Places to Visit in the United States

I lived in the United States for 6 months in Annapolis, Maryland. I was offered a special project with the company who I was working with in Canada whose head office was located in the United States. Being an avid traveller, with only two weeks holidays at the time, I jumped at the chance! Living in the U.S. and seeing first hand the similarities and the differences between Canadian and American culture was fascinating! And as a huge bonus, I was given free flights back to Canada every two weeks or the opportunity to travel within the continental United States as long as it was cheaper than flying to Canada - which it almost always was! So rather than going back home for visits, I spend every second weekend in a different part of the U.S.!!! Unfortunately this was long before I started travel blogging, so it means that I have very little content and travel tips about the United States on my blog, but you will find a few posts here about Florida, which I've visited quite a few times, most recently a few years ago!

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The best places to visit in USA and the top things to see and do.