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7 Days Self-Guided Hiking in the Italian Alps!

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Our challenging and wild Gran Paradiso self-guided hiking tour gives you the freedom to hike on your own but without the time-consuming hassles of booking accommodation in and planning your route! It’s a great choice for experienced hikers.

We offer two options, one in private accommodation each day except for one, and the more rugged Gran Paradiso Traverse in which you stay in mountain huts on all but one day. 

We’re proud to partner with THE best local hiking company, Nuyama, located in Chamonix, France, to bring you an incredible Gran Paradiso hiking trip.

They’ll answer all your questions and you’ll book your trip with them, through their secure booking system and they’ll handle all your tour logistics, trip details, and are there for you if you have questions while you’re on your tour! 

They’re some of the most knowledgeable people about the Gran Paradiso planning your epic tour.  Of course, I’m also here to help if you need anything. 

Contact us below to make your dream of hiking the Gran Paradiso come true!

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Laurel with friends hiking at the mont blanc glacier

Your Gran Paradiso Team: Yann, Laurel and Marion

Book Your Gran Paradiso Hiking Tour With Us & You’ll Get…

✅ Great value for money

✅ Freedom to hike on your own schedule with the people you choose

✅ To avoid the hassles of booking accommodations that have to be booked by phone or email (there’s no central booking system to check availability)

✅ Alternative routes(when available) to make your hike easier when your legs have had enough

✅ Our insider knowledge to reserve the best accommodations based on what’s important to you (i.e. location, comfort, etc.)

✅ Tours that are designed by hikers for hikers. We combine our knowledge and experience with our local partners to provide you with an amazing hiking tour.