German Christmas Markets

I'm a Christmas Market fanatic! Fortunately, Germany, where I now live has some incredible Christmas markets! There are 17 in Munich alone! Seriously!

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I still haven’t been to all of them, as that requires careful planning since some of them are really small and just a one or two day event. But I do have a rather impressive Christmas market if I do say so myself – 17 in one month! Not bad – albeit my husband feels differently as he doesn’t share my enthusiasm. What I love most about the Christmas markets is that to a large extent they replace, or at least complement the popular beer halls. Friends will meet up for a mug of steam hot Glühwein (mulled wine) at a Christmas market, instead of a beer hall. Almost every group I’m in will have some sort of gathering at a Christmas market and that’s what I love – the spirit of coming together with friends and family! Keep checking back as I’m exploring new Christmas markets every year!

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guide to castles and Christmas markets in Bavaria, Germany

Tollwood: My Favorite Festival in Munich

Tollwood Winter Festival is one of my highlights in December in Munich. I find this festival/Christmas market much more interesting than the more popular Oktoberfest.

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