The Best Outdoor Clothing Brands & Alternatives to Buying Them From Amazon

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Get the best outdoor clothing brands from companies that don’t only give you great service but give something back for each of your purchases.

When choosing outdoor clothing brands, it’s a good idea to consider the impact of your purchases, especially since you already have an appreciation for nature. Fortunately there are some incredible outdoor clothing companies that give back.

While Amazon is certainly convenient there is something genuinely satisfying about supporting small businesses that pride themselves on giving back.

That’s why we’ve compiled the best outdoor clothing brands that don’t only manufacture high quality gear but also give something back to help support our planet. Check them out: 

Outdoor Clothing Brands

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A company built on the idea of giving back, Cotopaxi supports initiatives to alleviate poverty and aiding community development in developing countries. Cotopaxi is an outdoor clothing brand that sells great gear and offers a lifetime warranty on its products.

Their mantra “Do Good” is something everyone can get behind as 1% of their total revenue goes to organizations such as Educate Girls and Rescue Committee, which provides much-needed help to communities in developing countries.

Llama 20oz Wide Mouth Bottle

Llama water bottle from Cotopaxi - Outdoor gear brands

There is nothing better than a cute water bottle that has thermal insulation and will keep your drinks hot or cold. It’s also leak free and easy to clean. When you purchase one of these bottles, Cotopaxi gives a a portion of the sale to Water1st, a nonprofit that provides access to water to communities in Honduras.

Do Good – Baseball T-Shirt – Men’s

"Do Good" baseball t-shirt by Cotopaxi

Made with breathable and quick-dry fabric this old school t-shirt is just what you need. It is made with 60% cotton and 40% recyclable fabric making it a sustainable option.


Cotopaxi convertible bag - Outdoor clothing brands

Each of these great totes are one of a kind and made of left over fabrics from other production. These waste free bags easy convert from a tote into a backpack and are durable enough for any hiking trip.

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Cairn Outdoor Subscription Box

Cairn offers an exciting subscription box that you can get monthly or quarterly. The packages include outdoor clothing brands as well as great gear and food items. With the give and get the program, you can send back your old equipment when you purchase a subscription box. Cairn will make sure your old gear doesn’t end up in a landfill.

Monthly Subscription Box – 6 months

Monthly subscription box from Cairn with great outdoor clothing brands and gear.

Choose a gift that keeps giving with one of these subscription. Each month Cairn curates new outdoor related products and delvers them to you. This box of goodies can include everything from gear, apparel, nutrition and skincare. It’s a great way to test out new products monthly.


The Obsidian Premium Collection is packed with excellent outdoor clothing brands and gear

Enjoy premium outdoor products with a quarterly subscription box from Cairn’s. You’ll find great products to the value of around $300 in each box. Products include gear, apparel, nutrition and so much more.

Adjust your Attitude Tees

Slogan t-shirts from Cairn

Soft, comfortable and with an incredible design, these unisex t-shirts are a great addition to your closet. They are made with a blend of cotton and polyester and are available in two great colours.

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Gear co-op

The Gear Co-op is a company dedicated to the adventurer. Their mission is to give you access to great outdoor gear brands at incredible prices. They offer a lifetime guarantee on all their products and offer free local 2-day shipping. You’ll find a fantastic range of outdoor clothing brands and camping gear on their site.

Mountainsmith Scream 25

the Mountainsmith Scream is a great backpack from Gear co-op which is a great outdoor gear brand.

This 25 liter backpack is perfect for hiking. It is incredibly lightweight and durable. And it fits perfectly into its own top pocket for easy stow away.

Mountainsmith SlingBack Chair

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Lightweight and packable, this is the perfect addition to your backcountry gear. It is compatible with most hiking poles and is the perfect lounger to set up next to your campfire.

Exped Waterproof Compression Bag

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This compression bag is waterproof and can be strapped to the side of your pack for extra space. It is perfect for compressing your sleeping bag and clothes quickly so you won’t waste precious time in the outdoors.

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A company with a humble beginning, RockyMounts has created a brand built around quality products. RockyMounts manufactures and sells durable bike, cargo, ski and snowboard racks as well as a collection of security products to keep your outdoor gear safe.


Splitrail LS 2" by RockyMounts

If you are an avid cyclist or just taking your bike with you when you travel, the Splitrail LS 2″ is just what you need. It fits on various bike sizes and can be changed from a two bike stand to a four with RockyMounts great ad-on.


Liftop Biggie ski rack by RockyMounts

The Liftop Biggie is an excellent rack for ski and snowboarding enthusiasts. It can fit up to five pairs of skis or four snowboards comfortably with no fuss. You won’t have to worry about taking up extra space in the car on this season’s ski trip.


The 14'r Cargo Basket by RockyMounts is great for carrying your favourite outdoor gear brands.

Take your extra gear anywhere with this nifty roof mount by RockyMounts. The basket is well-designed to be durable and long lasting and comes equipped with a net which hooks on securely to keep your gear safe.

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The outdoor clothing brand Patagonia takes part in climate change activism in several remarkable ways. Patagonia gives 1% as their very own “Earth Tax,” which goes toward environmental nonprofits for every purchase you make. They connect with ecological groups worldwide and have created a climate-conscious brand of sport and outdoor gear. Also, they ensure that their equipment is environmentally friendly and that their workers receive fair treatment. They even have a used gear site where they buy and sell used Patagonia gear, so your old equipment will never go to waste.

Lightweight Merino Performance Crew Socks

Merino performance socks by Patagonia - Outdoor clothing brand

These Merino socks are comfortable and the wool is responsibly sourced. Check out the great prints they come in.

Men’s Capilene Thermal Weight Zip-Neck Hoody

Made with odor control and with recycled material, this hoodie is the perfect choice from Patagonia. It comes in some great colour’s too.

Women’s Happy Hike Studio Pants

Women's Happy Hike Studio Pants by Patagonia - Outdoor clothing brand

These leggings are great for jogging, hiking or just to hang around in. They are made to be comfortable and made of recycled materials.

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Born in the Wasatch Mountains, this company is all about sourcing responsibly for the toughest of terrains. KÜHL provides outdoor gear made with quality materials that will ensure you remain comfortable no matter where you are. And they aim to produce all these quality products with the least amount of environmental impact.


Renegade Cargo Conv Recco Hiking pants by Kuhl

The Renegade hiking pants offer you comfort and durability. It easily converts from long pants to shorts and is super lightweight, making it perfect for any outdoor adventure.


The Merino Beanie by Kuhl is a great addition to your outdoor gear.

This merino beanie is all you need to keep your head warm in cold weather. The foldable cuff adds warmth to your ears, and the merino is sure to keep you comfortable.


Stryka Lined Jacket by Kuhl - Outdoor gear brand

Besides being incredibly stylish, the Stryka lined jacket is the perfect addition to your closet. The jacket has a soft flannel lining, which is warm and comfortable. It’s a great jacket to wear for adventure and leisure.

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Which of these great outdoor clothing brands is your favourite?

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