Ghost Tours in the US that You don’t Want to Miss this Halloween

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Taking a ghost tour is a fun and different way to explore any city. So why not try one this Halloween?

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This is the perfect season to get your scare on and what better way than trying out a ghost tour near you? If you know someone whose birthday is around this time of year, taking a ghost tour could also be a great birthday party idea!

Taking a ghost tour gives you a great way to learn more about the sordid past and mysteries that a place has. Whether you choose to try one close to home or in another state, there is something creepy waiting to be discovered.

charleston haunted jail night time walking tour

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Try out one of these terrifying ghost tours for the best haunted experience:

Ghost Tours in Arizona

Historic, Haunted and Scenic Adventure Tour

Take a trip through Arizona’s most haunted locations with this ghost tour. Hop in the van and take a trip through Sedona, Jerome, or the Verde Valley and experience the most famous ghost towns in the state.

This ghost tour is unique and includes a haunted pub tour and a historic saloon tour where you can stop and enjoy a drink while listening to the interesting and spooky stories of the past. There are several different versions of this tour and is perfect to try out a few times for something different.

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Classic Haunted Tour of Jerome from Sedona

If you want to learn more about Cottonwood, Clarkdale and Jerome, then try this night tour. You will explore the historic old town of Cottonwood and learn more about the “Bootleg Capital of Arizona” and explore the history of Jerome.

As you wander on this night tour, your guide will conjure up the ghosts of the past and make you aware of all the most haunted spots in this great place. Be ready to experience spine chilling stories where the ghosts are brought to vivid reality.

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Ghost Tours in California

Notorious Los Angeles: Private Haunted and True Crime City Tour

Explore the deep dark history of Los Angeles, from years long past to present. Learn more about the cities famous criminals, mobsters, cult leaders, serial killers and all else supernatural and paranormal.

There are so many fascinating sites to see on this tour including the Manson Family locations, Mobster hideouts, haunted hotels secret tunnels and even some famous horror film locations. The tour changes constantly, keeping it fresh and perfectly creepy so don’t miss out.

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Haunted Tales of Downtown Los Angeles

Enjoy a tour that gives you an inside look into the haunted history of Los Angeles. There are many creepy stories to unveil on this haunted tour, from infamous murders and unsolved crimes to mysteries that you can only wonder at.

Take a walk through the location of the Chinatown Massacre of 1871 and the L.A Times bombing and learn more about the story behind the Black Dahlia. There is so much more to discover which makes this a great haunted tour.

Haunted San Diego Ghost Tour

Take a ghost tour through San Diego and learn about the creepy tales that lie behind the perfect facade. Your guide will tell you all about why this city is known as one of the most haunted in the West of the US.

Take a tour of the most active haunted location in San Diego, the Gaslamp Museum at the Davis-Horton House. According to the description, some tour members have had first-hand encounters with the paranormal here. You will also make a stop at the Horton Grand Hotel where you are bound to have a surprise or two. Try this haunted tour if you dare!

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Ghost Tour in Colorado

Twilight Ghost Tour

If you’re thinking about taking a haunted tour in Denver, then this is the one you must try. Learn more about the most haunted buildings in the city and let the guide show you a whole new and creepy side of the city.

It is the perfect way to learn all the sordid secrets of the most haunted neighborhoods and while you’re at it get some really great photos. They might surprise you…

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Ghost Tours in Florida

Key West Ghost and Gravestone Trolley Tour

Key West is one of the most haunted cities in the US and this ghost tour will show you exactly why the city has this honour. This ghost tour is fun and packed with information and creepy stories. Your guide comes dressed as a 17th-century gravedigger, adding to the great experience.

Visit the Artist House and meet Robert the Doll, the inspiration behind the movie Child’s Play. You will even have the opportunity to explore the most haunted Civil War Fort at night! Nothing gets creepier than that so don’t miss out.

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Ghosts and Graveyard Tour of Pensacola

Pensacola was one of the first European settlements in the US and has all the creepy stories to go along with it. Explore some of the most haunted sites including Sanders Beach and learn all about the weird and wonderful from your guide.

Your tour will take you back in time and according to the descriptions is “an evening of fear and laughter”. There are some truly terrifying things to discover on this tour including a cemetery.

Secrets of St Augustine Ghost Tours

Meet the restless souls of St. Augustine on this ghost tour. Follow your guide and visit the Hugenot and Tolomato Cemetery where you will learn about the residents of these haunted spots. Learn all about the bones beneath and more on this spooky tour. It’s not to be missed.

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Ghost Tours in Georgia

Savannah Ghostwalker Tour and Ghost Hunt

Take a ghost tour with real ghost hunting equipment like ghost tracking meters, K2 EMF meters. You will take an interactive tour of Savannah and learn more about the cities paranormal activity. Visit the Antebellum Historic homes as well as the famously haunted cemeteries and battlefields of Savannah. Don’t miss out on one of the most famous haunted cities in the world.

They even offer a Savannah Haunted Pub Crawl. The tour offers ghost tours throughout the historic district of Savannah. These tours include stops at local bars and restaurants where guests can sample some tasty treats and drinks.

Savannah 13 Ghosts Haunted Tour

If you are looking for a ghost tour that will take you up close and personal with the paranormal, this is it. The tour is operated by enthusiasts in Paranormal Research, Occult Studies, and Savannah History, so your guides are more than equipped to show you the really creepy side of the city.

On your ghost tour, you’ll be learning, and maybe even meeting, the paranormal and the supernatural experiences that lie in wait. Learn more about the poltergeists and spirits that wander the city. This is a ghost tour not to be missed, especially by adventurous guests!

Ghost Tours in Louisiana

New Orleans Ghost, Voodoo & Vampire Walking Tour

Nothing is better than a ghost tour in New Orleans. Learn all about the supernatural myths and legends of this interesting and diverse city with your expert guide. Make a stop at the haunted LaLaurie Mansion and the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum and learn all about the paranormal stories from professional storytellers.

The city is full of stories about witches, vampires, voodoo priests and restless spirits that will make your skin crawl. Start in the infamous French Quarter and make your way through the city on a tour like no other.

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New Orleans Ghost Adventures Tour

Meet the spirits of New Orleans past on this tour guided by a professional historian and masterful storyteller. Move through the city and learn all about the ghosts that wander the streets in this supernatural city. This is a ghost tour that can be enjoyed with the whole family.

Haunted French Quarter Tour

Take a different ghost tour of New Orleans and visit places such as the Beauregard-Keyes House and the Bourbon Orleans Hotel. You will even learn about the Witch of the French Opera.

This tour is a great way to encounter the spooky and incredible side of New Orleans. Bring a camera as you may even have a chance to catch one of the spooky apparitions when you go searching for the Ghost of Pirates Alley.

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Ghost Tours in Massachusetts

Boston Ghosts & Gravestones Night-Time Trolley Tour

Hop on the Trolley of the Doomed and learn more about the spooky history of Boston. Roam the haunted streets and stop at sights such as the Copp’s Hill Burying Ground, the burial place of Cotton Mather known for his involvement in the Salem Witch Trials.

This is a fun and spooky way to learn more about the secrets and mysteries of this famous city. You will get inside tales about famous serial killers such as the Boston Strangler and Jolly Jane as well as visit the Old Granary where some of the most notable Revolutionary heroes are buried.

Evening Ghost Tour of Boston

Seek the paranormal and downright scary with this Boston ghost tour. Take an evening walk and discover the eery past of this famous city as you learn more about the cities most notable deaths and ghost stories.

Make sure to bring your camera, you may even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the supernatural on this tour.

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Dark History Hauntings & Witchcraft Hysteria

This ghost tour is great for the whole family. Take a tour to learn more about the Salem witch trials of 1692, one of the most famous events in US history.

Stop at all the local supernatural favourites like the Witch House, Chestnut Street and Burying Point Cemetery. You will also get to see some more secluded areas that tourists hardly ever get to see and learn all about the spooky legends attached to them.

Ghost Tours in New York

Greenwich Village Haunted Tour

If you enjoy ghost stories, then this is the perfect tour for you. This haunted tour will take you through Washington State Park. Look out for the ghosts that are rumoured to reside in the park. Make your way through Greenwich Village and learn more about the Mark Twain House and the old Triangle Shirtwaist Factory which is rumoured to be one of the most haunted places in the US.

Greenwich Village Small-Group Haunted Ghost Tour, in NYC

Take a haunted tour through New York City and discover the sordid past of Greenwich Village. It is one of New Yorks oldest neighbourhoods and full of eery and unexplainable stories.

Stop at Washington Square Park and continue on to see the Emma Lazarus House which is rumoured to be haunted. You’ll even visit a number of different spots on Waverley Place where people are buried. Try this tour for a real creepy time.

East Village Haunted Manhattan Tour

The East Village is full of stories, spooky and mysterious. Let your guide take you on a haunted tour that you won’t forget. Take a walk through 13 haunted spots that are sure to get your imagination running wild.

You’ll visit historic pubs, the Public Theatre and even stop in a subway to hear more about the “ghost train”. Enjoy the best ghost stories with a real New Yorker.

Williamsburg East Ghost Tour

According to the description, this tour is based on the first-ever photo study done of ghosts. While you make your way through Williamsburg your guide will show you images taken in different sites as you make your way past them.

You will learn more about the stories behind the hauntings as well as those that took the photos. You will even make a stop at the most haunted house in Williamsburg, the Peyton Randolph House. Don’t forget to bring your camera as you may very well take some eery photos of your own on this haunted tour.

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Ghost Tour in Philadelphia

Haunted Philadelphia Spirits of ’76 Ghost Tour

Take a walk on the scary side and visit 20 different haunted sites on this creepy tour of Philadelphia. Make a stop to see the legendary ghosts of Independence Hall and continue on to the cobblestone streets of the Old City. As you go your guide will tell you all about the paranormal that wander these spots. Are you brave enough to try this haunted tour?

Ghost Tours in South Carolina

Haunted Charleston Ghost and Pub Walking

Take a ghost tour of Charleston while visiting some of the best pubs in town.
The Haunted Charleston Ghost and Pub Walking

If you are looking for something fun and scary to do with friends then why not take this ghost tour which is also a pub crawl. Each of the pubs that you’ll stop at is rumoured to be haunted so there are more than enough stories, and drinks, to go around. You don’t want to miss this exciting haunted tour.

Haunted Ghost Cruise of Charleston Harbor

Do something different and try a ghost cruise this spooky season. You will get to explore all the hidden secrets of Charleston in a completely unique way.

Pass by haunted sites where pirates once laid siege to ships and where naval battles were fought. Your guide will tell you all the haunted secrets that Charleston has. This is a great way to experience a haunted tour like no other.

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Charleston Haunted Jail Night-Time Walking Tour

What is spookier than exploring an old haunted jail? Well, this is one of the best haunted experiences you can have in Charleston. Your guide will take you through the jail where you will learn about the most notorious criminals that were once held here.

Take a first-hand look at prisoner cells, hallways and locations where some prisoners died. You won’t want to miss this spooky tour. The jail is said to be haunted, so watch your step, you may even see something otherworldly

Charleston Ghost & Graveyard Night-Time Guided Walking Tour

Take a nighttime stroll in Charleston and discover all the scariest sites in the city. Visit sites where you will find out all about graveyard hauntings, voodoo and botched burials.

Take a walk through Charleston’s oldest graveyards after hours on this spooky tour that’s not to be missed. Learn more about the most famous spirits here including Sue Howard who grieves her dead child even in death. Don’t forget your camera, it’s the perfect photo opportunity.

Ghost Tour in Tennessee

Haunting Memphis Walking Ghost Tour

Memphis is well-known as the home of music, Elvis Presley and some very active ghosts. On this tour you will learn more about some of the most haunted places in Memphis, including Earnestine and Hazel’s, a former brothel turned bar.

You will also have the opportunity to explore the Orpheum Theatre which is rumoured to be haunted by a 12-year old girl, the Alexander Austin House and the location of the Memphis haunted piano. This tour is all about the creepy and well worth it.

Ghost Tours in Texas

Historic Galveston Ghost Tour

Get an inside into the eery stories of Galveston with this creepy tour. Take a walk past mysterious mansions and hear all about the sordid secrets that the island keeps hidden. Learn more about the most haunted sites in Galveston and other paranormal events. This is a great family-friendly tour that’s not to be missed.

San Antonio Ghost Walking Tour

Take a haunted tour of San Andreas with professional paranormal investigators. Learn all about the most haunted spots in the city and learn the stories behind why the spirits won’t rest. Your guide will show you all the modern ways of ghost hunting as you hunt for your own paranormal experience.

Haunted Austin Walking History Tour

This ghost tour will take you to the best-haunted site in Austin. Take a tour through the famous Driskill Hotel and learn more about this haunted spot. You’ll be close enough to feel the paranormal activity so be sure to be prepared. This haunted tour is the perfect way to learn all the tales of murder and mystery that the city has to offer.

Are you brave enough to try one of these ghost tours this Halloween?

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Ghost Tours in the US for this Halloween
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