World Map Wallpaper and Murals: The Top Picks for every Traveller

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World map wallpaper, murals and canvas prints can make you feel like you’re travelling even when you’re at home. Check out our favourites:

Do you ever feel like bringing the world home with you? Well, that may not technically be possible, but you can make it a part of your sanctuary by incorporating world maps into your decor. With so many different options in world map wallpaper, murals, decals and canvas prints you can bring your travels to you even when you can’t travel.

World Map Wallpaper and murals are the best way to bring travel home

World Map Wallpaper

Retro World Map Wallpaper

This world map wallpaper is the perfect retro touch to your home. The easy to install wallpaper is a great addition to your study, bedroom or even living room. This map offers you a full-size globe that even includes latitude and longitude. It is the perfect décor piece which can also be used to plan your next travel adventure.

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Artbox World Map Wall Decal

Make your home the perfect place by adding inspirational travel decals.

Having a world map decal that adheres well and that can be removed and re-pasted at any time is perfect for every traveller. This stylish world map mural can be attached to any wall and makes for the perfect addition to your home. it also makes for a great gift for the special traveller in your life.

Murwall Coffee World Map

This world map wallpaper mural is a great way to bring a coffee shop vibe to your home or favourite space. Make your space unique with this wallpaper which is easy to apply and can easily be moved from one wall to another. It is versatile and beautiful and would even make the perfect gift for the coffee-loving traveller in your life.

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Nautical Living Coastal Map Wallpaper

This world map wallpaper is a great vintage option to add to your home decor. It adds a vintage feel to any room and can be the perfect way for you to bring travel home. The wallpaper is easy to install and remove at any time, perfect if you love to move around.

Wood World Map Wallpaper

A wallpaper that looks like wood and has the world map on it is perfect for any home.

This wallpaper is perfect for a big space. The world map wallpaper is made to look like wood and adds the perfect rustic element to your decor. Bring the world into your home with a unique and wonderful decor piece.

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World Map Murals

3D Multilayered Wooden World Map

Made of birch plywood this world map mural is the perfect addition to your travel-inspired home décor. It is available in a variation of colours, perfect if you want to match it with your existing décor. Upgrade from a blank world map to a prime map which includes flags, so you can mark off all the countries on your bucket list.

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2D Gray Wooden Wall World Map

Get some interesting travel decor to make your home complete.

Add a little panache to your home decor with this great wooden world map mural. it is beautiful and easy to install. The map comes in either a blank version or with the names of countries and oceans. This map also includes wooden aeroplanes, boats and a compass to truly give you the perfect addition to your home. And if you plan on gifting this great world map mural, it is perfect as it comes gift wrapped from the supplier.

3D LED Multilayered Wooden Wall World Map

Light up your travel decor with a LED world map mural. The map comes with an option of light colours, including neon colours. The lights are strategically positioned behind the wooden map and add the perfect wow-factor. With its easy-install it makes for the perfect home decor or gift for the travel lover in your life.

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2D Black Wooden World Map

Add a modern touch to your home with this perfect black world map mural that will fit in with all your existing décor. With its chic colour and the ease with which it can be installed, it is nothing short of perfect. Get one of the prime options with pins to mark off all your favourite travel spots.

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2D LED Wooden Wall World Map

Don’t want to go with world map wallpaper? This is a stunning alternative. This multi-layered wooden world map mural will add a global touch to your existing decor. The LED lighting adds something unique to this decor item. The piece can be upgraded to include pins to mark off your favourite locations.

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Umbra Mappit

Add a magnetic world map to your walls to keep track of your travels.

Looking for a world map mural that is beautiful and practical? This magnetic map mural is just what you’re looking for, especially if you want something less permanent than world map wallpaper. Add magnetic pins to the places you have been and the places you want to travel to. You can even add photographs and notes.

World Map Canvas Prints

BoxColors World Wonders

Try adding some travel decor to your home to bring the world into your sanctuary.

With vivid colours and additional wonders of the world, this world map canvas is a great decor piece. If you are keen on adding to your world map wallpaper with something equally beautiful and travel orientated than this canvas is perfect. The canvas is UV-protected and has a clean and artistic look.

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Great Canvas Sephia World Map

Add a classic touch to your home decor with this world map canvas. The colours are bright and beautiful adding a warm touch to your travel inspired home space. Add it to your travel collection for an extravagant touch. It also makes a great gift for a special travel lover in your life.

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Sami Eymur World Map

Available in three sizes and in wonderful colourful detail, this world map canvas is a great way to bring travel into your home. Printed on quality canvas with a satin varnish and UV-protective coating, you can expect a professional and wonderful decor item. This is the perfect addition for the travel lovers home.

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World Map Tapestry

Capsceoll Tapestry World Map

Bring the world home with a world map tapestry.

Available in four sizes, this world map tapestry is a great addition to your travel decor. This world map decor piece can be perfectly paired with your existing wallpaper. Whether you want to add it to your home walls, use it as a curtain or even a bedspread, it is sure to tease your wanderlust.

World map wallpapers, murals and canvas prints are the perfect addition to your home to make you feel like you’re travelling everyday.

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