Malaysian Borneo still stands out in my memory as one of my favourite places in the world for experiencing unspoilt nature up close. Getting within sniffing distance of tiny wild piglets, watching proboscis monkeys, seeing rare orangutans – are unforgettable experiences.

Diving in Okinawa, Japan offers you so much beauty in its crystal clear waters. Okinawa offers you a multitude of different diving spots where you’ll find manta rays, whales, sea turtles and more than 200 species of coral!

Ever wondered what Kyrgyzstan is like? Find out what this Central Asian country has to offer visitors and where it could improve according to Gerda, a10-year old Kyrgyz-Canadian who returned when she was 8 years old.

The Tien Shan Mountains is one of the best mountain ranges that you can visit if you’re seeking solitude.
Whether you’re a hiker, trekker or mountaineer, you’ll have over 10,100 square kilometres of mountains to discover. And much of that to yourself. You may not see another hiker or mountaineer for days, or even weeks in the more remote parts.

Yala National Park is well-known for its dense populations of Leopards. But Yala has so much more to offer in wildlife and natural beauty. Yala National Park is situated in the south-east corner of Sri-Lanka and is a must see if you love Wildlife adventures.