gift ideas that hikers will love

25 Best Gifts for Hikers

Check out our top 25 gifts for hikers.They’re are sure to put a smile on any hiker’s face. And best of all? Prices in this gear guide start from under $10.

Best Hiking Poles for 2019

Best Trekking Poles for 2020

Trekking poles are a must-have piece of gear, especially you’re doing a longer hike or trek. Find out whether you should choose between carbon fiber or aluminum and why you’d want to hike with poles. What are the Benefits of Hiking with Trekking Poles? By hiking with poles, you reduce the weight on your knees … Read More

Top 7 Health Benefits of Hiking

7 of the top health (physical and psychological) benefits that you’ll get from hiking if you do it regularly. Now it’s time to lace up those hiking boots!