My Favorite Places to Eat in Munich

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Should I really share my favourite places to eat in Munich?

I’m torn, I really want visitors to Munich to eat at places besides the Hofbräuhaus and the Hard Rock Cafe, or one of the many cafes/restaurants surrounding Marienplatz.

On the other hand, my favourite places to eat in Munich, are my favourites, in part because they’re not touristy and frankly I like them that way. Nevertheless, here are a few of my favourites:
favorite places to eat in Munich, vits cafe

My Favorite Coffee Shops in Munich:

Vits. Rumfordstraße 49. It’s just around the corner from the Isator S-Bahn station. Closed on Sundays.  This centrally located cafe is one of the few places in Munich that provides free water.

The coffee is delicious and every cappuccino is served with foam art, ranging from a leaf to an elephant.  Of course, they serve delicious cakes and a light lunch menu.  It’s quite spacious with both indoor and outdoor seating and you never feel rushed. It’s one of a handful of cafes in Munich where you can bring your laptop and work for a few hours.

Another favourite is the Katzen Tempel. It’s Germany’s first cat cafe where you can have a cappuccino while hanging out with the resident kitties. They also serve lunch and offer vegetarian and vegan meals. Gluten-free bread is also available.

Check out my list of other cafes in Muenchen that also serve lactose-free or soya milk.

My Favorite Place to Eat Thai Food Munich:

Manam. ,Rosenheimer Strasse 34.  No website. Closed on Sundays. I give this one away with great reluctance. It’s always full and it’s almost impossible to get a table at the four-table restaurant.  They only serve soup but it’s delicious soup.

Fortunately, they’ve opened up a restaurant of the same name. You’ll find it just around the corner at Rosenheimerplatz. There’s a small sign and you go down some stairs. It’s a bit tricky to find but it’s worth it. The atmosphere is OK but nothing special. Still, I’m convinced it’s the best Thai food I’ve had outside of Thailand. It’s also reasonably priced.

I especially love the Som Tam (papaya salad sprinkled with peanuts). Having lived in Thailand for 2 years previously, I am VERY PICKY about Thai food.

My Favorite Places to Eat in Munich for Gluten-Free Food:

Gasthof Obermaier.Truderinger Str. 306. This rustic Bavarian restaurant also has a large outdoor dining area. It’s very cozy. As someone with Celiac disease (gluten allergy), I’m allergic to most German food since a lot of it contains flour or bread. They serve an incredible gluten-free schnitzel here. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it. There’s no indication on the menu that they have gluten-free food though so this is definitely an insider’s find. You’re welcome :).

Ristorante Il Salento.Verdistrasse 92. Closed on Mondays.   This Italian restaurant does both regular and gluten-free pizza very well. They also have gluten-free pasta.   The atmosphere is OK, but it’s not especially attractive. Having said that,  the service is friendly and the food is delicious.  The chef has Celiac disease so he really understands what “gluten-free” means.

Nero. This is another favourite for gluten-free pizza. I like the chic atmosphere and the pizza is to die for. While it’s gluten-free crust, it is baked in the same oven as regular pizza. I’m celiac but fortunately, cross-contamination doesn’t bother me. But it’s something to be aware of.

KatzenTempel. As mentioned above, they have gluten-free bread and a couple of gluten-free options for lunch. They sometimes even have gluten-free baking.

My Favorite Place to Eat in Munich When I Want a Nice Meal:

Champor, Warthestraße 5. Closed on Sundays).  This Malaysian restaurant has it all. Decadent food, made with a mix of unidentifiable herbs and spices (at least to my palate) but unbelievably delicious.  The low lighting and the dark wood atmosphere is romantic and the service is excellent.  Both indoor and outdoor seating is available.

OK, now that I’ve spilled my favourite places to eat in Munich, foodies let me know yours.  I’m always on the lookout for new places to try.  Guten Appetit!

Be sure to check out my Munich City Guide for how to make the most of your precious travel time.

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24 thoughts on “My Favorite Places to Eat in Munich”

  1. I was in Munich when I was 16, so I definitely want to go back now that I’m living in Germany. We might have to check out a few of the places on your list, but I promise not to bring other tourists along 🙂

  2. Ha, that’s always the risk when you’re a travel blogger. Do you recommend your favorite hole-in-the-wall places that no one knows about…. or keep them just for yourself!

  3. I shouldn’t read a food post when I’m hungry. I don’t think I’ll be heading to Munich anytime soon but still great info and useful for a young friend in Germany – who also has celiac disease. I hear it’s a difficult country for the people avoiding gluten so advice on that sort of restaurant is particularly useful.

  4. Well, I promise that if I come to Munich, I’m still going to go to the Hard Rock Cafe, but only because I have to visit each one at least once. After that, Champor sounds pretty good to me.
    I think it’s only fair that if you find yourself a little more crowded at your favorite restaurants because you told everybody about them, that any readers who are there at the same time as you should buy your meal. That should make the trade off worth it.

  5. The last time I went to Munich, I stayed around the corner from Isartor. Wonder how close I was to your coffee place.

    That is really cool that you found a place with a chef that has celiac. Someone that understands it well should help make sure the food tastes good as well as fits the restrictions.

    We have a Kartoffelhaus here in Freiburg too. Amazing, though a very deep menu of potato offerings, not much for the meat interested.

  6. @Leigh – Germany can be a tough place for people with celiac disease. I plan to write a post about gluten-free restaurants in Munich and how to get get around Germany when on a gluten-free diet.

    @Steve – I like the way you think and the next time you’re in Munich, you owe me dinner 🙂

    @Adam – You bet, my favorite is the elephant cappuccino foam art!

    @Andy – Sounds like you were very close. The Kartofelhaus here has a few traditional meat offerings, schnitzel, fish and steak, but the emphasis is definitely on the potatoes.

  7. Funny isn’t it, how we want places that are not touristy. Besides the crowds, I find, especially here, in those establishments, the food is watered down to suit the tastes of the tourists.

  8. Thanks for sharing this! We are a gluten free family, currently spending 2 months traveling around Europe. We’re spending the upcoming week in Munich, and it really helps to have some restaurant suggestions. We rented an apartment to cook most meals in, but I miss being able to walk into any restaurant without food allergy fear. Thanks again!

    • @Amanda, Glad this helps. I find a lot of Bavarian food contains gluten, but you’re usually OK with potato salad. Rewe (a grocery store) has just recently added a new gluten-free line as well, which will come in handy since you’re staying in an apartment. If you need any other suggestions, let me know, I’m happy to help.

  9. If you like Chipotle, Pure Burrito is a knock off version in Munich is always my must hit spot when I’m in town.

  10. Thank you. A great short concise list. We’ll be sure to check out your best choice for German food in a few months when we are over. I think you should expand your list to include: Best lunch in Munich; Best cake shop in Munich; Best place for a romantic/intimate dinner in Munich, yet hey, maybe I’m just to lazy to keep search the net for those ideas 🙂

  11. Hi..I am from IL and will be traveling to Munich before a river cruise down the Danube. I have Celiac disease and am also allergic to dairy and soy. I was looking on the Internet to try to find place for my husband and I to have meals while we are in Munich at the Le Meridien Hotel. My husband can eat whatever he desires, while my diet is quite the opposite.. 🙁
    If you can be of any help, I’d really appreciate it. We are really fun people and love to try new foods and travel. My diagnosis 7 years ago put a slight damper on the food part but, our desire to travel hasn’t changed. Thank you in adavance..DEB

    • @Deb – Thanks for your message. It’s really difficult to find gluten-free Bavarian food. I find that when I go to a Bavarian restaurant I usually eat meat (no sauce, almost all of the sauces have flour) and potato salad. Here’s a list of restaurants that do offer gluten-free options: It’s in German only unfortunately but there’s always Google Translate.

      The exception being the Kartoffelhaus (Potato House). They have some good gluten-free options, but you’ll have to ask since it’s not indicated on the menu and they also offer a menu in English.

      As a general rule of thumb, (in case of language difficulties, celiac disease is not that common here, so not everyone knows which foods contain gluten) I’m fine eating the sausage, but not fine with the half of a chicken (despite being told it’s gluten-free, my stomach tells me otherwise. Also, most of the sauces and soups also contain gluten.

      To the best of my knowledge, soy isn’t found in many traditional German foods.

      Rewe, a local grocery store chain and the Reformhaus (health food store) also have gluten-free sections where you will be able to find gluten-free snacks or bread.

      Hope that helps! Enjoy your trip!

  12. Thanks for these Laurel, we’ll check some out at the weekend – never been to Munich and it’s difficult to find places that are outside of the tourist walk – most cities we visit it’s easier to find the cooler, off the beaten track areas with an online search – for Munich it seems to be really hard, so thanks for your insight!


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