Girona Spain: The Best Reasons To Visit This City

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I love Girona, Spain. Here are some of my favorite things about  Girona that make a visit here worth your while.

I love Girona, Spain so much so that I was there five times in 2 years.  It’s one of those places that keeps drawing you back.  Located just 100km from Barcelona, it’s an easy train ride and has a completely different feel than Barcelona. It’s definitely worth at least a day trip. Although spend a couple of days there if you have the time or use it as a base for other activities in the area. Girona is also a perfect place to discover Catalonia, an adventurous place that holds many secrets.

You can easily spend hours getting lost in the cobblestone streets, wandering from one cafe to another, sampling some of its famous Jamón ibérico (Iberian ham) which is always one of my favorite things to do regardless of where I am in Catalonia.

My Favourite Thing To Do in Girona, Spain

My favorite thing to do in Girona is hands down, would be volunteering with chimps at MONA. A chimpanzee and macaque sanctuary located just outside of the city. Yep, chimps….in Girona. These are chimps with tragic pasts. Some have been rescued from circuses, others were kept as pets, but as they grew larger and more aggressive,  carelessly given away. MONA is a sanctuary and not open to the general public, but if you’re interested in working with chimps, I highly recommend volunteering there.  The staff is beyond inspirational, but I digress.

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So my 1st favorite tourist thing to do in Girona?

(since I’m assuming that volunteering with chimps isn’t that high up on most people’s lists).

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Walking the ancient city wall!

The city wall was built in Roman times and dates back to the 1st century BC. Unlike most city walls, you can actually walk the entire length of this one. Ambitious visitors can even climb the towers for gorgeous views overlooking Girona and reaching to the Pyrenees.

The city wall was of extreme importance to Girona which has undergone a whopping 25 sieges and been captured seven times. Yet it still looks so pretty. It has aged very well don’t you think?

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Walking along Girona's Roman wall
Walking along Girona’s Roman wall
Overlooking the wall with a view stretching all the way to the Pyrenees mountains.
Overlooking the wall with a view stretching all the way to the Pyrenees mountains.
A view of the Benedictine church of Sant Pere de Galligants
A view of the Benedictine church of Sant Pere de Galligants
Overlooking the Collegiate Church of Sant Feliu and the Pyrenees
Overlooking the Collegiate Church of Sant Feliu and the Pyrenees
Girona Cathedral
Girona Cathedral

My Favourite Place to Eat in Girona, Spain

After all that walking, you’ll probably have worked up an appetite – at least I did. I recommend Restaurant Can Roca, not to be confused with El Cellar de Can Roca, the world’s best restaurant, which at the time of writing had a 9-month waitlist.  Both restaurants are run by the Roca family, but Restaurant Can Roca is run by the mother of the men who run El Cellar de Can Roca. It’s MUCH more casual, but you know she can cook and her sons still eat lunch regularly at her restaurant!

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Goat cheese salad at Restaurant Can Roca, not to be confused with El Cellar de Can Roca in Girona, Spain
Goat cheese salad at Restaurant Can Roca, not to be confused with El Cellar de Can Roca in Girona, Spain

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Have I convinced you?

So what else can you do in Girona, besides walking the ancient city wall?

Volunteer with chimps…OK I know I said that just had to slip it in again. But it also makes a great base for adventures. I’ve done a cycling trip through Catalonia that started in Girona and have used it as a base for hot air ballooning.

It’s also close enough for a day trip to the Pyrenees and a short drive to the famed Costa Brava Coast where you enjoy the beaches or go sailing. Or do my self-guided multi-day coastal hike from Catalonia to France, my personal recommendation.

For even more travel ideas about Girona and the region check out this post by Emma.

Where To Stay in Girona, Spain

Hotel Nord 1901 Superior is family-run and a 5 minute walk away from Girona Cathedral. There is a garden terrace where breakfast is served in warm weather. There is also a swimming pool. The rooms are elegantly decorated and comfortable and apartments with kitchenette are available. 

Hotel Gran Ultonia is a 4-Star hotel located in the historic Barri Vell district. The rooms are stylish and have hardwood floors. Free Wifi is available at the hotel as well as a fitness center. The hotel offers a great buffet breakfast and a bar where guests are offered snacks and drinks. 

Peninsular is a 3-Star hotel located in central Girona. The hotel offers simple yet comfortable rooms. There is a 24-hour reception with a daily breakfast buffet. The Cafe Savoy is located on the main floor and offers lunch. 

Hotel Costabella is located 15 minutes away from Girona Old Town. The hotel is surrounded by gardens with an outdoor swimming pool and poolside sun terrace. There is free wifi at the hotel as well as a bar and restaurant. Guests are free to use the onsite gym and sauna. 

Tours to Girona, Spain

Take a tour to Girona and Costa Brava from Barcelona. The tour will take you through the medieval streets of Girona and the beautiful Costa Brava in small groups. You will have the opportunity to take a dip in the clear blue waters of the Costa Brava. 

Enjoy a walking tour of Girona where you can discover the old Jewish quarter as well as the historic cobblestone alleyways. The tour will guide you through the history of the city as well as over the famous bridge and some of the sites that were used for the filming of Game of Thrones.

Girona, Spain is worth a visit, even if it is just for a day. It has so much to offer in history, beauty and of course monkeys!

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23 thoughts on “Girona Spain: The Best Reasons To Visit This City”

  1. Ancient city has really lots of great attractions. It can give us an idea about the rich cultures of the past. Catalonia is indeed rich with ancient remnants of the past

  2. Sorry we missed Girona when we were so close a few years ago. I hadn’t appreciated that this was the same area where you volunteered with chimps.

    Looks like a great city to walk.

  3. I wouldn’t have guessed there are chimps in Girona — I can see why you like it.
    So close to Barcelona, I’m not sure how we missed it. Thanks for sharing this, Laurel.

  4. I have never been but it looks lovely, I would love to walk the ancient city wall and of course also to volunteer with chimps. That’s something I would never have expected to find there.

  5. Lovely post, first time around here. Girona sounds utterly delectable.

    BTW, for somebody who loves mountains, I should invite you to come over to Montana! Lovely national parks, lots of mountains, even glaciers. You should come.

    • @Rod, Thanks so much. Highly recommend Girona. I’m familiar with Montana, I grew up in Pincher Creek, about an hour from the Montana border. I LOVE Waterton Park and would love to spend more time in Glacier National Park.

  6. I’ve never been to Girona but having read your post it’s added to my wish list! I love walking around the walled cities be it Chichester in the UK or Lucca in Italy and Girona looks lovely too. (The goat cheese salad has looks pretty damn good as well!)

  7. Hi! I’m thinking of heading to Girona for a trip during my easter break. I originally planned to go from the 1st-5th of May but I read about ‘temps de flors’ which is the weekend after so decided to make a change to the dates. However, nothing is confirmed. I was wondering how many days you’d recommend I spend there?

    I hope to go to cover as much as I can but I’m also on a budget. No more than £500 overall.

    Would love to go to the beach, the Pyreness and also Barcelona (if possible)

    • @Joey – A day or two in Girona is enough and then definitely several days to explore the Pyrennes and the surrounding villages along the Costa Brava coastline. I also loved Besalu, which isn’t on the coast but is gorgeous! Enjoy your trip!

  8. we are going to girona in about 5 weeks, i would love to volumnteer to help with the monkeys, but how would i go about doing it? i am trying to find things to do there?

    • @Carol, There’s an application form on MONA’s website in which you can apply to volunteer for a few days. It’s hard work, but I would highly recommend it.


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