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Adventure Travel

Affiliate Program

Become an affiliate with Monkeys and Mountains Adventure
Travel and earn extra income.

You work hard to earn your audience’s trust and we’re
committed to offering exceptional service to our clients.

Plus, we offer one of the highest commissions in the adventure
travel industry and a booking incentive to your audience.

5 Reasons to Become a Monkeys and Mountains Adventure Travel Affiliate

1. Get an 8% commission, one of the highest in the adventure travel industry.
2. 90-day cookie period- meaning if someone clicks to our site from your link and buys a tour within 90 days, you’ll receive a commission for the sale.
3. High average booking value of €1900, meaning you could earn €152 from just one sale.
4. Easy to sign up and implement. No complicated code. Just use your unique tracking link. See below.
5. We offer a small selection of curated tours = a high conversion rate when you place your affiliate strategically.

*(euros or dollars, depending on which currency the tour is priced in).


We offer a small selection of curated hiking and primate trips. And Laurel, the founder has personally done every single trip that we offer. You may think that’s true of most adventure tour companies but unfortunately, it’s not. And unsurprisingly the results are often disastrous for the clients. To us, that’s unacceptable.

We’re hikers and nature lovers who know how to design tours. We love hiking and spend our free time hiking. Laurel volunteers with primates on a weekly basis at a sanctuary. We know how to help a client select a tour for their ability level.

We work with local partners for our tours. It’s important to us that both the communities and the environment benefit from our tours.

Finally, we’re committed to offering exceptional client service and our reviews reflect this.

How Does It Work?
You link to one of our tours with your unique tracking link. You’ll receive a commisson for every tour sold within 90 days of someone using your link. We’ll send you a report once every three months showing your sales.

Who is an Ideal Affiliate for the Monkeys and Mountains Program?​
You are an ideal fit for our travel affiliate program if you have content related to one or more of our tours and this specific content has at least 500 page views a month.

How Do I Join Monkeys and
Mountains Adventure Travel Affiliate

Yoy just need to fill out our affiliate application. We’ll respond with more information within 48 hours.

Additional Info

You’ll be paid via Currency Fair to accounts outside of Europe or via bank transfer for accounts in Europe.
You’ll be paid in the currency of the tour – either euros or USD.
Payment is 30 days after the trip is completed.
Commissions are valid on the sale price. If a donation is required (i.e. for the Madagascar Ecotour), you don’t receive a commission on this as the donation is made directly to our nonprofit partner organization.

If you’re already an affiliate, log in here.