Whistler in British Columbia, Canada is one of the largest skiing areas of North America and one of the most popular skiing destinations in the world. This is definitely one of the best places to visit if you are around Vancouver during the winter months if you enjoy this sort of adventure and seasonal sports.

Elk Island National Park in Alberta is not only one of the best places to observe bison on the entire planet, it’s also only second to the Serengeti in numbers of hoofed wildlife!

You’ll love hiking in the Canadian Badlands. Not only is it the dinosaur capital of the world, but there are also other-wordly formations known as hoodoos. It’s a unique hiking experience.

Myra Canyon near Kelowna, British Columbia, is a scenic cycle route along the historic Kettle Valley Rail Trail. You’ll cycle across 18 bridges and 2 tunnels with views over the Okanagan Valley!

Your adventure guide to Castle Provincial Park in SW Alberta. You can hike and paddle without the crowds. It’s also an ideal place for wildlife spotting with 59 mammal species!

I have a secret I haven’t even told most of my friends yet….I’m returning back to Canada for a month this summer, most of which I’ll spend in the Canadian Rocky Mountains! To say I am excited would be an understatement! Besides my family and friends, the thing I’ve missed most are the Rockies!  And

Western Canada, with it’s bounty of superb mountains, abundant wildlife and wide-open spaces, holds great appeal for travelers looking for a unique Canadian adventure.

Did you know the Columbia Icefields are thicker than the Eiffel Tower and about the same height as the Empire State Building? Or how about home to one of the world’s only triple continental divide?

As I get ready to head back to Canada for a vacation, I see some of the day to day differences between life in Canada and Germany and realize I am excited to go back to Canada.