The Top 8 Best Hot Air Balloon Rides in The World

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Have you ever been on a hot air balloon ride? Well if you haven’t you’re missing out on a spectacular way to experience your vacation in a new way.

I have done some hot air balloon rides and have a few more on my bucket list. But my hot air balloon experience got me thinking… where are the best places in the world for balloon flights? That led me to write this post. So here goes…

The Top 8 Best Hot Air Balloon Rides in The World

#1 Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia, Turkey has been voted the top hot air balloon destination many times. The landscape is just magnificent with its “fairy chimneys” and stunning views. The unique landforms that Cappadocia is famous for. Hot air ballooning here is available throughout the year (weather depending of course).

You can view the beautiful rock formation during the warm summer months or during winter when the area is carpeted in snow. Hot air balloon flights are so popular here that when you go up you will easily see over 100 other colorful balloons dotting the sky.

It adds to the wonderful experience. Enjoy a sunrise balloon ride which includes breakfast and a cake and champagne celebration when you land (yummy right?). Or you can discover the beauty of Cappadocia with this tour which includes insurance and coffee and snacks before the ride.

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#2 Albuquerque, USA

Albuquerque is home to the biggest hot air balloon festival in the world. It happens every October for 9 days and sees hundreds of hot air balloons rising up above the Rio Grande Valley. The festival attracts pilots and visitors from all over the world and features unique events such as the special shape rodeo, which is a balloon that is shaped differently each year.

They also host a dawn patrol during the festival where the hot air balloons go up before sunrise. It’s a spectacular site and if you love hot air balloons you should definitely visit the festival.

If you can’t visit the festival but still want the experience you can still enjoy a hot air balloon ride of the gorgeous Rio Grande Valley any time here. Check out the tour here.

#3 Masai Mara, Kenya

Sunrise over the Masai Mara

The Masai Mara is one of the most popular safari destinations in Africa. But did you know that it is also known for its amazing hot air balloon rides over the famous Serengeti? It is a unique way to experience wildlife sightings and the beautiful landscape of the African savanna. Get lost in the beauty of Masai Mara with this hot air balloon tour which will give you the opportunity to experience something new and wonderful.

#4 Sossusvlei, Namibia

I loved my trip to Sossusvlei, Namibia. One of the best ways to experience this exceptional landscape, besides sandboarding on the massive dunes, is a hot air balloon ride. Sossusvlei has the most amazing sunrises I have ever seen and experiencing it in a hot air balloon is wondrous.

The Sesriem canyon is wonderful and much better seen from the air in all its glory. You would be surprised by how diverse Namibia’s landscape is and it is best seen from the air where you will appreciate the massive sand dunes that make the area so famous. Try this tour of Namibia that includes safaris and hot air balloon rides.

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#5 Jaipur, India

Hot air balloon rides

Jaipur India is the capital and largest city of Rajasthan. The city is known for its ancient royal status and its unique pink architecture. It is a wondrous place that is striking from the sky. Hot air balloon rides are available from September through to April each year and are most popular in the morning for sunrise and the evening for sunset. Jaipur is a beautiful city with an astonishing surrounding area that differs from other parts of India.

#6 Luxor, Egypt

Luxor is a must-see when visiting Egypt. Enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the valley of Kings and Queens and the famous Luxor temple. It is a unique opportunity to take in the splendor of ancient Egypt and the beautiful desert landscape rolling into the green banks of the Nile river.

Enjoy a sunrise hot air balloon ride in Luxor, Egypt. There is nothing better than watching the sunrise over the valley of kings (its as poetic as it sounds).

#7 Costa Brava, Catalonia Spain

Costa Brava, Catalunya, Spain: as seen from a hot air balloon

I loved my trip to Catalonia and one of the many highlights of the trip was my hot air balloon ride over the Costa Brava. Catalonia is beautiful but seen from the sky, it’s fabuloso. I was fortunate to go with Globus Emporda who made the trip memorable with their great attention to detail and fun facts.

There’s a good section of patchwork fields between the Pyrenees in the north and the rugged cliffs and coastline in the south. There is also an abundance of great little villages that you pass over. Hot air balloon rides are offered throughout the year but are weather dependent so make sure to check in advance.

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#8 Drakensberg, South Africa

Hot air balloon rides

The Drakensberg in South Africa is a massive mountain range that runs across a portion of the country. Hot air balloon rides in the Drakensberg give you the opportunity to see and appreciate the diverse beauty of South Africa and its many different terrains. Pass over the famous Giants Castle and marvel at the towering mountain range. It is one of the highlights of South Africa.

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There are so many more terrific places in the world with great hot air balloon rides but I think these are definitely at the top of the list. Have you been on any of these hot air balloon rides? I would love to hear about your experiences.

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