Maybe you’ve worked with travel bloggers before or maybe it’s your first time.

Regardless, I hope these FAQs will answer your questions about working with me.  If you have a question that I haven’t answered, please contact me using the form below:

1) My destination doesn’t have monkeys or mountains.  Will I still get value from working with you?
Absolutely! The name Monkeys and Mountains is meant to be interpreted generally to include wildlife, nature and the outdoors, rather than taken literally.  In fact, 95% of my clients don’t have monkeys at their destination and many don’t have mountains either and I’ve generated fantastic results for them.

2) I’m representing a city or an urban area.  Does it still make sense for me to work with you?
Yes, my readers are also very interested in cities.  And while I encourage travellers to get outside of cities and explore, they still want to spend 2-3 days exploring a city.  City breaks are also a popular topic with my European audience.

3) Are there any topics which you don’t cover?
Yes.  If you are looking for someone to provide in-depth coverage of nightlife, shopping, medical tourism or cruises (unless they’re to remote wilderness areas), you will get more value working with another travel blogger whose audience is interested in these topics.

4) How does it work if you visit my destination?
I’m available for either group blogger/press trips or individual trips, depending on your goals. As is the general norm, when working with travel bloggers, you are required to pay for all expenses, i.e. getting there, accommodation, food, local transportation and for activities.  In addition, I charge a fee for my work, except in exceptional circumstances. The fee is a fraction of what you would pay for an advertising campaign. I am more than happy to provide you with the benefits, including the number of posts on my blog and social media that you will receive, along with the statistics from the campaign afterwards.

5) What if my product or service is not in the travel industry, can we still work together?
It depends.  If your brand is related to outdoor equipment or clothing, photography gear, or something that connects to the outdoors, adventure theme of my blog, then absolutely!  Otherwise, no. My goal is to provide value to both you and my audience, and I can only do that by staying on topic.

6) How far in advance do I need to book you?
As far in advance as possible since my schedule tends to fill up quickly. I’ve got some work already scheduled 8 months in advance. Having said that, occasionally it might be possible to work something out with a month’s notice.

7) Do you accept sponsored posts?
I do not do one-off sponsored posts, but am happy to put together a digital marketing campaign that lasts a minimum of three months (minimum of one month in exceptional circumstances). That way I can achieve better results for you.

Other questions, or interested in working with me?  Please contact me using the form below, or go back to the How We can Work Together page.  I look forward to working with you!