Food And Drink in Germany Vs. Canada

There are many similarities between food and drink in Germany and in Canada but the longer I stay in Germany, the more subtle differences I notice.  Here are my top ten food …

German Wedding Gifts: Part 4 of German Weddings

German wedding gifts are similar to wedding gifts that you would find in North America.  Gift certificates and cash being especially popular for couples who have been on their own for a while and have already bought the requisite toaster.  J.P. didn’t want to give cash at the German wedding we recently attended so we … Read More

German-Canadian wedding in Banff (Canadian Rocky Mountains)

Getting Engaged to a German: Part 1 of German Weddings

Getting engaged to a German holds different significance in Germany than it does in North America. In North America, getting engaged is a big deal, in Germany not so much (although the German wedding is a big deal of course).  We first came across this when dealing with German Immigration.  We asked if there was … Read More

Resources for Expats Living in Stuttgart

I feel very fortunate to be an expat living in Stuttgart, where there are several clubs for expats, making it easy to meet other expats living in Stuttgart and Germans interested in meeting expats. I’m actually in awe of how much easier it is now compared to 10 years ago when I lived in S. … Read More