How many of these Madagascar facts do you know? Many travellers know it as a place from the Madagascar movies but don’t know much else about it. And it definitely isn’t on most travellers radar.

I’m pleased to introduce my friend Chris, a fellow lover of primates like myself. As you’ll soon learn, he’s passionate about lemur conservation. I think you’ll find the work he’s doing very inspiring. He shows how one person can make a difference when they take action. Plus, we’ve got special discount for you on a

6 of the best places to visit in Namibia for nature and wildlife sightings including 2 UNESCO sites, cheetahs, black rhino tracking on foot and virtually guaranteed multiple wildlife sightings at the waterholes of Etosha National Park.

The best places to visit in South Africa for wildlife sightings, that include the largest elephants on the planet, the largest white rhino population and 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites!

Sossusvlei, located in Naukluft National Park in Namibia, is home to some of the highest sand dunes on the planet, including the famous “Big Daddy”. Trust me, this is worth waking up before sunrise!

How well would you survive in the Namibian bush? A word of caution, it’s not only the predators that will kill you, it’s also the trees! Read on to test your survival skills….