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Hiking to a Glacier in Kootenay National Park, British Columbia

Kootenay National Park is not as well known as its famous neighbor Banff National Park, but it is one of the parks forming the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks UNESCO World Heritage Sites and on the Stanley Glacier Hike, you get the chance to see a glacier up close.

Fun Things to Do in Bremen

Bremen’s market square is over 1000 years old, making it the most impressive market square in Europe! There is so much more to this city than meets the eye.

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, Canada

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in SW Alberta, Canada. Buffalo jumps don’t exist outside of Canada and the U.S. and Head-Smashed-in Buffalo Jump is one of the largest and best examples of a buffalo jump on the planet.

5 Tips for Keeping a Holiday Romance Going Strong

Congrats! You’ve decided to try and become one of the 7% that make a holiday romance work! Here are 5 ways to keep a holiday romance going that worked for me and my now German fiance (J.P) while we did 2 years of long distance from Canada to Germany.

Food And Drink in Germany Vs. Canada

There are many similarities between food and drink in Germany and in Canada but the longer I stay in Germany, the more subtle differences I notice.  Here are my top ten food …

German Weddings, the Reception and Dance: Part 3 of German Weddings

At first glance the reception at German weddings is very similar to wedding receptions in North America.  A nice meal is served, speeches from the bride and groom and the bride and groom’s family are made, and the newlyweds kiss when glasses are clinked with a spoon, but first impressions can be deceiving. Seated at … Read More

German-Canadian wedding in Banff (Canadian Rocky Mountains)

Getting Engaged to a German: Part 1 of German Weddings

Getting engaged to a German holds different significance in Germany than it does in North America. In North America, getting engaged is a big deal, in Germany not so much (although the German wedding is a big deal of course).  We first came across this when dealing with German Immigration.  We asked if there was … Read More