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Browse our travel shop for our favourite travel products and hiking products. You’ll find eco-friendly gifts for travellers, gifts for hikers, our recommended hiking backpacks and poles, along with gear lists and gifts for people who like Germany. Be sure to check back as we’re always adding to our travel shop.

Lemur T-Shirt Travel Shop

Check out our lemur t-shirts. They make a great gift for the animal lover in your life and are available for men, women and youth. Each one comes in a variety of colours. They look great with jeans and are perfect for a casual day out. Be sure to check back, we’ll be adding more soon. Available on Amazon.

This meditating lemur t-shirt is the perfect gift for the animal lover in your life whether it be your wife, husband, sister, brother, best friend, son or daughter. It looks great with jeans and is perfect for a casual day out.

This t-shirt with words about lemurs is perfect for animal lovers – who want to show their love for ring-tailed lemurs and to raise awareness about this endangered species – see how many words related to lemurs you can find.

This ring-tailed lemur t-shirt will be a hit with animal lovers who want to show their love for these unique creatures while raising awareness about these critters from Madagascar who need our help.

Travel Shop for Hikers

Check out our recommended gifts for hikers and the best hiking packpacks and trekking poles and a packing list for the Tour du Mont Blanc or other similar trek in the Alps.
gifts that hikers will love

Searching for the perfect gift for the hiker in your life or for yourself? Check out these gifts for hikers compiled by a hiker, for hikers.

hiking and trekking poles our tips and recommendations

See our recommendations for the best trekking poles and find out why we think they’re a must-have piece of gear, especially you’re doing a longer hike or trek.

packing ist for the tmb and other treks in the Alps

A complete packing list for your Tour du Mont Blanc Trek. All the hiking gear, clothing and a few extras to pack for a comfortable trek!

hiking packpacks our top recommendations

The best hiking backpacks that we’ve found. Here’s what you to look for whether you’re planning a multi-day trek or heading out for a day hike. We’ll tell you exactly what to look for in a backpack.

day hiking packing list

A day-hiking packing list of everything you need to stay safe and to make for an enjoyable hike in the mountains. Perfect for beginner hikers!

T-Shirts For Hikers

Check out our t-shirts for hikers when they’re not hiking. They’re perfect for casual outings, or doing for a walk and look great with jeans. Available on Amazon. Be sure to check back, we’ll be adding shirts to wear while hiking soon.
t-shirt for hikers
t-shirt with mountains, perfect for hikers
hiker stick figure t-shirt

Show your hiker sense of humor with this t-shirt.

If you’re a mountain lover, you’ll love this mountain t-shirt that shows you much you love the mountains, even when you can’t be in them.

If you’re a hiker, you’ll love this abstract drawing hiker t-shirt showing your love for the great outdoors even when you can’t be hiking

Booklovers Shop

Check out our recommended reading lists to read before your travel and another one compiled for animal lovers.
recommended books about wild animals
books for travellers

Shop for Travellers

Check out our recommended eco-friendlly gifts for travellers who want to make a positive difference for the planet and our recommendations gifts for people who love Germany.
gift ideas for the eco-lover in your life

These eco-friendly gifts are perfect for the environmentally-minded traveller. They’re gifts that not only give to the recipient but give back to the planet.

best travel backpacks

When choosing the best travel backpack, consider what you need. I.e.Lightweight? Carry-on? Anti-theft features? Our recommendations will help you choose the best one for you.

19 gift ideas for people who love Germany

Check out these wonderful gifts for people who love Germany to bring a little Deutschland into your life, no matter where you are in the world.

Positivity T-Shirt Travel Shop

These t-shirts are for people who are positive and want to share their positivity with everyone they meet. You’re sure to make everyone you meet smile with one of these tees. They are suitable for women and youth and come in a variety of colours. Available on Amazon.

make someone smile inspirational t-shirt

This happy face t-shirt is the perfect inspirational t-shirt for women or teens who want to make someone smile more. Everyone you meet won’t be able to help it with this cheerful tee.

Be Kind t-shirt from our travel shop

This Be Kind t-shirt is the perfect inspirational t-shirt for women or teens who want to spread kindness and inspire others with their positivity. If these simple words of kindness speak to you, this shirt is for you!

making magic happen t-shirt

This is the perfect inspirational t-shirt for women or teens who know that they can make their own magic – they don’t need to wait for someone else to do it for them. If you’re independent and a go-getter this shirt is for you!

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