Wielkopolski National Park in Poland: Why You Have to Visit

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Wielkopolski National Park is a popular getaway for Poznan locals! If I lived in Poznan, I’d be there every weekend!


Where is Wielkopolski National Park?

Located just 15km south of Poznan, Wielkopolski is easily reached by bus or train (the Poznan to Wroclaw line), or you could even cycle there for more of a workout. The park is made up of 80% of pine and oak which surrounds postglacial lakes, all of which are beautiful. 

Wielkopolski National Park,near Poznan, Poland.

There are several hiking trails that are approximately 85km in total length. There are over 100km of cycling trails as well as horse trails. 

Hiking in Wielkopolski

There are two lookout points which are worth the climb.  The first is in a wooden church that dates back to the 17th century.  Unfortunately, it was closed when I was there, but I did climb the second lookout tower (pictured below).  You get a bird’s-eye view over the entire park (the first photo in this post) and on a clear day can see Poznan!

Depending on what hiking trail you decide to take you will pass some excellent landmarks. You pass one of the most beautiful lakes in Wielkopolski National Park, Lake Góreckie. You can stroll down to Mosina a small town 21km from Poznan. On one of the paths, you will pass the ruins of a castle that was built in 1827.

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It's worth the climb of the look out tower for great views over Wielkopolski National Park, stretching to Poznan.
It’s worth the climb of the lookout tower for great views over Wielkopolski National Park, stretching to Poznan.

Cycling Through the Park

Wielkopolski is popular with walkers, joggers and cyclists and something that not even all the locals know yet is that there’s a small beach by the lake of the lookout tower! It was too cold for swimming during my visit, so instead, I cycled the mainly flat terrain so that I could cover more territory and make the most of the few hours I had there.  It was a great way to see the park.

One the journey you will also pass through streets lined with some of the most spectacular 19th-century manor houses. There are five tourist tracks, each marked with a different color of sign that total 85km.  In general, though, the park is not well signed, so it’s worth picking up a map from the Museum and Ecological Educational Center in Jeziory.


Cycling around one of the lakes found in Wielkopolski National Park in Poland.
Cycling around one of the lakes found in Wielkopolski National Park.

There are a whopping 40 species of mammals found in the park, including numerous bats! I didn’t see any of them, but I did hear a lot of birds.

Other Recreational Activities 

Inside the park, you will also find paths that are designated for horseriding and you are able to purchase a fishing license from the park. Fishing is popular as there are a lot of glacial lakes to choose from. There are also picnic spots available and you may set up a bonfire with express permission from the park itself. During winter there is a path for cross-country skiing and nordic walking that can be enjoyed. 

In summary, I enjoyed my visit to Wielkopolski National Park. While it doesn’t have the “wow” factor, that some other national parks do, it is a nice easy getaway from Poznan where you can be active, or relax along the lake with a picnic. I left feeling very relaxed and full, after stopping for lunch at TASTE_it Restaurant in the HOT_elarnia Hotel and Spa.

For further information, visit the City of Poznan’s official site, which describes a few of the trails.

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Where to Stay in Poznan

City Park Hotel & Residence is located in Poznan. The hotel offers two separate buildings, one that is connected to the wellness spa and the other is connected to Ulan brewery and cappuccino cafe. The rooms are spacious and a spa that includes a dry sauna, a salt cave, and a massage parlor.

Grand Royal Hotel Conference & Spa is located in a quiet area of Poznan. Guests can enjoy a fully equipped gym and indoor swimming pool. The property also has a winter garden where you can enjoy sunny days. 

Wielkopolski National Park is a perfect place to get active relaxation in a place that is off the beaten path.

Note:  My visit to Wielkopolski National Park was made possible by the City of Poznan.  As always, all opinions expressed are my own.

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