Thames Path in Lechlade

Walking the Thames Path: 184 Miles of Beautiful Nature and Historic Landmarks

When most people think about the Thames path, they think they will only be walking through the city of London. But here’s the thing: That couldn’t be further from the truth, you see, the Thames Path opens you up to more than just the biggest city in England. And in this article, I’m going to be explaining all the beautiful places this stunning hike takes you on, so don’t go anywhere:

Snowdonia Way Mountain Route

Hiking the Snowdonia Way Mountain Route: 97 Miles of Amazing Views

For many hikers, Snowdonia National park in Wales is one of the best places in the UK to go hiking. And this is why Snowdonia Way is such a popular long-distance trail. Snowdonia Way takes you through some of the UK’s most dramatic and beautiful scenery. And when you get to explore the area, you’ll know exactly why people love this area so much.