The 33 Best Travel-Inspired Decor Ideas for 2024

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Travel decor is the creative way to bring your love for travel into your home.

Bring your wanderlust home with this travel decor, which will do more than just inspire your next trip. Travel is a way of life, any avid traveller will tell you that. And what better way to surround yourself with it than by adding all things travel to your home decor. Whether you want to add in big statement pieces or just a few travel-inspired touches to your home, there is a great travel decor item waiting for you right here.

Travel decor is the perfect way to make your home a travel santuary.

Here are some of our favourite travel inspired décor pieces:

Bedroom Travel Decor

Duvet Cover Set

Add a travel inspired bedspread to your room and dream up your next adventure.

Refresh your bedroom decor with this travel-inspired duvet set. Available in different sizes and made of easy to wash the fabric, this is a great addition to your travel decor. Make your room the perfect travel sanctuary.

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World Map Curtains

Travel decor

Curtains can make the perfect addition to your home and with these travel-inspired curtains, you can add an extra touch of wonder to your home. Made with quality satin and machine washable, they make the perfect addition to your travel decor whether you add them to your bedroom, your kids room or living room.

Geography Quotes Pillow Covers

Travel inspired scatter cushions are the most comfortable travel decor you can add to your home.

This pack of four travel-inspired throw pillows are a great addition to your travel decor. Add them to your living room for comfort and style or your bedroom for a little extra travel inspiration. They are made of good quality cotton and the colours are great to match any existing decor.

Vinyl Wall Art

This travel decal is a great addition to your home decor.

Add something inspiring to your walls with this travel decal. It comes in white and black, so no need to worry about the colour of your walls. This decal will match with everything. You can stick it on any wall in your home or office or gift it to someone special in your life.

Tissue Box Holder Old World Map

A travel inspired tissue box is a simple way to incorporate travel decor into your home.

Add some antique style to your home or office with this great travel decor piece. This tissue box is a great addition to any room with its compact and stylish look. It is a great way to bring a simple yet wonderful travel-inspired touch to your home.

Geography Pillow Covers

Scatter cushions are a great addition to home decor.

With great prints and versatile size, these throw pillows are the perfect addition to your travel decor at home. The pillow cases can be removed for easy washing. The colours are perfect to match with any of your existing home decor.

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Travel Decor for you Kitchen

World Map Tablecloth

Add a world map tablecloth to your travel decor.

Are you a travel lover that also happens to love dinner parties? Well, this is the perfect addition to your dinner table decor. The print is classic and can easily be matched with any colour. It also brings a great whimsical feeling to your table. Plan your next foodie travel adventure at this dinner table.

World Map Table Runner

Table runners are a simple and elegant way to add to your home decor. This is a great travel decor piece for all occassions.

Whether your a dinner party buff or just love making your table look dinner ready, this world map table runner is a wonderful addition to your dining decor. With a durable material and a stunning travel-inspired design, you won’t be disappointed. Add some world map coasters to complete your dining decor.

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Vintage Nautical Compass, World Map Coasters

Travel decor

Add to your travel decor with these compass print coasters. They will match your world map tablecloth perfectly and add a classy touch to any table. These are great as they come in a leather holder which is perfect for keeping them together.

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World Traveler Art Desk Stand

Travel decor

Add something different to your home decor with this desk stand. The stand comes with a selection of travel-related cards which you can swap and change depending on your mood for the day. It is the perfect piece for your officer or home. You can even use it in your kitchen as a recipe stand for all your favourite international recipes.

Living Room Travel Decor

Rustic Wall Decoration, World Languages

Learn to say hello in different languages and add something new to your travel decor.

One of the best things about travelling is learning new languages. This wall hanging is the perfect addition to any room or entrance hall where you can greet your visitors in true travellers style. With its rustic look and charm, it will make any place feel like home.

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Old World Map Suitcase

Travel decor

Make your decor unique with these vintage suitcases. These are a great addition to your travel decor. They are perfect as an ornamental piece or as beautiful storage boxes for your room or living area. The boxes are made of leather-like material and have an amazing print to add style and class to any room.

Large Metal Wall Clock with World Map

Add an LED modern clock to your travel planning space. Clip on your favourite travel photos on this stylish clock which is the perfect travel decor.

Wall clocks are always great and they have the ability to tie a room together like no other decor piece. This wall clock is stunning and perfect for the traveller with its world map shape and its versatility that allows you to add all your favourite travel notes and photos to the clock itself. It also comes with LED lights which give it an extra sparkle.

Jenny Gems Travel Sign

Add a travel quote to your home with this perfect travel decor piece.

Travel quotes are a must for every traveller. This wooden wall art is the perfect way to bring those travel quotes home in a way that adds style, beauty and inspiration to your house. It also makes for a great gift for a travel lover in your life.

Washable World Map Round Rug

Add a vintage map rug to any room in your home for an inspired look.

Soft, comfortable and beautiful, this rug is a great addition to your travel decor. This vintage map print is the perfect way to add an antique finish to any room. And it has a rubber backing which makes it perfect even for a tiled area. And it’s easy to clean so no unnecessary hassles attached to this travel decor.

Jewelkeeper Paperboard Suitcases

Travel decor

Add style and a touch of travel inspiration to your home with these world map storage boxes. Whether you add them to your living area, bedroom or even your kid’s bookshelf, this is the perfect travel decor item. They are lightweight and can even serve as gift boxes, perfect for a gift to a travel lover in your life.

Old Wooden Wine Box

Travel decor

Whether for your own home or for the wine and travel lover in your life, this travel-inspired wine box is a great travel decor piece. The box snuggly fits six bottles of wine and has a wonderful world map print that adds to the vintage look and feel of the box.

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Wooden Wine Stand Globe

Serve your guests in style with this wine stand shaped as a globe.

Tie your love for wine and travel together with this beautiful wine stand. The frame is made of strong and sleek wood and plastic. It is sturdy which makes it perfect for storing expensive bottles of wine. Add to your travel decor with something beautiful and practical. And if wine isn’t your thing, why not gift it to the wine lover in your life?

Metal Weltkarte Wall Art

Add a modern touch to any room with a metal wall hanging. This travel inspired one is the perfect travel decor piece.

Available in three different sizes, this metal wall hanging is a great option for travel decor that can fit into any room. It is stylish and has a modern touch to it which makes it a great choice for home and office. With its lightweight design and easy to hang features, you don’t want to miss out on this great travel decor piece.

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Travel Box Sign

Travel decor

This box is perfect if you are looking for a small travel decor piece which will match any space. This travel box is an ornamental piece which can be used for your office or home and even makes the perfect gift for the travel lover in your home.

World Map Vintage Wall Clock

Put an elegant twist on any room with this wall clock. It is the perfect way to inspire you to travel more. With its wonderful vibrant colours and clear numbering, it is perfect even for a childs room. With this travel decor piece you’ll always be reminded when its time to travel!

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Compact Globe 360 Swivel

Add an ornamental globe into any room to inspire you.

Ornaments are great to add something wonderful to any room. This one offers you a great view of the world, quite literally. With its beautiful gold finish and vintage design, it brings a unique and fantastic touch to any room in your home.

Travel Decor for your Office

World Map Wall Mount Storage Shelves

These world map cutout storage shelves are not only perfect for the traveller, they are also really cool.

This is a firm favourite on this list of travel decor. These world map cutout shelves are an inspiring and unique addition to your travel decor. Practical and beautiful, this set of two shelves are easy to install and great for storing almost anything, including all those travel guides you love reading. They also make an excellent gift for the traveller in your life.

Wastebasket, Retro Map Pattern

Something as simple as a travel inspired waste basket can be the perfect addition to your travel decor.

Wastebaskets don’t have to be plain and simple. With the right print, it can be the perfect way to bring travel decor into your home. Add it to your home office or bedroom to add a little vintage touch and create a flawless look.

Scratch Off World Map

Travel decor

If you are a travel buff one of the best things to add to your travel decor is a scratch map. This map includes even the smallest islands in the world, perfect if you love to travel to remote parts of the world. Add a beautiful decor piece to your home which will inspire you to travel more. This scratch map also makes a beautiful gift for the travel lover in your life.

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Cork Board World Travel Map

Travel decor

A pinboard with a difference, this world map is a great way to add to your travel decor. Add different colour pins for those countries you have already visited, and for countries you can’t wait to explore. With its great design, it is simple yet beautiful and is perfect in any room in your home. It even makes for the perfect travel inspired gift.

Bathroom Travel Decor

London Shower Curtain

Travel decor

Bring one of the best cities in the world home with this travel-inspired bathroom curtain. It is made of quality, waterproof fabric and the design is vibrant and wonderful. It is the perfect travel decor piece to add a little whimsy to your bathroom.

Paris Shower Curtain

Add a Parisian touch to your bathroom with this travel decor.

Bring a touch of Parisian charm home with this fantastic bathroom curtain. Perfect for the travel lover, this is a great piece to add to your bathroom. With quality waterproof material that is machine washable, this is a hassle-free and stunning item.

World Map Laundry Basket

World Map Laundry Basket for Travel-Inspired Decor

Laundry can be such a drag so why not invest in a fun, travel-inspired laundry basket. This world map laundry basket is printed on both sides and makes for the perfect addition to your room. And if you really need something to take your mind off to a better place, why not use the map to plan your next adventure. It’s the perfect way to spend your time.

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Adventure is Waiting Shower Curtain

Add something different to your bathroom with an inspiring shower curtain.

You don’t need to look far to find your travel inspiration with this perfect travel decor piece for your bathroom. Practical and beautiful with a simple design, this is a great way to add a touch of travel-inspired charm to your daily routine.

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Travel Decor for your Kids Room

World Map Baby Mat

Parents will love this world map baby playmat. It is the perfect way to bring travel decor into your home.

For those travel-loving moms and dads out there, this world map playmat is a great addition to your babies playroom. With a great canvas cotton finish and a stylish and playful design, it will fit right into your home. Start your little ones off early with some great travel inspiration that they can immerse themselves with.

3D Earth Lamp

The perfect earth lamp which can change colour and is USB chargeable. Add this to your kids room as the perfect travel decor and night light.

Make the most of the dark with this beautiful lamp. With sixteen different light colours that can be adjusted by remote, you can fully enjoy the great globe print in a unique way. The lamp is USB chargeble so you won’t have any pesky wires hanging around. It is the perfect addition to any room or office in your home and will add a different touch to your travel decor.

Bonus Travel Decor

Danica Doormat

Welcome your friends and family into your home with and Adventure Awaits welcome mat.

Welcome travel lovers, adventure awaits! Well, it does with this travel-inspired doormat. If you are looking for a minimalist addition to your travel decor, this is a great buy. Let your visitors know that adventure and travel stories await them when they step into your home.

Travel decor will bring inspiration into your home. It is the perfect reminder that you’re next big adventure is just around the corner.

Travel decor
Travel decor
Travel decor

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