Tien shan mountains in Kazakhstan

Tien Shan Mountains THE Place to Go for Hikers Seeking Solitude

The Tien Shan Mountains is one of the best mountain ranges that you can visit if you’re seeking solitude.
Whether you’re a hiker, trekker or mountaineer, you’ll have over 10,100 square kilometres of mountains to discover. And much of that to yourself. You may not see another hiker or mountaineer for days, or even weeks in the more remote parts.

travel to mexico for nature , wildlife, adventure, and culture

19 Photos That Will Make You Want to Travel To Mexico

Mexico is one of the destinations that I keep travelling back to. Mexico is often seen as a cold weather getaway by many Canadians and Americans. While it is an easy place to travel to for first-time travellers, it offers  SOOO much more than that! Here’s what you can experience when you travel to Mexico: … Read More

Budapest Tram 2: Europe’s Most Scenic Tram Journey

Budapest Tram #2 is the most scenic tram journey in Europe according to National Geographic. And according to our guide it’s the second most scenic tram journey in the world (after San Francisco). Regardless of it’s rating, It’s spectacular!