Welcome! This page is devoted to helping primates through primate tourism and primate welfare – in part by sharing cute ape and monkey pictures. I’m a big believer that primate tourism, when done responsibly and involving locals, can have a positive impact on primate conservation.

mountain gorilla silverback and adventure traveller Laurel Robbins
Me with a silverback gorilla in Rwanda.

By observing primates in the wild in an ethical manner you can help save some of the most endangered primates on the planet. Check out Why Now is the Time to See Lemurs in Madagascar to gain a further understanding of how you can make a difference on your travels.

I’m Laurel. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Primatology from the University of Calgary in Canada. I previously worked at the Calgary Zoo in environmental education and specialized in teaching primate and gorilla programs.

I currently work as a primate enrichment volunteer with marmosets and Japanese macaques at the Auffangstation für Reptilien (in German) or Reptile Sanctuary (in English) that’s also home to primates in Munich.

I also hold a Master of Adult Education and Global Change and believe that education or “edu-tainment” plays an important role in primate conservation and primate welfare. Just because it’s serious stuff, doesn’t mean that it can’t be entertaining.

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Check out my Japanese Macaque enrichment videos from volunteering with macaques at a sanctuary in Munich.