Hi, I'm Laurel 

an entrepreneur, who created a successful hiking and travel business and now dedicated to helping you grow your business with a unique concoction of strategy, masterminds, hiking and time in nature.

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Hi, I’m Laurel Robbins, the founder of Monkeys and Mountains Adventure Travel and the creator of the Mountain Peak Mastermind and the Mountain Peak Method. You may have seen my work in BCC Travel, or seen me speak at the World Travel Market in London or Dubai, or ITB Berlin, or at a European Professional Women's Network event, or at an entrepreneur event in Munich.



Life was good. I was at the top of my game as an influencer in the travel industry, getting paid to travel the world and a sought out speaker.



But I was also working 70+ hours a week and constantly felt overwhelmed and overworked and I never had enough time to do everything I needed to get done to take my business to the next level.



Then, I discovered one of the secrets to what’s now part of my unique Mountain Peak Method that I know will help you too


After implementing just 1 strategy of what is now the Mountain Peak Method I finally hit the six-figure mark and went on to multiply that.

I started a tour company and my business grew to multiple six-figures and received not one, but two 7-figure offers to buy my business. I refused both of them.


Then, in 2019 a competitor tried to sabotage my business. In 2020 the pandemic hit – devasting for an international hiking company.  As my once successful company crumbled, I felt as if I was crumbling too.


The stress was unbearable.


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entrepreneurship isn't a linear climb, there are peaks and valleys
entrepreneurship is like climbing a mountain

It was a roller coaster as I veered from optimistic to worst-case scenario demanding on the day.  I pivoted my offerings and implemented new strategies. Some worked, while others failed miserably. Not only had my income dried up, but I had to pay back thousands in customer refunds out of my own pocket due to the different pandemic policies in the different countries our tours took place. 



2020 and 2021 were by far the lowest lows I could have ever imagined. But they also came with valuable lessons that have made my business more resilient, helped me develop more effective business strategies, form trusted relationships with loyal clients who I love working with and create diversified income. As a result,

I’ve increased my profit margins by 10% and reduced my workload by 70% by implementing just one part of the Mountain Peak Method.

Laurel Robbins speaking at entreprenur events

And I've done it with joy. Because running your business should be fun, a concept I shared in my recent talk How to Turn Your Passion into a Business for Digital Nomad World.

Through 12 years of experience, I’ve learned how to ride out the lows so that they don’t dip as low as they used to while the highs continue to get higher. 


Growing your business doesn’t have to mean hustling harder. 


I’ve found the opposite to be true.

I regularly take time to meditate, go for walks in nature, and hike. And that’s when the solution to my answers almost always magically appears. No force or sleepless nights required. 

It’s almost like the more I let go, the more that comes in. I’ll be sharing more in my upcoming talk Hike Your Way to Business Freedom at the Bansko Nomad Festival.

Having 70% less to do has finally given me the time to take my 12 years of experience of being an entrepreneur to package it into a format that will get you results.

The other strategy that got me through those terrible times and has helped me grow my business is being in masterminds. I’m currently in four of them as I believe in them so much.

Being surrounded by like-minded peers who can help you grow, and give you much-needed feedback has been huge for my business growth and spirits. Despite the isolation, I never felt alone during the pandemic thanks to my supportive masterminds.  

I'm amazed at how many entrepreneurs aren't in a mastermind because they say they "don't have time". The right mastermind will pay quadruple back in results, what you spend in time.

Don't make the mistake of doing it alone. Surrounding yourself with the right people is like a rocket for your business. 

That's why I'm so excited to offer the Mountain Peak Mastermind for the first time being held in the gorgeous Pirin Mountains of Bansko, Bulgaria, July 11th - 15th. 

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