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packing list for hiking Guatemala Volcanco Trilogy

Guatemala Volcano Trilogy Hiking Tour  is THE mountain challenge in Guatemala. You will ascend and descend three of the most iconic volcanoes of the country – Agua, Fuego and Acatenango, that serve as the backdrop for the colonial city of Antigua –  all within 36 hours!

This packing list includes all of the basics that you need to have with you to comfortably do the Guatemala Volcano Trilogy!

I had been on many hiking tours that last over a day where you need to camp. As a result, I was already aware of the basics that I should take with me. However when I booked my tour the guides gave me a few additional recommendations.

Basically you should have all the basics for your safety, but because this is such a challenging route “each pound counts”. This means that you should leave behind any of the items that you take with you for comfort.

Another phrase that stuck with me was “if it (the backpack) is going to be heavy, make it water weight”. You do need to drink a lot of water to successfully complete this really difficult trek.

Using this Trilogia Packing List:

This list assumes that you will be doing the whole tour. It also assumes that you will be carrying your own pack, although you do have the option of hiring a porter to carry it for you. Try to take only what is 100% necessary to reduce the weight. The trails are tough enough and you want to preserve as much energy a possible.

If you have any questions about this packing list, leave a comment below and I’ll try to answer it. Happy Packing!

Hiking Gear

day-hiking pack list - women's thermal shirt for mountain adventures

Thermal shirt – It might not be so useful for hiking when the weather is warm, but you will definitely be glad you have it at night, I used it as pyjama top.

day-hiking pack list: quick dry moisture wicking shirt

2 Quick-dry moisture-wicking shirts – Try to get the ones that are long sleeved with the option to roll the sleeves up.

day hiking packing list: lightweight fleece with hood

Lightweight fleece with hood or another warm layer. I love my Salomon one (similar to the one in the link) for its light weight and warmth.

day-hiking pack list: always bring a rain proof soft shelled jacket for your adventure

Waterproof shell with hood – Even if you decide to do this tour during the dry season, the chances of rain are quite high.

day-hiking pack list: waterproof pans for mountain adventures

Waterproof pants – These will help you stay dry and warm, in the likely event of rain, especially at night.

day hiking packing list: wear convertible hiking pants on your mountain adventure

2 pairs of Convertible hiking pants – Look for the kind that zip off into shorts these are great in case the weather gets too hot.

day-hiking pack list - thermal leggings for women

Thermal leggings – Optional. These are too hot for walking but they are my favourite as pyjamas.

Day hiking packing list: bring a sun cap for your mountain adventure

Baseball or sun cap – This will be extremely useful for the day hikes, especially towards the last part towards Acatenango’s summit. There are no trees. If it’s sunny it can feel as if you were in the desert.

day-hiking pack list warm hat for a mountain adventure

Warm hat – Again, great for those short rest stops at night.

day hiking packing list: always bring light gloves for your mountain adventure

Light gloves – Light gloves should be enough.

day hiking packing list anti shock 6 retractable hiking poles for mountaon adventures

Anti-shock & retractable hiking poles – I don’t use these very often, (but Laurel uses them on every hike). Because of the steep descends it is a good idea to have a pair. Your knees will thank you! However leave them in your backpack during the ascend to Fuego Volcano, the trail tends to be quite narrow and your hands will do a better job of helping you get up the volcano.

Hiking packing list salomon boots

Hiking boots – Choose an ankle-height pair that is waterproof. My two personal favourite brands of hiking boots are La Sportiva and Salomon. Trekking tip: You may also want to consider waterproofing them before you go. Also, be sure to break them in before you start.

day hiking packing list: always bring a 30l backpack for your mountain adventure

35-45L Backpack. Make sure it has a wide waist band, you will be more comfortable using it. It should also have a built-in rain cover. You will use it for the night hike in Agua Volcano. In it you should have: all of the clothing items that you might need to stay warm, a headlamp with extra batteries, 2 litters of water, 2 snacks, 1 breakfast, emergency thermal blanket and a first aid kit.

guatemala volcano hike 70l backpack

60-70L Backpack – You will use this one for Fuego and Acatenango Volcanoes. You will need: All of the clothing previously mentioned, transfer your warm clothes from the small backpack, as well as the first aid kit, 3-4 litres of water, headlamp, emergency blanket, sleeping bag, tent, sleeping mat, 4 meals, (unless you choose the premium option), tons of snacks, quick dry towel, Electrolyte tablets.

3 volcano hike in guatemala packing list waterproof bag

Waterproof Bag – All of the contents of your backpacks should be protected in either waterproof or plastic bags in case it rains.

Essentials for the Camp

3 volcano hike in guatemala packing list sleeping bag

Sleeping Bag – I would recommend one that is at least warm enough for temperatures around 0°C.

Self-Inflating Air Pad – It will help you stay warm and you back will thank you for using it.

volcano hike in guatemala packing list camp stove

Camp Stove. You are required to cook all your own meals, unless you choose the premium option.


Day hiking packing list snacks

Nutritious Snacks that don’t squish easily. Nuts and dried fruit are good choices. Crackers and wafers get crushed easy and chocolate melts. If you crave something sweet, then gummy bears are a better choice than chocolate since they don’t melt. Apples and oranges are also great since they don’t get smashed easily.

If you choose the regular service option, you also need to bring your own food for 2 breakfasts, lunch and dinner (you’ll have one lunch in the town of Alotenango).


Day hiking packing list 2 litter water bladder

Tons of water – You will need at least two litters for the first volcano and at least 4 more for the other two.

day hiking packing list electrolyte tablets

Electrolyte tablets – I probably used this every second day. It was really helpful near the end of the day, when I was ready to power out, but still had more elevation or distance to cover.


Day hiking packing list: always carry extra plastic bags on your mountain adventure

Plastic bags – Yes, you have to carry out your toilet paper and all f your trash.

Hiking packing list: bring a quick dry towel for your mont blank adventure

Quick-dry towel – You will be grateful you have one if it rains, if it doesn’t it makes a great blanket.

day hiking packing list: LED headlamp for mountaineering

Headlamp – with extra batteries

Day hiking packing list travel insurance

Travel Insurance – You should purchase it before you go, then either carry the details with you, or go light and take a photo of the details, so you don’t need to bring extra paper with you. I also like to save a copy to email or Dropbox, just in case I lose my phone.


Bring cash in small bills in local currency. After Agua Volcano you will have a couple of hours in the town of Alotenango where you can buy food but there are no ATMs and they don’t take dollars.


Carry your passport at all times as well as a card with your insurance information. Make sure they are in waterproof containers.


day hiking packing list: Iphone 6

Camera. Optional, but trust me, you’ll want to capture your incredible accomplishment. While I normally use a DSLR, for this trip, I used my iPhone 4. Now I would recommend the Apple iPhone 6, which has a great camera.

day hiking packing list: garmin outdoor GPS

Garmin eTrex 30x to track your route and progress. You won’t need this for navigational purposes as you’ll always be with a guide, it’s just in case you’re interested in tracking your route. Alternatively, you can download a free hiking app to track your progress on your Smart phone.

That my friends is your complete list for the 3 Volcano Hike in Guatemala! If you have any other essential items for this trip, let me know in the comments below. Happy packing!

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