What To Eat In Barcelona

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One of the best things about visiting Barcelona is food. But with this many choices, you may be confused about what to eat. So here are some of my top pick.

Visiting Barcelona and not sure what to indulge in? Well with this many choices I know, it gets pretty overwhelming. I had a great opportunity to eat some of the best local produce so I know just what to eat in Barcelona.

Exploring Barcelona’s Food Scene 

I had the unique experience of eating like a local thanks to Farm to Fork, The Boqueria & Beyond a walking seminar offered through Context.  Context specializes in in-depth small group tours led by highly qualified docents.  

Our guide was Sophie who had just published My Barcelona Kitchen.  I liked the idea of buying food at a local market, then bringing it back and cooking it in the apartment I was staying – just like a local would!

Churros: What You Need to Eat In Barcelona

The first stop was to the Cafe Granja at Xucla 4, not far from the Ramblas.  We sampled Churros, a pastry that is dipped in real hot chocolate (not the sweet processed chocolate frequently found in North America), and topped with whipped cream.  

As I have a gluten allergy, I couldn’t eat the churros, but they substituted gluten-free ladyfingers for me instead.  Please double check that the ladyfingers are indeed gluten-free before eating them if you have a gluten allergy as I do.

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eat like a local at Granja Cafe in Barcelona Spain

Spain’s Largest Food Market Is In Barcelona

 The next stop was La Boqueria Market, at Rambla, 91 Mercat de la Boqueria.  It’s the largest food market in Spain and one of the largest in Europe!  It’s touristy, but also popular with locals.  

The difference being that locals tend to go to the stalls located at the back of the market.  Sophie knew the market like the back of her hand and quickly guided us to some of her favorite stalls offering up local goodies, like Arbequina olives, which are grown in Catalonia.

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 We also ate local sausage that you could eat on the go, or bring home:
eat like a local at La Boqueria Market in Barcelona Spain Barcelona locals famously eat what’s in season and wait all year long for mushroom season.  Fortunately, once the mushroom season comes along, there’s no shortage of mushrooms, which you could easily take back and prepare to your liking in your holiday apartment:

eat like a local, like these local mushrooms found at La Boqueria in Barcelona Spain

Tapas are also a local treat.  Sophie insisted that we stop for some and try two of the local’s favourites; a seafood dish and a mushroom one, since they were in season and let’s be honest, we were too lazy to cook. This is what to eat in Barcelona.

eat like a local, mushroom tapas at La Boqueria in Barcelona Spain

The Formatgeria La Sue: Cheese In Barcelona

Next up, and among my favorites was a stop at Formatgeria La Seu, a small cheese shop hidden away at 16 Dagueria.  It’s run by Catherine, a Scottish woman who calls herself a little “crazy” and who will take offense if you take a photo without asking first.  She handpicks all the cheeses herself from small local producers.  

You can stop by for an impromptu stand up only cheese tasting, accompanied by a glass of wine for less than €5, or buy some to take back to your holiday apartment.

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eat like a local, local cheeses found in Barcelona, Spain

What To Eat in Barcelona: Sweet Indulgence

It’s not possible to eat like a local in Barcelona without stopping for something sweet at Torrons Vincens. They’re,\ located at Carrer de Petritxol, 15.  In business since 1775, they specialize in homemade nougat.  

Locals would typically buy several different kinds, then slice it into small pieces and serve it for dessert for holidays and special occasions.  For nougat this good, I could justify any day as a special occasion, it’s delicious!  It also packs easily if you are looking for a local souvenir.

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eat like a local at Vicens in Barcelona Spain

I confess I ate a lot!  The food was so delicious it was difficult to exercise self-control.  I wanted to try everything!

The Best Paella In Spain 

So technically I did not eat the best paella in Barcelona but during one of my day-trips from Barcelona to Catalonia.  I thought I would share it with you anyway because it was the best paella I have ever eaten. I had the opportunity to have my senses wowed by chef Joan Marce Gonzalez.

He not only fed us the most amazing paella but also let me in on the secret of a perfect paella. There are no secret ingredients involved. The secret tp paella is that once you pour the rice in you don’t stir – not even once! You cook in on medium hear and never ever rush your paella.

Accommodation in Barcelona


The Monument Hotel is located in Paseo de Gracia a very fashionable neighborhood in Barcelona. Most of the rooms have balcony’s where you can enjoy a glass of wine and fantastic views over Barcelona. The hotel is housed in a 19th Century house which is an architectural gem of Barcelona.

Sir Victor Hotel is a chic and contemporary hotel that has some great decor and an excellent rooftop pool and terrace. The terrace is a tropical wonder where you can enjoy cocktails. The hotel also has a great spa that offers multiple treatments.


The Catalonia Catedral is set in a beautiful modernist building with exceptional decor. There is a rooftop pool and a Japanese style terrace and garden. The hotel offers a great restaurant that serves Mediterranean cuisine. Each room comes with a Nespresso machine and beautiful decor.

The Olivia Plaza Hotel enjoys excellent views from the terrace bar. The rooms are spacious and chic and some of them offer great views of the square. The Ramblas have located just a few minutes away, where you can explore some great restaurants.


Catalonia Portal de l’Angel is housed in a 19th Century building in the center of Barcelona. The hotel pool is great and surrounded by murals that give it a unique atmosphere. The rooms maintain much of the original decor and are warm and comfortable. 

Hotel Condal was first opened in 1850. The hotel is clean and simple and offers seasonal rooms. The hotel is located centrally and it is easy to get around from the location. 

So are you still wondering what to eat in Barcelona? I would love to hear from you about what your favorite foods you have from Barcelona.

Thank you to Context and to HouseTrip for making my Eat Like a Local in Barcelona experience possible.  As always, all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. @Jennifer – No, that is unbelievable! Actually it was my first time trying them since I have a gluten-allergy and was thrilled to discover gluten-free ones. Eating delicious food is always a great way to start off the day 🙂

  2. Was at the Boquería on Saturday morning doing a food tour and cooking class (with http://www.papaserra.com), and it’s amazing what a difference it makes to see the produce on the stalls through the eyes of an experienced chef. I saw things I’d never even heard of before. The best part is eating them afterwards, of course:)

  3. Visited the market near La Rambla when in Barcelona but missed your other foodie stops. This post would have come in really handy a year ago – and what a great tour and way to delve further into a city.

  4. Yummy on all of these and what a treat to eat all of that and not gain weight. Best part indeed. This is such a wonderful way to explore the city and experience it as a local. I’ve only visited Madrid and loved all the jamon and churro con chocolate. It looks a bit different from your top picture though.

  5. Nice post! That cup of hot chocolate made me seriously drool! As did the mushrooms.

    For some reason, I don’t remember eating anything spectacular in Barcelona, despite its foodie reputation. Maybe besides street & market food. Perhaps another trip is in order…

    • @Pola – Thank you! I definitely ate differently after doing a tour with Context than I had my previous two times in Barcelona. I’m still drooling over all the Jambon!

  6. Barcelona is my favorite city in Europe. Though, I never really thought of it as an eating destination. It sounds very intriguing, and looks yummy. I’d love to eat at the Boqueria and know exactly what I’m ordering. Next time, I’ll be sure to pay more attention to the food.

    • @Sherry – Barcelona is one of my favorite cities as well and I LOVE the food. I’ve been to the Boqueria before, but have never ate like this. It really helps going with a foodie.

  7. We were very upset (and got sick because of it) that you mistook lady fingers for churros at the Cafe Granja. Because of a language barrier, we initially believed the churros were gluten free and ate them. However, upon going back, we were told (from a waiter that spoke English) that they did not serve gluten free churros at this cafe. The picture you have is of lady fingers, which we did indeed order as well. Please update your blog immediately as to not deceive your readers (as we were) and get them sick.

    • @Kaleigh, I’m so sorry to hear that you got sick. Thank you for letting me know so that I could update the blog post. My intention was never to deceive anyone. As someone with celiac, I understand the seriousness of the issue, and also the importance of double-checking that something is gluten-free.


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