Hiking in Greece: The Top 9 Places to Hike for Breathtaking Scenery

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When hiking in Greece, you’ll encounter mesmerizing waterfalls, world-famous gorges and sweeping sea views from some of the highest peaks in the Greek Isles.  Whether you’re looking for a day hike or a multi-day hike with luggage transfers, there’s something for every type of hiker. 

There’s plenty of variety when you’re hiking in Greece. From idyllic Greek islands like Tinos and Naxos, charming village to village trails, and exciting routes up to the summit of mythical Mount Olympus, home of the gods. It’s no wonder that Greece is a dream hiking destination.

But with so many options, it can be difficult to choose where to hike.

That’s why we’ve compiled this guide of the 9 Best Places to Hike in Greece:

Hiking in Greece

Best Hikes in Crete

There are so many great places to hike in Crete that we offer an 8- Day White Mountains of Crete Hiking Tour.

Two of the many highlights of the self-guided hiking tour include:
1) hiking the famous Samaria Gorge, the longest gorge in Europe and a UNESCO designated biosphere reserve.

2) a hike up to Mt. Gigolos, the legendary peak with its 2080m high summit offering stunning views of the Aegean Sea

We’ve chosen the best hiking trails, arrange transfers for you where necessary, book you in our favourite accommodations and are there to welcome you in person and answer any questions you may have.

We’re also there if you need any support throughout your self-guided tour of the White Mountains of Crete.

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Coastal hiking path in Crete

If you don’t have enough time to try out our hiking tour, why not try a day hike instead. Choose between the Samaria Gorge full-day tour. It’s an 18km hike that includes a stop for lunch in the picturesque Agia Roumeli. Be sure that you have the right day hiking gear since it’s a long hike.

Or if you’re seeking a more challenging hike, head up to Mount Giglios, where you’ll enjoy stunning views of Samaria Gorge, the Omalos Plateau and the full range of the White Mountains. 

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Hiking Plakias in Crete

Continuing in Crete, we recommend hiking in Plakias. A lesser-known part of Crete.

Check out this two-hour hiking tour that explores the lesser-known Plakias. After your hike, you’ll be rewarded with a stop at a stunning beach and a traditional Cretan meal served at a tavern with unforgettable sea views. 

Mount Olympus Hike

Located in Mount Olympus National Park, the first and oldest national park in Greece, Mount Olympus is the country’s highest peak and the mythical home of the gods. 

There is so much to be discovered on your way to the summit of Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece at 2,918m. That’s why we recommend trying out this private guided hike.

You can relax and enjoy the hike without worrying about finding the right route for you. While you hike, your guide will share with you the local legends and myths associated with Mount Olympus.

Be sure that you’re ready for the distance and the Class B scramble that awaits you at the summit. It can get daunting for beginners.

If you’re up for more than just a day hike, check out this guided tour where you can split your way to the summit with an overnight stay at Yosos Apostolidis, the only refuge on Mount Olympus. 

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Hiking in the Cyclades Islands of Tinos and Naxos

We love the beautiful Cyclades islands of Tinos and Naxos so much that we created a 9-day self-guided hiking tour to explore these beautiful but less touristy islands.

On our Tinos and Naxos Hiking Tour, you’ll hike from picturesque village to village in Tinos. On Naxos, you’ll hike among the gigantic Kouros statues, visit Koronos one of the most authentic villages on the island and hike to Mt Zas. It’s the highest peak of the Cyclades islands and offers stunning panoramic 360 views. 

Amazing views of the Egean sea durong the hiking tour in the Greek Cyclades Islands

Our self-guided Cyclades hiking tour is a great choice if you’re looking for an easier multi-day hike that combines hiking with culture.

  After a day of exploration, you’ll stay in a charming boutique hotel and explore the exquisite cuisine that awaits you in the picturesque villages. We even take care of all your transfers and include picnic lunches for your convenience. 

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Hiking in Meteora

Meteora’s unique landscape and legendary monastery caves make this the perfect place to enjoy truly unique hiking in Greece. With its large network of trails, there are plenty of options.

You’ll be hiking on the same well-travelled paths that the legendary monks of Meteora once used. 

Hiking in Meteora Greece

The Meteora Monasteries are rich with legends and hidden caves that only the locals know. That’s why we recommend going with a guide. Otherwise, you’ll be missing so much of the history and legends that bring Meteora to life, for a truly memorable trip.

On a guided tour such as this half-day hike, you’ll not only learn more about the monks that once resided here, but you’ll also explore some of the harder-to-find caves. Be sure to ask about the monk jail. And yes, such a thing existed.

Hiking Vikos Gorge

Vikos Gorge is the world’s deepest gorge at 1,700m, and an unforgettable hiking experience in Greece. Numerous trails lead into the gorge.

The most popular start points in the villages of Monodendri or Vikos. Both routes are scenic but long and should only be attempted when the river is low. 

As you do need to be very careful of the water levels, it’s better to hike Vikos Gorge with a guide. We recommend this half-day hike that includes a stop at the Voidomati Springs, Greece’s coldest river, and an authentic Greek picnic.

Be sure to wear good hiking shoes/boots as it can get pretty steep in sections. 

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Hiking Gerolimni Waterfall 

Located on Andros, the Gerolimni Waterfall is a lesser-known attraction in Greece but well worth a visit. To get to the falls you hike through the Achla River and lush vegetation which makes this an exciting hike in Greece. River hiking is not easy and without experience can be dangerous. 

That’s why you should do this hike with a local guide. This hiking experience offers you a safe way to traverse the river and the many streamlets that you’ll wade through.  You’ll also learn more about your unique surroundings, and end with a swim at the Gerolimni Waterfall. 

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Hiking in Corfu

Corfu, and is also known as the emerald island of Greece. It’s the perfect mix of charm and adventure.

Whether you’re planning a day of city walks in the quaint French alleys or venturing into the lush countryside, it offers some of the best hiking in Greece. 

Corfu offers excellent hiking in Greece

If you want to avoid tourist traps and overcrowded sights, the best way to hike Corfu is with a guide. Try out this multi-day trekking adventure, where your guide will take you to quiet beaches and the highest peak on the island.

The experience also includes traditional Greek meals and unique cultural experiences. Or you can explore a section of the island with this day tour, that takes you through lush olive groves and down to one of Corfu’s most popular beaches.

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Hiking Mount Taygetos

Hiking in Greece is not complete without summiting one of its many peaks. Mount Taygetos is the highest mountain in the Peloponnese at 2,407m.

The walking trails of Taygetos are covered with fantastic forests, gorges, and alpine meadows littered with fragrant shrubs. This peak was historically an important achievement the ancient Spartans and still is today.

That’s why we recommend going with a guide. They’ll be able to explain the full history. And Greeks are some of the most entertaining storytellers on the planet. We recommend this full-day experience, which also includes a Greek picnic. 

Hiking in Greece is an experience of a lifetime filled with myths, culture, and unrivalled views. Which of these hikes will you be trying? 

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