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Coastal Hiking Tour from Spain to France

Hike along the dramatic coastlines of Spain and France and stay in gorgeous seaside villages.
per person
From €995
Spain & France
Mar – Oct
Jordan travel hiking Jordan Trail

Dana to Petra Trek in Jordan

Hike 5 days of the Jordan Trail and finish in the UNESCO Site of Petra.
per person
$1695 USD
Sept – April
hiking the Cinque Terre in Italy you'll hike into villages like this one
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Hiking the Italian Riviera: Cinque Terre and Beyond

Experience both hiking and culture in Cinque Terre along Italy's gorgeous coast!
per person
Oct-Dec 18/Mar-Nov 19
Dolomites hiking walking holiday europe-57-L
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The Dolomites Trek

Hike in the Dolomites, Italy, one of the most dramatic mountain landscapes in Europe!
per person
June-Sept 19
a hiker on one of the two highest points of the Tour du Mont Blanc
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Tour du Mont Blanc Self-Guided Treks

The TMB is one of the best treks in the world. You'll hike through France, Italy and Switzerland!
per person
Italy, France, Switzerland
June – Sept