Your guide to Munich, Germany. Discover what to see and do, where to stay, what to eat and the best day trips. There’s so much more to the Bavarian capital than Oktoberfest.

You’ll find the world’s largest pig museum in Stuttgart, Germany where you can see over 50,000 pigs in 29 theme rooms. Despite this claim to fame, the Pig Museum is not well known. In asking over 20 locals and expats, no one had heard of it. I was intrigued, but not sure what to expect.

Bamberg is Germany’s largest UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s the third largest in Europe. Only Venice and Prague are larger. In my opinion, it’s also the prettiest city in Bavaria with a whopping 2500 historic buildings! A large part of it’s charm is due to how much of the medieval city is still intact. Only

Show caves may not be what comes to mind when you think of things to do in Germany, but Germany has 51 of them! A show cave is loosely defined as a cave that is suitable for visitors. One that is accessible by foot using walkways and stairs. It’s normally equipped with lighting.  They also frequently

    The Roman Limes Museum in Aalen, Germany sits beside the largest Roman Limes Fort north of the alps and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I was thrilled to discover that such an impressive site was less than 80 km from Stuttgart, which is why it was on my list of places to

5 ways that North Americans can immigrate to Germany from a Canadian who’s lived in Germany for over 6 years. Includes how-to tips and personal experience to help you navigate the immigration process.