How to Celebrate Christmas in Guatemala Like a Local

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A local tells travellers how to celebrate Christmas in Guatemala, just as a Guatemalan would.

Many Christmas traditions have been globalized. People around the world tend to follow a lot of the same traditions. But, at the same time, in each country those traditions melt with the old ones, making the Christmas season somewhat unique in each country.

Guatemala is no exception. It is a place where you will find Christmas trees as well as a lot of lights and decorations, but aside from that there are a few things that are slightly different.

how to celebrate Christmas in Guatemala while travelling

Guatemalan Christmas Traditions:

Religious Traditions in Guatemala

It all starts on December 7th with the Quema del Diablo “burning of the devil”. This is a religious celebration where Guatemalans put up bonfires on the streets and even burn Piñatas shaped as little devils.

In places such as La Antigua, it is a huge party where tons of Catholics gather on the street. After setting a large image of the devil on fire, they party all night long!

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travellers will definitely want to check out the
Quema del Diablo “Burning of the Devil”. Photo:Jonathanvzc (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons

It is said that this tradition comes from the ancient belief that fire cleans everything that is bad. So by burning stuff that isn’t needed anymore around the house,  the family is getting rid of any negative energies and cleaning their souls as preparation for when baby Jesus is born.

Then there are posadas in Guatemala.

travellers in Guatemala from Dec 19th-24th will want to observe one of the Posadas and participate in one of the partys afterwards
Posada in Guatemala. Photo: Keneth Cruz/Flickr

These consist of a small procession with the images of Joseph and Mary, it is taken from house to house each night until December 24th. People follow it with colourful lanterns, playing music and singing. Once the procession gets to the designated house where it is going to spend the night, the party starts. Everyone is let in and the hosts serve food and beverages to everyone. These start on December 16.

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Guatemala Christmas Decorations

When it comes to decorations, Guatemalans like the traditional Christmas tree and lights as well as all sorts of ornaments. But there is also a place of the house is dedicated to a nativity scene with lots of lights and decorations. These can be small and simple, but others take up a whole room of the house! They can feature an entire town, rivers, lakes, mountains,  animals and of course, tons of lights.

Nativity scene. Photo: Lourdes Diaz.

Some people even open up their homes to the public so they can see their nativity scenes. Competitions for the best one also take place. They have become an art form.

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Guatemalan Christmas Food

Tamales. Photo:Anamix257 (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons

Food is also important when it comes to having a traditional Guatemalan Christmas celebration. In each home you will find the traditional Tamales. These are made of corn dough, a red sauce and a piece of meat inside. They come wrapped in banana leaves.

If you prefer something warm to drink, try the Ponche de Frutas. It is made by boiling pieces of apple, pear, pineapple and papaya with a bit of sugar, raisins and cinnamon.

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Christmas Eve in Guatemala

In a lot of places around the world, everyone waits until the morning of December 25 to open up their gifts and start the celebration. However, in Guatemala, the celebrations start the night of the 24th. This is when families come together for a tasty Christmas dinner. Then they spend all nighs chatting, drinking, playing and having fun while waiting for midnight.

When midnight finally comes, a crazy show of fireworks goes off. Tons of families go to the street.  Everyone burns firecrackers and fireworks while they hug and wish everyone a Happy Christmas.

But it doesn’t end there. It is now time to get back into the house, open up the presents. In some cases, there is even a second dinner while the kids play with their new toys. At around 3 or 4 am, it is finally time to go to bed!

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Christmas Day in Guatemala

Because everyone went to bed so late (or early, depending on how you want to see it), if you go out on Christmas morning, it will appear as a ghost town. There is no one around until around noon. This is a day to stay home on your pj’s eating leftovers from the previous day.

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Feliz Navidad! And enjoy your Christmas in Guatemala now that you know how to celebrate like a local.

Guatemala Christmas - traditions, food and decorations

Guest post by Lourdes Diaz, a Guatemalan local and avid hiker.

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