Mostviertel: Fun Hiking You Need To Do In Austria

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It’s no secret that I love hiking – and Mostviertel, Austria offers up some of the most unusual hiking I’ve ever done!

In Mostviertel you will find orchards, farmhouses, and rolling Alpine foothills, and some great hikes that take you through scenery and history. On this trip, I got both of those and unique musical experience. Mostviertel gets its name from Most, a cider that is produced in the area. 

Most is a traditional drink and a large part of the culture of the area. Most is made from apples or pears. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it!

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The Music & Mountains Festival

My first day in Mostviertel was spent hiking to Music and Mountains, a unique event held every June in which you hike to different locations to hear bands play.  It was so much fun and unlike anything I’ve experienced before!

The Wanderbare Gipfelklaenge which translates roughly to Hiking to the Sounds of the Mountains in Mostviertel, Austria is a creative and unique event. On our trip, there were seven different musical groups playing at different venues. The venues were mostly mountain huts of which you had to hike to.  

If you need the motivation to go hiking this is seriously it! The event kicked off Friday evening with Catch-Pop String-Song, a Balkan Folk band.  It was held at the four-star Hotel Fahrnberger in Göstling/Yibbs where  I also stayed there for two nights.  

Hiking To The Music of Mostviertel

Then it was time for the hiking to begin – from now if you wanted to hear the musicians, you would have to hike to them!

Maxi, our fearless leader and donkey for our hike in Mostviertel

The first day of hiking was easy on a gentle hill. We even had our own fearless leader, Maxi. 

After a stop to listen to Saxofour (a brass band that was one of my favourites) we continued our hike that became steeper. At the top of the climb was a performance by Klaus Trabitsch and Insingizi, an A Capella group from Zimbabwe.

Insider Travel Tip:  Hollensteiner Bergrettungshütte makes for a great hiking destination even if you aren’t rewarded with live music.

This was my favourite performance of the entire weekend!  Does it get any better than a sing-along to The Lion Sleeps Tonight on the top of a mountain? 

With a Wimba Way rhythm in our heads, we started downhill to another performance by Klaus Trabitsch and Insingizi.  Unfortunately, the rain made this a short performance. We continued to Peter Jagersbergers Küche – which fortunately offered indoor seating.

Several coffees and schnapps later, I found myself singing along again. We stayed to watch Florianer Tanzlgeiga, a group that plays Austrian folk music would be playing. They had people up and dancing on the first song!  I declined.


Entrance to Erlebniswelt Mendlingtal in Mostviertel, Austria
Entrance to Erlebniswelt Mendlingtal

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Historical Hiking 

In addition to the second day of Music and Mountains, it also included something I call Historic Hiking.

It started at Erlebniswelt Mendlingtal, a mostly open-air museum where visitors can see one of Europe’s last timber rafting facilities, a Blacksmith house, and a water-powered mill. This was a highlight of mine when we visited Mostviertel.

The museum is located in Göstling an der Ybbs am Hochkar. It is right across the street from the Hotel Fahrnberger. It is part of an area known as the Eisenstraße (Iron Street in English). Eisenstraße is named so for the iron ore extracting during the 17th and 18th Centuries.

The processing of the iron ore has always been on waterways since the mill is powered by water and wood was needed to be turned into wood charcoal to heat the iron.

Open air museum at Erlebniswelt in Mostviertel, Austria
Open air museum at Erlebniswelt Menlingtal

The Holzweg (Wood Weg)

For me, the real highlight was the HOLZweg (Wood Weg). The hike is relatively flat. There are wooden bridges that cross through a beautiful gorge where the wood was brought downstream to the facility.  

Travel tip: woodcutter demonstrations (as the one shown below) can be seen the first Sunday and third Saturday of every month from May through October.

It’s all very traditional and brings to mind what it must have been like even 100 years ago before today’s machinery. 

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Traditional woodcutter demonstration along the HOLZweg hiking path in Mostviertel, Austria
Traditional woodcutter demonstration along the HOLZweg hiking path

I loved this hike.  It was easy and popular with families but really peaceful. What a great day spent relaxing and learning.

Timber rafting facility at Erlebniswelt Mendlingtal in Mostviertel, Austria
Timber rafting facility at Erlebniswelt
HOLZweg (Wood weg) hiking path through the gorge is beautiful.
HOLZweg (Wood weg) hiking path through the gorge is beautiful.
Crystal clear lake along the HOLZweg hiking path in Mostviertel, Austria
Crystal clear lake along the HOLZweg hiking path

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Me stopping to enjoy the scenery along the HOLZweg in Mostviertel, Austria
Me stopping to enjoy the scenery along the HOLZweg

The HOLZweg ends at the Hammerherrenhaus where we ate lunch, listened to another singer as part of the Music and Mountains event, then returned the same way. Not only did I get music, but I also got some history! Not to mention some good old fashioned Austrian cuisine.

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Know Before You Go to Erlebniswelt Mendlingtal/HOLZweg:

  • The open-air museum is open from May 1st – October 31st from 9:00 – 5:00 pm.  
  • Admission costs €7 per adult (this may vary)
  • Signs in Erlebniswelt Mendlingtal are only in German so you won’t get as much out of if you don’t read German. 
  • The HOLZweg is an easy, flat hike that is very family-friendly.  I really enjoyed the hike.
  • Check out the fish ponds on the way near Hammerherrenhaus, which serves fresh fish from these ponds and lets you eat like a local.
  • Travel tip:  try the fish, they’re famous for it.
  • Mostviertel has some great skiing opportunities during the winter.
  • There are also some great cycling trails in the area that are family-friendly if you prefer that to a hike.

Accommodation in Mostviertel

We stayed in Göstling an der Ybbs in Mostviertel during this trip. The town has some great accommodation options including the Hotel zum goldenen Hirschen which is perfect if your planning on hiking or biking from the town. It’s perfect no matter why your visiting.

Klein Schöntal is a farmhouse that’s perfect for couples and families. The premises has a barbeque area, terrace, and kids play area. It is also closely located to a lot of the hiking and cycling trails as well as the ski slopes.

Gasthof zum Hammer is a great place to stay whether your alone or with a family. In addition to a restaurant and table tennis, there is also a kids play area. You can easily access hikes and skiing facilities. 

Mostviertel may not be as popular as Salzburg and Vienna, but it is just as beautiful and unique. If you love scenic hiking then make this a stop when traveling to Austria.

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