Travel Memories: 37 Creative Ways to Keep them Alive

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Keep your travel memories alive with these creative storage ideas that will add a touch of wanderlust to every space in your home.

Travel memories are worth keeping alive. This is especially true when you’re home and can’t wait to satisfy your wanderlust with an epic adventure. Here are some creative ways to display your favourite memories at home:

Travel Memories

Travel Memory Boxes

Black Wood Framed Shadow Box

Black Wood Framed Shadow Box

Keep your ticket stubs and other travel memorabilia in the perfect shadow box. This box has a slot on the top where you can drop your tickets in. The back opens so you’ll be able to access what you’ve added to the box. Add anything from ticket stubs, foreign money, maps, business cards from hotels or even little travel notes.

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Punch Studio Photo Box World Atlas

Punch Studio Photo Box World Atlas - perfect for keeping your travel memories

If you aren’t one for openly displaying all of your travel memories, then this sturdy photo box is perfect. It comes with divider cards so you can neatly organize your pictures according to destination. And isn’t the print just perfect for travellers?

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Luckies Of London Memory Box for Keepsakes

Travel Memories

Memory boxes are great for storing your travel keepsakes. This box includes small compartments, tins and even a small bottle. It is beautiful and will make a great addition to your bookshelf or coffee table. The case also includes a notebook that you can use to keep track of your memories.

Anzon Mories Decorative Box Set

Travel Memories

Keeping your travel memories together doesn’t have to be hard. These stunning travel-inspired boxes look like coffee table books. Keep them on your favourite shelf or on a table to create the perfect decor that is also great for keeping your favourite travel memories all together.

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Travel Photo Albums

Pioneer Travel Photo Album

Pioneer Travel Photo Album

A great way to bring travel memories home is by taking loads of photos. And when you have a million (maybe more) photos of that epic trip, what better way to keep them organized than in a travel-specific album. It can keep two pictures per page and even has a small space next to each for you to add a little note.

Recutms Photo Album

Photo Albums for your Travel Memories

This photo album has a beautiful design that will easily fit into any space. The front window is perfect for adding your favourite pictures as a display. The album can fit 600 photographs, six on each page that fit into individual pockets.

Totocan Photo Album

Totocan Photo Album for Travel Memories

Store your travel memories in a beautiful vintage leather photo album. This album has a simple yet sophisticated look that makes it a great gift for someone special in your life. You can easily fit six photos onto each page so you won’t run out of room.

Pioneer Photo Album

Pioneer Photo Album

Simple yet elegant, this album is great for your travel memories. The front cover has a pocket to add a picture, and the interior pages hold five photos each. Keep this for your own travel photos or gift it to the traveller in your life.

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Travel Scrapbooks

Zeeyuan Scrapbook Photo Album

Travel Memories

If you are the creative type and love scrapbooking, then this is the perfect journal for your travel memories. Add everything from tickets, maps and photos to your travel scrapbook. This journal has a ring binder style that allows you to add and remove pages. Check out this black and brown scrapbooking paper for your travel journal.

Original Travel Journal

Travel Memories

Keep a journal and record all your favourite travel memories. The travelogue comes with incredible scratch maps, one for each part of the world. It’s a unique way to organize your travel memories and even makes the perfect gift for the traveller in your life.

Handmade Photo Album

Handmade Photo Album - Our Adventure Book

A quality photo album with thick and luxurious paper is just what you need to organize and store your travel memories. This album has a rustic element that looks handmade. The binding can be loosened to add more paper so you’ll never run out of space. Check out these cool travel stickers that you can add to your scrapbook album.

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Travel Photo Frames

Novica Digital Photo Frame

Travel Memories

Add your favourite travel memories to the Novica digital photo album. The Nixplay app can be installed on iOS and Android, and you can easily transfer your photos directly to the frame using wifi. Create folders of your favourite travel memories for the perfect playback. You also have an option for family sharing through the app.

Kankei Shadow Box Frame

Travel Memories

Add a collage of your travel memories into this shadow box for a creative addition to your home. The box has a magnetic closure for easy access, and the wooden frame matches perfectly with any decor. This unique frame makes the perfect gift for your travel buddy.

Wooden Folding Picture Frames

Wooden Folding Picture Frames

Add some of your favourite travel memories to this six photo frame. This folding frame is pretty and can be added to any place in your home, wherever you decide to set up your travel memories.

DLQuarts Collage Hanging Picture Frame Photo Display

DLQuarts Collage Hanging Picture frame Photo Display - perfect for displaying travel memories.

Made with solid wood and hemp rope, this set of frames is perfect for your travel memories. Add a few of these hanging collages to the same wall, each with photos from a specific destination. It will add something special to any space.

Vilight Photo Frame Photo Display

Travel Memories

There is always one special picture on your vacation that you treasure above the rest. This is a wonderful travel-themed frame for that travel memory. It is unique and beautiful and will look amazing in any space. Add a photo of you and your travel buddy and make this the perfect gift.

Mladen Retro Vintage Photo Frames

Mladen Retro Vintage Photo Frames

Travel photos are never few. Displaying them doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when you can add your pictures to this cool metal display. The Ferris wheel turns and is a fun addition to your travel memories.

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Travel Collage Ideas

Perfect Gallery Wall Kit for travel memories

Spread your favourite travel memories across an entire wall with this gallery wall kit. You’ll be able to make the perfect collage of all your travel memories. Be creative and add more than just photos to the frames. You can add postcards, city maps, ticket stubs, foreign money and even your old passport pages.

Kankei Wood Picture Photo Frame

Travel Memories

This collage frame is one of the best on this list. It has an easy setup, and you can add on more clothespins. You can hang as many travel memories that you want to. Add photos, postcards, ticket stubs and more to your collage.

Olakee Hanging Photo Display

Olakee Hanging Photo Display

Hang as many photos and other travel memories as you like on this stunning wall collage. You can peg your favourite photos, postcards and notes to create a unique look that you can easily change. And the crystals add a dash of glamour to your already beautiful collage.

Scratchable World Map

Scratchable World Map with neon colours

Although it is not exactly a collage frame, it does make a great centrepiece. Scratch maps are a great way to keep track of where you’ve travelled. This super bright and beautiful map is the perfect centrepiece for your travel memory collage.

Melannco Customizable Letter Board

Melannco Customizable Letter Board

Add your photo’s to a collage frame with a difference. You can use the centre message board to add the destination’s name and add all your photos. It’s perfect for all your favourite travel memories.

Hayata Photo Hanging Display

Add a tropical touch to your home with this wall collage. Peg up any of your travel memories on the net to create the perfect wall display. You can add as many photos and other trinkets as you want to this collage. Add some sketches and postcards to really make it pop.

Large Metal Wall Clock with World Map

Add an LED modern clock to your travel planning space. Clip on your favourite travel photos on this stylish clock which is the perfect travel decor.

Wall clocks are always great and they have the ability to tie a room together like no other decor piece. This wall clock is stunning and perfect for the traveller with its world map shape and its versatility that allows you to add all your favourite travel notes and photos to the clock itself. It also comes with LED lights which give it an extra sparkle. Check out these world map decor ideas for your home.

Gallery Solutions Collage Frame

Collage frames are the perfect solution for getting all your memories in one place. You can get creative and add more than just your travel photos. Add in special notes and other travel trinkets and create the perfect travel story.

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Printing Travel Photos

HP Sprocket Studio Instant Photo Printer

HP Sprocket Studio Instant Photo Printer

Print your favourite travel memories with the HP Sprocket. You’ll be able to print pictures that are 4×6 inches straight from your smartphones. The HP Sprocket app allows you to personalize your photos and even create your very own collages. And it’s pocket-sized so you can carry it with you no matter where you go.

Kodak Dock Plus

Kodak Dock Plus - perfect for printing your travel memories

The Kodak Dock is the perfect addition to your camera gear. The dock comes with two types of USB, for both Android and iOS, so almost any smartphone can be used on it. The free Kodak app allows you to add stickers and frames to your favourite travel pics.

Kodak Mini 3 Retro

Kodak Mini 3 Retro - perfect for printing travel memories

Get retro 3×3 photos printed instantly with the Kodak Mini 3. You’ll be able to enjoy your travel memories for a long time and add them to one of the awesome photo wall collages on this list. Use the Kodak app to personalize your photos and add them to your travel collage.

Lifeprint 2×3

Lifeprint 2x3 photo printer

The Lifeprint is as good as its app. Download the Lifeprint app and share all your favourite photos with friends and family straight from the app. The app allows you to personalize and edit your photos so you’ll always print the perfect picture.

Canon SELPHY CP1300

Canon SELPHY CP1300

The Canon SELPHY is a little more pricey when it comes to portable printers. You can print postcard-sized and colour photos easily right from any device with the Canon app. This printer also works with memory cards and USB if you choose not to use wifi. It all comes neatly packed in a 12-inch hard case that is easy to carry with you or pack away at home.

Canon IVY Mobile

Canon IVY Mobile

Print your favourite travel memories with the nifty Canon IVY Mobile. It’s compact enough to carry anywhere and easily store away when you aren’t using it. Just download the app onto your mobile, connect to the IVY via Bluetooth and start printing your favourite photos. The 2×3 inch paper has a peel-and-stick back for easy application.

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Travel Souvenirs

Artwork Is Great To Bring Home

travel memories monkeys
My most prized travel memory, a painting of 3 capuchins that looks more like a photograph than a painting.

One of my favourite ways to keep travel memories alive is to collect artwork from the various countries I’ve visited. I saw the monkey painting on my first day in Costa Rica. I saw it from across the street, through a window and knew I had to have it. Hanging your artwork in your favourite room at home will always remind you of happy travels.

Create a Magnet Collage

Create a Magnet Collage

If you collect travel magnets, why not create a collage to show them off. All you need is a cool magnetic frame and the perfect place to hang it in your home. You’ll never run out of space on your refrigerator again.

Unique Ways to Display Travel Photos

travel memories Costa Rica
Travel photos can be put on a variety of items including coasters.

Perhaps the best way to keep travel memories alive is through photos. They are inexpensive and don’t involve hauling back any bulky souvenirs. My house is filled with travel photos, but our diving photos from Cocos, Costa Rica and Galapagos are my favourites. I have even made their way onto coasters which I had made for less than $20.

Bring Travel Home with Decor

Indian Decor

Bring your travel memories home with inspirational decor. You can do this in so many ways, and your home will look gorgeous. For instance, if you loved your trip to India, why not add Indian-inspired decor pieces to your home. Add anything from world map murals to travel-inspired decor to your home.

Make a Travel Inspired Cookbook

Travel inspired Cookbook to keep your travel memories alive

One of the best things about travelling is tasting exceptional cuisine from all over the world. And if you love cooking those tasty treats at home, then why not create your very own travel-inspired cookbook. Companies such as Shutterfly create photo books with pictures and notes that you provide. You can choose one of their templates, including a cookbook. It’s the perfect way to bring home scrumptious travel memories.

Send yourself a Postcard

you can create custom postcards from your travel photos in minutes

Make sure to keep your travel memories fresh by sending yourself postcards on your next vacation. You can either purchase a postcard where you are and mail it to yourself or create your own postcard in a few easy steps. Check out this post on how to create your own postcards.

How do you keep your travel memories alive?

Travel Memories