

These are great leggings for woman that love to have freedom of movement. The manufacturer doesn’t specify if the fabric is made out of cotton, spandex, or polyester; however, they feel extremely soft, lightweight, and breathable.

It’s the most durable pair of hiking leggings on this list, but they still need to cared for properly or they will lose shape. This is a comfortable pair of leggings that fits well from waist to ankle without being too tight. Make sure to check the sizes well before purchasing as they may become see-through if the fabric is overstretched.

These leggings probably wouldn’t work well winter hiking in severe weather but are great for hot conditions. You’ll always feel stylish, protected and comfortable while wearing the Zerdocean Modal leggings.

A good pair of hiking leggings are well worth the investment for every hiker, no matter the terrain you plan on hiking.

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