Despite being a mountain lover and avid hiker, my own of this 1500km long mountain range – the second longest in Europe, was embarrassing low. That’s why I loved learning about them, and insisted on visiting the Carpathians when I was in Lviv. Fortunately it’s just a 2 -3 hour drive away. Where are the Carpathian

Have you ever eaten a legally protected croissant? One that is protected in all of the EU? You have if you’ve eaten a St. Martin’s Croissant, better known as rogale marcińskie in Polish.

Wielkopolski National Park is a popular getaway for Poznan locals! If I lived in Poznan, I’d be there every weekend! Located just 15km south of Poznan, Wielkopolski is easily reached by bus or train (the Poznan to Wroclaw line), or you could even cycle there for more of a work out. There are two look

Budapest Tram #2 is the most scenic tram journey in Europe according to National Geographic. And according to our guide it’s the second most scenic tram journey in the world (after San Francisco). Regardless of it’s rating, It’s spectacular!

It’s no secret that fall is my favorite time of year to hike. What is a secret is just how incredible fall hiking is Triglav National Park, Slovenia’s only national park!