11 Photos that Will Make you Want to Travel to Old Panteleimonas

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Old Panteleimonas is an ancient shepherd village that dates back to the early 15th century. It’s designated as a National Heritage Monument. It’s also one of the cutest villages I’ve visited in Greece!

Old Panteleimonas with a view of the Thermaikos Gulf.

Where Is Old Panteleimonas

Located on the eastern slopes of Mount Olympus and overlooking the Thermaikos Gulf, it’s hard to think of a more picturesque setting. It was love at first sight for me with Old Panteleimonas. If I ever write a book, this is the place I would want to do it!

It’s virtually an outdoor museum as you stroll along the idyllic cobblestone streets which are lined with traditional Greek Tavernas.

Besides wandering through the village streets and testing out the Greek Tavernas, you’ll also want to check out Panteleimon Beach. It’s several kilometers long and is one of the best beaches in the Pieria region!

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traditional Greek taverna in Old Panteleimonas Greece

overlooking a village and Mount Olympus from Old Panteleimonas Greece
Views of Mount Olympus from Old Pantelimonas
The church in Old Panteleimonas is dedicated to St. Panteleimonas.
The church is dedicated to St. Panteleimonas
Views of the Thermaikos Gulf from Old Panteleimonas Greece
Views of the Thermaikos Gulf
traditional Greek Taverna in Old Panteleimonas Greece
Many of the Greek Tavernas offer outdoor seating to take advantage of the incredible views and weather.
traditional Greek Taverna in Old Panteleimonas Greece
Outdoor seating at a traditional Greek Taverna.
even the cats have a view of the Thermaikos Gulf in Old Panteleimonas Greece
Even the cats have an incredible view of the Thermaikos Gulf while dining!
Thermaikos Gulf as seen from Old Panteleimonas Greece
View over the Thermaikos Gulf.

What to Do Near Old Panteleimonas

Being a small village, there isn’t a ton to do in Old Panteleimonas, but there is a lot you can do nearby.

Olympus National Park, home to Mount Olympus, the highest peak in Greece, is just over 30km away. My original plan was to climb Mount Olympus, but unfortunately, it didn’t pan out due to the weather. It remains on my bucket list and I will definitely return!

If tackling Mount Olympus is a bit too much of an adventure for you, there are numerous other trails that you can hike in the park, like Enipeas’ Gorge, the one that I did.  Alternatively, I also highly recommend hiking in Meteora. It’s an incredible UNESCO World Heritage Site located ~ a 2-hour drive away.

Old Panteleimonas with Mount Olympus in the background.
Mount Olympus as seen from Old Panteleimonas.

You’ll also want to check out Platamon Castle. It’s a crusader castle that was built between 1204 and 1222. You’ll be able to see it from the highway. It’s one of the few intact castles to be found on mainland Greece and was not destroyed by the Ottomans.

For a €2 entrance fee, you can walk on sections of the castle wall. Look in one direction and be entranced by views of Mount Olympus. Look in the other direction and serene views over the Thermaikos Gulf await!  Platamon Castle is located ~10km away from Old Panteleimonas.

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Platamon Castle is a crusader castle located 10 km from Old Panteleimonas.
Platamon Castle

Where to Stay in Old Panteleimonas

I didn’t actually stay in Old Panteleimonas as I was just there for a couple of hours en route Olympus National Park back to Meteora, then on to Athens. I did stay at Cavo Olympo Luxury Resort & Spa, the only 5* hotel in Pieria, Greece. It’s located a 20-minute drive up the coast from Old Panteleimonas in Litichoro.

It’s one of my favourite hotels of all time and offers incredible value for luxury! From your room, you will either have a view of Mount Olympus or the breathtaking Thermaikos Gulf.  There’s both an indoor and outdoor pool, and even a private beach! It’s modern and contemporary and it was love at first sight! For these reasons, it made my list of 15 Most Romantic Hotels in Europe

Panteleimonas Greece

How to Get to Old Pantelimonas

It’s located ~100km from Thessaloniki and 400km from Athens and makes a great stop when you’re doing a road trip through Greece.

Along the way, I also highly recommend making a 3-4 day stop at Meteora. After the Acropolis in Athens, it’s the most important site in all of Greece, and offers some incredible hiking that combines history – like seeing monk jails built into caves!

Panteleimonas Greece

Old Pantelimonas is quiet and relaxing with so many opportunities for outside adventure, you can spend more than just a few days in the area. 

Note: My visit to Old Pantelimonas was made possible by Visit Meteora. I wasn’t obligated to write about it, but felt compelled to share this special place with you.

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