Travel Accommodation: A Guide for a Memorable Trip

Choosing the right accommodation when you travel will have one of the biggest impacts on your trip. Not to mention your budget.

How to Choose the Right Accommodation with One Simple Question


When you travel, accommodation can be SO much more than just a place to lie your head at night.

When chosen carefully, it can significantly enhance your experience. For example, if you’re looking for a romantic getaway you’ll probably want to spend a little more. And a place with romantic ambience will significantly enhance your experience.

Whenever I plan on being in my accommodation more (for whatever reasons), I think it’s almost always worth it to spend a little more. 

Alternatively, if you’re travelling for business you’ll have very different priorities. You may be arriving late after business dinners and leaving early in the mornings to attend business meetings all day. In that case, convenience, business amenities and location will be the most important criteria when choosing the right accommodation. 

Or perhaps, you’ve been stressed and are going away for just a weekend. You’ll want to choose accommodation with a relaxing vibe. You want to ease away your stress. A standard and functional yet uninspiring chain hotel by the side of the road isn’t going to do it. 

Or maybe you’re looking for something fun. In which case I highly recommend staying in a treehouse for a unique experience. Even if it’s just a couple of hours away, you’ll feel like you’re in a whole new world. 

I have a friend who only stays in accommodations with a pool. He says that having a swimming pool for their two children significantly enhances the amount of time he and his wife have for relaxing. It makes such a difference for all of them,  so this is the first thing they look for. 

I have another friend who loves the spa. So much so that she only stays in accommodations with an impressive wellness area and a large offering of spa treatments. The spa is always the highlight of her entire trip. 

There’s no right or wrong. The key to choosing the right travel accommodation is to think about what’s important to YOU beforehand. Then start looking for accommodations based on that criteria.

Many travellers don’t take the time to ask themselves the question What’s the most important thing(s) I’m looking for in accommodation? And then the accommodation usually ends up being OK but it doesn’t add anything special to the vacation. 

By asking yourself the question beforehand, your accommodation can be a highlight of your trip, not just OK. 

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Now that you’ve got some ideas for choosing your travel accommodation, you may just find that your accommodation is one of the highlights of your trip.  

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