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COVID Refund Guarantee

If your trip is cancelled by Nuyama due to COVID, or for any other reason, you will be offered the following options:

  1. postpone your trip
  2. receive a full refund

COVID GUARANTEE: What’s Included

If your trip is possible but you need to cancel due to Covid-19 due to one of the following reasons, we agree to waive our normal cancellation terms:

  1. You are prevented from travelling on account that your government has banned non-essential travel to the destination.
  2. You are prevented from travelling on account of a lockdown in your country.
  3. You are prevented from travelling on account of quarantine requirements in your country on your return and have notified us in writing of your intention to cancel your trip within 5 days of any new travel restrictions being reported.


In these three cases only, you’ll receive the option to:

  • postpone your trip for a fee of €90 (when you notify us 30 days in advance) or €170 (when you notify us less than 30 days in advance). (whatever would cover the accommodations that don’t offer refunds) 

Receive a refund minus the cancellation fees kept by the accommodations. Note: the earlier you notify us the bigger portion of your refund we’ll be able to recover. When you cancel less than 30 days in advance some accommodations won’t offer any refund.


COVID GUARANTEE: What’s Not Included

Our regular  cancellation terms apply if you need to cancel your trip for any of the following reasons:

  1. You, a family member, or someone you live with is diagnosed with Covid and you are required to self-isolate, preventing you from travelling.
  2. You are required to care for someone diagnosed with Covid.
  3. You are denied boarding to your flight/entry into the destination country/country en route due to not passing the Covid checks.
  4. You do not meet the testing or vaccination requirements to enter your destination country.
  5. You want to cancel due to quarantine requirements upon your return which have been announced more than 5 days ago.

However, if you have cancellation insurance (which we HIGHLY recommend), you may be reimbursed through them. Please check the terms and conditions of your policy as each one is different.


Cancellation conditions:

  • More than 60 days before departure: 5% (up to a maximum of 200€) of the total price of the trip, as an administration fee, excluding insurance.
  • From 60 to 45 days before departure: 15% of the total price of the trip, excluding insurance. As they don’t purchase insurance from you can we delete the “excluding insurance” to make it simpler and more attractive?
  • From 44 to 30 days: 30% of the total price of the trip, excluding insurance.
  • From 29 to 15 days: 75% of the total price of the trip, excluding insurance.
  • Less than 15 days before departure: 100% of the total price of the trip, excluding insurance.


Booking conditions:

  • 30% is due when you book more than 35 days before your start date. If you reserve: less than 35 days before your start date, the full balance is due at the time of booking.
  • Once your TMB tour is fully confirmed, the balance is due 35 days before your start date.


We work closely with the accommodations to get your money back. However, the amount of the fees retained will vary since each accommodation has its own refund policy.  This is why we strongly recommend that you take out a cancellation insurance policy that covers pandemics.