The 35 Best Wine Tours in Europe (2024)

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Take a wine tour in Europe to visit some of the world’s oldest and most iconic vineyards. Experience wonderful cultures, visit historical landmarks and taste some of the best wines and cuisine in the world.

Wine tours in Europe include more than just wine tasting. While on a wine tour you will discover rich traditions and scenic landscapes as you journey through some of the best vineyards in the world. And while you explore Europe’s landmarks, you’ll be treated to some of the best tasting wines and cuisine in the world.


Discover the Vineyards and Cellars of Loire Valley

Wine Tours in France are always full of history and adventure

Visit a local winemaker and learn everything about the vineyards, vat room, and cellars. This is a beautiful region, and if you want to explore Château d’Amboise, this is your chance.

The tour also offers local aperitifs like cheese, rillettes, and bread to match the Loire wines. This is a perfect way to get to know the wine culture in the Loire Valley and enjoy a taste of the local delicacies.

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Sample the Best Burgundian Wines 

Wine Tour in Burgandy, France

Taking a wine tour in Burgundy is an iconic experience not to be missed. With this guided tour you’ll taste the best Burgundian wines while visiting impressive historical landmarks along the Grand Cru wine route. Learn more about the traditional and modern wine-producing techniques used at Burgundy’s famous vineyards and taste a selection of wines from each cellar. You’ll be accompanied by an expert sommelier who will guide you through your tastings and advise you on how best to enjoy your Burgundian wine.

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Taste Alsatian Wines and Visit Obernai

The best vineyards outside Strasbourg France

This wine tour takes you into one of the most beautiful regions in France, Alsace. Departing from Strasbourg, you’ll take a drive to the village of Obernai.  During the 30-minute minivan ride, you’ll pass by idyllic vineyards and Châteus. From Obernai, your expert guide will take you to several different wineries, where you will sample the best wines from their cellars.

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Try the Mittelbergheim Wines and explore Ribeauvillé and Riquewihr

A mix of French and German wine culture await you on this great wine tour

There is a lot to see and taste on this full-day wine tour. You’ll explore the Mittlebergheim wine region which is known for wines such as Pinot Blanc, Sylvaner and Riesling. From there, you’ll continue to the Dambach La Ville wine area where you will enjoy a wonderful lunch. The tour continues to the villages of Ribeauvillé and Riquewihr to visit two of the top winegrowers in the area; the Trimbach and Hugel families.

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Wine Tours in Italy

Explore Tuscany’s Highlights and Get a Taste of its Wines

Explore the best of Tuscany on this wine tour

Enjoy a wine tour that starts in Florence and takes you through the wonderful wineries in Tuscany. The full-day experience includes stops at landmarks such as the Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa and the San Gimignano. You’ll also visit some historical cellars where you will taste traditional wines paired with scrumptious local cuisine. It’s the perfect mix of wine tasting, cuisine and sightseeing.

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Explore Tuscan Vineyards and Olives

Explore Tuscan vineyards and more

Enjoy the stunning Tuscan countryside to visit some of the region’s best wineries and olive groves. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the vineyards and cellars of two traditional Chianti wineries. You’ll also get to sample a variety of delicious Chianti wines and locally produced olive oil, accompanied by a selection of local cheeses and cured meats. This tour is perfect for food and wine enthusiasts who want to experience the beauty and flavors of Tuscany in a short amount of time.

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Visit Chianti Wine Taste and Explore Monteriggioni

Enjoy this wine tour in Chianti, Italy

Wine lovers won’t want to miss this great tour. You’ll visit Chianti and Monteriggioni Castle where you can enjoy various wines paired with local meats. Your guide will share with you the unique process used t make traditional Tuscan wines on this tour. Although you won’t spend a lot of time walking through vineyards, you will get to explore more of the medieval village in the Chianti hills.

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Discover Valpolicella Wine Region

Enjoy this great wine tour in Italy

Valpolicella may not be a well-known wine region, but it produces world-class wines that are well worth a taste. This wine tour will take you into the cellars of the Valpolicella Valley where you will learn more about the process of making Amarone. You’ll sample several different types of wines and spend the afternoon relaxing while surrounded by beautiful vineyards.

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Wine Tours in Spain

La Rioja

Wine tours in Spain

Visit the wonderful La Rioja and two of its most prominent wineries on this tour. Start your journey in Bilbao and enjoy the scenery on the way to La Rioja. Here, you’ll walk through the idyllic vineyards as you learn more about the wine-making process from harvest to cellar. Your experience includes a wine tasting at each of the wineries. A visit to the medieval village of Laguardia is also included, where you will enjoy more wine paired with a local snack called “Pincho”.

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Visit vineyards in Txakoli, Spain

This magical wine tour in Basque Country offers you much more than a taste of fragrant wines. Make your way along the scenic coast to Zarautz, a renowned surf spot and vacation destination. Spend some time exploring before you head out to the timeless fishing village, Getaria. You’ll stroll along well-preserved streets as your guide lets you in on local secrets before heading out to the Txakoli cellar where you can enjoy a fantastic wine tasting.

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Priorat is a great place to explore on a wine tour

If you are looking for a wonderful wine region to visit in Spain, Priorat should be on your list of choices. The region has been producing world-famous wines since the 12th century. On this wine tour, you’ll enjoy the taste of the local wines as well as enjoy a long walk in the vineyards that are full of colour and aromas. It’s a relaxing way to spend a day.

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Wine Tours in Portugal

Duoro Valley

Enjoy the best wine tours in Portugal

Start this wine tour with a stop at one of Porto’s best viewpoints before continuing to two of the best wine estates in Portugal. Enjoy exquisite wine tastings and learn about the region’s long history of wine production. Your tour includes an authentic Portuguese meal that is perfectly paired with wine and an hour-long ride onboard a Rabelo boat on the Douro River. There are plenty of photo opportunities and views to take in during the day.


Explore Evora, Portugal on this wine tour

This tour is more than just a wine tasting, but a trip into Portugal’s diverse history. You’ll visit Évora, also known as the White City, and wander through its stunning architecture and narrow medieval streets. The city is well-known for its diverse cultural history that ranges from Roman to Arab as is evident in the many famed landmarks that still stand today. You’ll make a stop for a traditional lunch before continuing to your wine and olive oil tasting. There is even a stop at the Arraiolos where you can learn more about the area’s famed carpets, wool rugs and jute cloths.

Cheleiros and Bucelas Wine Tasting

Take a stroll through beautiful vineyards in Portugal

This wine tour takes you to the wine lands north of Lisbon. You’ll first visit Cheleiros where there is an old Parish that dates back to 1304. While there, your guide will tell you more about the rich Roman history associated with the village. From here you’ll visit a small wine producer, ManzWine and enjoy your first wine tasting paired with local olive oil and traditional bread. You’ll continue to Quinta da Murta in Bucelas to enjoy the famous dry white wine made from the Arinto grape.

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Explore Setubal, Portugal with this great wine tour

Travel to Azeitão on this wine tour and discover the famed wines and cheeses of the area. Your tour includes a stop at the cellars of José Maria da Fonseca to learn more about their history and enjoy a wine tasting. From here you’ll move on to the Quinta de Alcube, a family-owned cellar that produces bottles that are only sold directly to customers. The tour will also take you to a winery locally known as the “Mother House” where you can taste more of the region’s wines.


A great wine tour in Portugal

Head out into Portugal’s beautiful Extramadura region where you will take in extraordinary sights and indulge in local wines. You’ll begin your journey by passing over the Vasco de Gama bridge which is the longest bridge in Europe. Continue to the small family wine estate to try some homemade wine and through the mountains of the Arrábida National Park to take in fantastic views. You’ll move on to the beach of Portinho Arrábida and the charming fishing village of Sesimbra for a local lunch.

Lisbon Food and Wine Tasting

Food and wine tasting in Lisbon

You can’t go wrong with a guided food and wine tour in Lisbon. Not only will you visit the best cafés, including the 18th Century café Nicola, but you’ll also learn more about the historical centre of the city. Enjoy stories from your local guide about Portugal café-culture and try fantastic delicacies, including codfish cake with a glass of green wine. Visit an old gourmet shop where you will find dried, salted Bacalhau, sausages, hams, cheeses and other Portuguese delicacies. Learn more about the drink of Lisbon, Ginjinha and climb up to viewpoints that offer you fantastic city vistas. Finish your day with a glass of delicious red wine paired with Chouriço

Wine Tours in Croatia


Explore stunning vineyards in Crotatia

Explore the beautiful Pelješac peninsula and the island of Korčula on this fantastic wine tour in Croatia. You’ll explore the Pelješac peninsula, the idyllic vineyards on its rocky slopes and the coastline with its hidden coves and spectacular beaches. After spending some time admiring the views and sipping on exquisite wines, you’ll take a short ferry ride to the island of Korčula. Here you’ll spend your time admiring the beautiful island while your guide regales you with stories of the past. There is plenty of local cuisines and fine wine to be enjoyed before you depart back to Dubrovnik.

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Krka Waterfalls and Wine Tasting 

Krka Waterfalls in Croatia

This wine tour starts in Split or Trogir where you will travel to the Krka National Park. Follow the Krka River as it flows through the green forests and culminates in two beautiful waterfalls. Your guide will take you past the old water mills that are still in use today as you learn more about the variety of rare birds that call Krka home. Your guide will take you down to the waterfall where you can take a cooling dip before moving on to the Ranch Rak near Šibenik for a much-deserved wine tasting.

Hvar by Sea

Hvar by the Sea is a great place to enjoy a wine tour

You’ll explore the beautiful southern coast of Hvar Island and visit the Pakleni Islands, a group of small islets known for their secluded bays, crystal clear waters, and stunning natural beauty. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to swim, snorkel, and sunbathe in some of the most picturesque locations in the region. The tour also includes a stop at a local winery on Hvar Island, where you’ll have the opportunity to taste some of the region’s best wines and learn about the winemaking process. This tour is perfect for travelers looking for a private and exclusive experience in the stunning Croatian coast, combined with a unique wine tasting experience.

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The vineyards are unrivalled in Hvar, Croatia

Enjoy a 3-hour wine tour that begins with a drive to Jelsa where you will visit Croatian winemakers. Your guide will take you to the winery of the Tomić family to learn more about the traditional and modern processes that they use to produce some of the best Dalmatian wines from the area. There is plenty of wine to taste, including Prošek which is a local favourite. A wine expert will describe each of the wines you taste and teach you how to pair them with local appetizers.



Wine tour from Dresden, Germany

Enjoy a boat cruise on a traditional steam paddler as you make your way from Dresden to Diesbar-Seußlitz on this fantastic wine tour. You’ll be treated to picturesque views of castles and vineyards before coming to a stop on the shores of the Elbe. From here you’ll hike through beautiful vineyards as you explore as your guide tells you more about this wine region. You’ll enjoy a scrumptious buffet paired with local wines from the region before heading to a rustic winegrower’s house with your guide.

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Wine tours in Germany

Enjoy a tour through Meißen and learn more about the city and the inventor of hard porcelain, J.F. Böttger. The city has a rich history spanning close to a thousand years soo there is a lot to learn as you make your way through the streets. You’ll also climb to the top of the Cathedral to enjoy beautiful views of the city before setting off to taste some of the delicious local wines. Your last stop is at the Ratskeller restaurant to enjoy a two-course meal as your guide tells you more interesting tales about Meißen.


The Moselle Valley is a great place to enjoy a wine tour in Germany

The Moselle wine region is well-known for its delicious wines and fantastic scenery. It is one of the most beautiful places in Germany and a great place for an unforgettable wine tour. On this guided tour, you’ll stroll through beautiful landscapes as a local sommelier imparts his knowledge on the history and wine-making processes in the area. You’ll visit a family-owned estate and enjoy a walk through their property before being treated to a wine tasting and a light meal.

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Bad Cannstatt

Stroll through beautiful vineyards in Germany

Stuttgart is home to a wonderful wine culture that everyone can enjoy. Let your guide share exciting stories and facts with you as you travel along the beautiful River Neckar to discover the nearby vineyards surrounding the Max-Eyth-See. You’ll enjoy the wonderful scenery on this experience as well as two separate wine tastings paired with light snacks. It’s a great way to spend a few hours just outside of the city.


Enjoy a great wine tour in Stuttgart

Try something new and exciting on this special wine tour. You’ll discover the beautiful vineyards along the Neckar River while enjoying a drive in a tractor and covered wagon. Marvel at the steep-sloped vineyards and taste scrumptious local wines while learning more about this fascinating part of Germany. The tour also includes stops at Freienstein and a viewpoint overlooking the Max-Eyth-Lake and the stunning Neckar valley.

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Athens Old City

Enjoy the tastes of Greek wines and cuisine in Athens

Enjoy a fascinating tour that includes sipping on wonderful Greek wines as your guide tells you about the rich wine regions. As you enjoy a selection of wines, you’ll learn more about the Greek God of wine and fertility, Dionysus. Take a virtual tour of the Attica vineyards from under the Acropolis and be regaled by wonderful stories of the ancients and Greeks long history of winemaking.

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Visit beautiful vineyards in Santorini, Greece

Greece is full of idyllic places to visit, including the island of Santorini. Enjoy a wonderful wine tour where you will not only taste delicious wines but learn about the 3,500-year history of winemaking on the island. You’ll visit three wine estates and taste an assortment of wines, including organic wines such as Nykteri and Assyrtiko. Each of the wine tastings is paired with local delicacies including cheese and olives.


Enjoy a wine tour in Chania, Greece

Check out this wonderful wine tour in the Kissamos region. You’ll start your day with a visit to a family winery and learn about their modern wine production and enjoy a wine tasting. From here continue to a traditional village where you will find the oldest olive tree in the world and enjoy delicious foods paired with more wine including the local blend of white wines. You’ll also visit some olive oil producers where you will taste the local virgin olive oils and other local produce. End your tour with a drink of Tsikoudia, a traditional Cretan drink.

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Wine tours in Greece

Enjoy an exceptional wine tour in one of the most beautiful Greek Islands; Crete. You’ll take part in a private wine tasting and learn more about the unique wine-making processes from your world-class guide. The tour stops at two prestigious wineries and vineyards where you can indulge in wine, olive oils and other local products made on the island. End your tour at a gourmet lunch where you will meet the chefs and be amazed by the scrumptious food.

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Visit wineries and cellars in Mykonos, Greece

Visit a traditional Mykonian house on this excellent wine tour. You’ll be welcomed by the cult sommelier, Mr. Stathis Pasoglou who will guide you through the best Greek wine varieties. Enjoy a wonderful wine tasting that is accompanied by snacks. Before you head back to your accommodation, you’ll be treated to a delicious traditional meal.

Wine Tours in Austria

Wachau Valley Bike Tour

Wine tours in the Wachau Valley, Austria

Try this Wachau Valley wine tour and explore fantastic scenery and wondrous historical sites. You’ll cycle through Austria’s most beautiful valley and makes stops along the way to taste delicious wines and explore the medieval town of Dürnstein. The guide will share with you facts and stories about the region while you sample Austrian wine and other delicacies such as the famed apricot jam. Stop for a swim in the Danube and a lunch at a local tavern before heading back to your accommodation.

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Enjoy a visit to Austria's beautiful wineries

Enjoy delicious Austrian wines on this tour from Vienna. You’ll visit three wineries in the Weinviertel wine region that is located just 30-minutes from the city. Your guide will share stories about the region’s long history and wine traditions as you make your way to the small family-owned wineries. Enjoy a classic wine tasting before heading for a traditional Austrian dinner that is, of course, paired with more exquisite wine.

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The Danube by Boat

Explore the Danube and the many varieties of wine on offer in the Wachau Valley

Enjoy a wonderful wine tour in the Wachau Valley with spectacular views. Your guide will share with you many fascinating stories about the history and culture of the region as you enjoy the scenic route. Stop at some of the best vineyards in the region and taste a variety of wines and other delicacies like the famed apricot jams and liqueurs produced in the Wachau Valley. Make a stop at the medieval town of Dürnstein and enjoy a meal at an Austrian wine tavern. You’ll end your day with a river cruise on the Danube River from Spitz and Melk.

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Vienna Hidden Wine Cellars

Vienna's hidden cellars

Don’t miss this Vienna wine tour when visiting the city. Learn all about the only place in the world where wine is cultivated in the city itself and get a taste of the delicious Viennese wines. You’ll visit hidden wine cellars and make stops at exclusive cellars in the city centre. There are also plenty of traditional snacks to enjoy as well as a visit to the restaurant Ofenlock and the Wine Bank Vienna.

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Visit the Etyek wine region in Hungary

From Budapest, you can enjoy a wonderful wine tour in the Etyek wine region. Your guide will share with you fascinating facts about Hungary and its rich wine traditions as you make your way to Etyek village. Here you will visit two wineries, one of which is a small family-owned enterprise that sells mostly to restaurants and selected customers. You’ll taste a selection of scrumptious wines before you finish your day with a 3-course traditional meal.

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Wine tours in Hungary

Take a drive through the beautiful Pilis Mountains on this wine tour in the Neszmély wine region. You’ll visit the village of Kesztölc where you will explore a family-run vineyard and taste their selection of organic and traditional wines. Take a tour of their cellars and enjoy some authentic snacks before you move on to the Basilica of Esztergom which is the largest basilica in Hungary. Your guide will lead you to the Csülök Csárda, a restaurant with a long history and a wine cellar that was built in medieval times. Enjoy tasting wonderful cuisine, including Lecsó and the Hungarian spirit “palinka”.

Tokaj II

Hungary has beautiful vineyards to explore

This full-day excursion will take you on a journey through the scenic countryside of Hungary to the Tokaj wine region. You’ll visit the charming town of Sárospatak, known for its rich history and cultural heritage, and explore the historic castle of Rákóczi. Along the way, you’ll also visit several local wineries and vineyards, where you’ll have the opportunity to taste some of the region’s best Tokaj wines, known for their sweetness and complexity. The tour is led by a knowledgeable guide who will share interesting facts about the history and culture of the region. This tour is perfect for wine enthusiasts and those looking to experience the beauty and flavors of Hungary’s Tokaj region.

Which of these amazing wine tours in Europe are you going to try?

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