19 Virtual Tours: Visit These Wonderful Places From Anywhere

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Virtual Tours are a great way to see and experience a new place from the comfort of your own home. This is the perfect way to be inspired and travel in an innovative virtual way. 

Have you heard of Virtual Tours? I hadn’t either until recently. Being an avid traveller and not being able to travel gives you a lot of time to look for alternatives. And behold, when you seek you are more than likely to find something innovative and amazing that makes up for not being able to travel. Virtual tours are a way to explore a new place from the comfort of your home. These virtual tours have given me more than just a few great new ideas for my travel bucket list. 

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Bryce Canyon, USA

Located in Utah, Bryce National Canyon is a beautiful sprawling reserve that should not be missed. This wonderful virtual tour will allow you to see the famous crimson-coloured hoodoos and the expansive Bryce Amphitheatre. Take a moment to enjoy the way the light plays on the colours of Bryce canyon to create a stunning effect. 

Carlsbad Caverns, USA

The Carlsbad Caverns can be found in the Chihuahuan Desert of southern New Mexico. There are around 100 caves. Take a virtual tour and discover the stalactite ceilings of the Big Room which is a huge underground chamber in the cavern. This wonderful experience is exactly what you need to get you inspired to travel again. 

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Nahuku, USA

Nahuku, also known as the Thurston Lava Tunnel, is a great experience. The Virtual tour will take you on a journey through this iconic Hawaiian landmark and you can discover its unique beauty from home. This one is on my bucket list of must-sees in the world and I have finally been able to get a great experience without having to travel there. This is a wonderful “travel from home” experience. 

Dolomites, Italy

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Dolomites, Italy

The Dolomites are one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world. Besides being a hiking paradise, certain areas in the range offer world-class skiing among other great activities. This is the perfect go-to destination in winter and summer. This virtual tour will allow you to take in the natural beauty of this wonderful mountain range from anywhere.

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Mont Blanc, France

views while doing the tour du mont blanc self guided tour

Mont Blanc is the highest peak in Europe and a popular hiking and climbing destination. This spectacular virtual tour has so much to offer you. You will not regret taking the time to drink in the spectacular natural beauty. The sunrise on this wonderful mountain is a must-see and one of the reasons why Mont Blanc is one of my favourite places in Europe. 

Ennedi Massif, Chad

The Ennedi massif in Chad is probably one destination you have not heard of. But this virtual tour of this wonderful mountain range and everything it has to offer will have you inspired to make this your next big adventure. The tour will show you exactly how beautiful this unique country is. I love that virtual tours show you the best places that you would probably never have thought to travel to. 

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Machu Picchu, Peru

Take a virtual tour of Machu Picchu and discover its many wonders

Machu Picchu is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations in the world. This virtual tour is the perfect way to explore this wonder. You will quickly realize why Machu Picchu is so popular with travellers. If you want to know what to expect when you visit here, then this is the perfect way to do it. 

Tikal, Guatemala

Tikal in Guatemala is the perfecct destination to take a virtual tour of

Located in the rainforests of northern Guatemala, Tikal is an ancient Mayan citadel. Its iconic ruins of temples and palaces include the giant, ceremonial Lost World Pyramid and the Temple of the Grand Jaguar. This is one of the tallest pre-Columbian structures in the Americas and it makes for a wonderful virtual tour. Such an amazing virtual tour gives you a new and innovative way to discover one of the highlights of Guatemala. 

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Pilanesberg, South Africa

pilanesburg game reserve is a wonderful place to witness wildlife and this virtual tour will give you the opportunity to do this from home


I have been to South Africa several times, but it is such a massive country that there is no way I could explore it all. it is a country that has a lot of beauty to offer and luckily for us, you can take a virtual tour of some spectacular area such as the Pilanesburg. Known for its magnificent wildlife and beautiful landscape, this is one that you will love if you are a travel and wildlife buff. 

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The great barrier reef is one of the most iconic spots on earth and this virtual tour is the perfect way to explore

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most important places on earth. It plays a massive role in making sure that the ocean and its inhabitants remain healthy and oxygenated, among other things. Being an avid diver and nature lover, this is one of those bucket list picks. This virtual tour will show you exactly what you can expect when visiting the barrier reef as well as help you pick your destinations. After all, it is the largest reef in the world making it hard for anyone to experience its entirety if you only have a few vacation days. This virtual tour will allow you to see a lot more than you would think. 

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Fiordland, New Zealand

Fiordland National Park is in the southwest of New Zealand’s South Island. It is known of its many glacier-carved fiords Doubtful and Milford sounds. Discover the beautiful forest trails and wonderful lakes ad rivers wth this perfect virtual tour. This is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and you can experience it from the comfort of your home. I found this virtual tour inspiring. 

Spitsbergen, Norway

This is the perfect Virtul Tours if you want to see polar bears and ice flows that are beautiful from the warmth of your home

This virtual tour offers you everything from exciting polar bears to one of the most unique towns in Europe. Spitzbergen is the largest populated island in the Svalbard Archipelago in Norway. Spitzbergen was once a whaling base before coal mining was established. This virtual tour is a great way to explore a unique and special place from the warmth of your home. I found this tour relaxing and loved spotting the polar bears. 

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Barents Sea, Russia

The Virtual tour of the Barents Sea will give you a wonderful view of the Aurora Borealis

The Barents Sea is a marginal sea of the Arctic Ocean and is divided between Norway and Russia. This shelf sea is shallow and important for fishing in this area. It is a spectacular place to sea, one that you would probably never think to visit as it is so remote. You can also witness one of the planets most beautiful phenomenon, the Aurora Borealis. But this virtual tour allows you to see the best of this area from the comfort of your home. It may even inspire you to visit this unorthodox travel destination. 

Lencois Maranhenses, Brazil

Lençóis Maranhenses National Park is a protected area on Brazil’s north Atlantic coast. It’s known for its vast desert landscape of tall, white dunes and seasonal rainwater lagoons. Lagoa Azul and Lagoa Bonita are two of the largest lagoons. The park’s diverse ecosystem also includes mangrove swamps. The nearby towns of Barreirinhas and Santo Amaro do Maranhão is gateways to the park.

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Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre is one of the most popular and most beautiful places to visit in Italy. I have been there countless times, and I can still never get enough of its natural beauty. This virtual tour is the perfect way to get my dose of Conque Terre from home. This will inspire you to visit when you can. 

Galapagos, Ecuador

Take a wonderful Virtual tour of the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are well known for its many wonders such as the Galapagos turtles and the blue-footed booby. On this virtual tour, you will discover these wonders and much more. This is a location that many only dreams of visiting, and this virtual tour will allow you to experience the best of it. 

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Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia is the top-rated hot air ballooning destination in the world. This virtual tour is the perfect way to discover exactly why it is so loved. Explore the skies and vast landscapes of Capadoccia with this wonderful virtual tour. There is no better way to get inspired to try a once in a lifetime activity. 

Tumpak Sewu, Indonesia

Tumpak Sewu is also known as Coba Sewu. It is a tiered waterfall that is located in East Java, Indonesia. The waterfall is overshadowed by Semeru, an active volcano and the highest mountain in Java. Loosely translated, Tumpak Sewu means a thousand waterfalls in the Javanese language. The name comes from the fact that the many different waterfalls appear to be one single, semi-circular waterfall. This wonderful virtual tour will allow you to see the beauty of this place from anywhere. As you can see from the image, this virtual tour is worth taking the time to watch. 

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Huangshan, China

Huangshan in Chinese means Yellow Mountain. The mountain range is located in the Anhui province and is well-known for its spectacular scenery, sunsets and peculiarly-shaped granite peaks. Enjoy a virtual tour of one of China’s most unique landscape which has been the inspiration for many works of art. Enjoy views of the pine trees, hot springs and the clouds which make the landscape peculiar and more beautiful. 

These virtual tours will let you travel in a fascinating new way and hopefully inspire you to travel to some great new places when you next can. 

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