12 Best Hiking Socks (2024): For Dry and Happy Feet

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The best hiking socks are sure to make your feet feel dry and blister-free on your next hike.

While it can be tempting to just wear a regular pair of socks made with cotton, I think that a good pair of hiking socks are one of the most important things you can invest in. Keeping your feet comfortable while on any outdoor activity is a must!

And while they may seem expensive for socks, they’re relatively cheap when you compare them to the cost of the rest of your hiking gear. Plus there are affordable options available.

If you end up with blisters your hike becomes a painful nightmare. Good hiking socks will protect your feet from getting hot spots from being too moist, too cold, and too hot which helps prevent blisters. I mean who likes having blisters and sweaty feet right?


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Why You Shouldn’t Hike in Regular Socks

  1. Cushioning 

Regular socks are great for everyday flat surfaces. But they don’t offer you enough cushioning to absorb the hard impact of uneven surfaces and rocks that you’ll find out on a hike. The added level of cushioning on hiking socks will aid in protecting your skin, nails and joints in the long run.

  1. Keep Your Feet Warm but not too warm

While hiking you’ll encounter every climate. The best hiking socks ensure that you keep your feet at just the right temperature. A balance of warmth and temperature regulation is a must.

Often these socks are made with synthetic materials that are warm yet breathable and moisture-wicking for the ultimate comfortable socks.

  1. Keep Moisture Away 

No matter how good your socks are, sweating can’t be avoided. You’ll want to keep your feet as dry as possible with a pairs of socks that is moisture-wicking and quick-dry. As you know wet feet are big no.

  1. Less Friction

When hiking less friction equals less chafing and blisters. The best hiking socks are made with comfortable fabric blends, fit well and will keep blisters at bay.

Darn Tough Hiking Socks


1. Hiker Micro Crew Cushion

These seamless, cushioned and sturdy socks for hiking will take you anywhere comfortably. They are perfect pairs for three-season hiking. They are 63 percent Merino Wool, 35 percent Nylon and 2% Lycra Spandex. Best of all, the brand offers you a lifetime warranty.

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2. Hiker 1/4 Cushion

The Hiker 1/4 offers you all the same great comfort that the Hiker Micro Crew does. The shorter cut makes them perfect for trail runs and low-cut hiking shoes.

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Mountaineering Socks - Hiking Socks

3. Mountaineering Socks

These are great socks if you are looking for ultimate comfort and warmth. They are great for winter hiking and mountaineering. I like to think of them as ski socks too. They are high enough to keep your calves as warm as your feet. This is one of the best quality hiking socks out there for cold weather.

Vermont Men's ATC

4. Vermont Men’s ATC

The Vermont ATC is made of merino wool blend, making them breathable and easy to dry. Merino wool socks repel bacteria that can cause bad smells. These come with mid-level cushioning and are perfect for a multi-day backpacking trip or extended hikes to keep your feet happy.

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SmartWool Hiking Socks

PhD Outdoor Light Crew

1. PhD Outdoor Light Crew

These cushioned socks come in three different cushion levels. You can choose between 3 options: ultralight, medium cushion, and heavy cushioning depending on the type of hiking you’ll be doing. Color options are also available for these ultralight socks.

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2. PhD Outdoor Ultra Light Mini

These are great lightweight hiking socks that still offer you extra cushioning. These minimalist socks are perfect for trail runners and cyclists too. You can even use them as everyday socks! Even though this sock is slightly thicker socks, it still keeps your feet cool in warmer conditions and on summer hikes.

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Trekking Heavy Crew

3. Trekking Heavy Crew

These are some of the thickest and toughest socks that this brand offers. These tough socks are made of merino wool and will keep your feet dry and odor free. Made with a blend of wool, these are some of the most comfortable hiking socks I’ve tried on so far.

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Injinji Hiking Socks

Outdoor Midweight NuWool - Hiking Socks

1. Outdoor Midweight NuWool

These midweight socks are exactly what they look like: gloves for your feet. The unique style helps protect against blisters on your toes, making them one of the best hiking and running socks out there. They also offer you medium cushioning to help you stay comfortable.

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Trail Midweight Crew Xtralife Socks - Hiking Socks

2. Trail Midweight Crew Xtralife Socks

These come with a glove-like design that makes them one of the best hiking socks out there. They come with double elastic cuffs that keep dirt and debris out. You’ll also love the mesh top that makes them breathable socks in hot weather.

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Wrightsock Hiking Socks

Escape Crew

1. Escape Crew

The Escape crew is made with double-layer technology that reduces friction and helps prevent blisters. These are one of the best hiking socks on the market as they also offer you moisture-wicking and light cushioning in warm conditions.

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2. Men’s Adventure Crew Sock

Men's Adventure Crew Sock - Hiking Socks

2. Men’s Adventure Crew Sock

This hiking sock is similar to the Escape crew but great for cold conditions as it offers better insulation, extra cushion, and moderate compression. They are also thick enough to give you a little extra comfort. These are some of the best hiking socks for colder weather.

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Innotree Hiking Socks

Wicking Cushion Therman Crew Socks

1. Wicking Cushion Thermal Crew Socks

These thermal crew socks are flexible and give you great support and plush cushioning. This durable sock offers you breathability and extra warmth. You’ll want to wear this one on long winter hikes.

They’re great for a wide range of outdoor activities. Activities ike hiking, camping, hunting, snowmobiling, skiing, and just about everything else you’d expect to find yourself outside during cold temperatures

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Choose a hiking sock that will keep you comfortable on every adventure.

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