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Are You a Traveler Looking for Advice?

Yeah!  I’m convinced that the more people travel, the world will increasingly become a better place.  There’s nothing like travel to help us understand each other better on a global level. I hope you have a fantastic trip! I don’t provide free travel advice but am happy to put you in touch with one of my hand-selected selected tour companies that can help you plan your perfect trip. Just let me know in the contact form below.


Are you a Travel Brand/DMO/Looking for a Speaker for your next event?

I’d love to hear how we can work together.  Be sure to check out my Work with Me page and download my media kit if you haven’t done so already. Please note: I do not accept free content or infographics and only work with brands that are relevant to my audience.  You can contact me through the form below, or via the email address provided on the Work with Me page.

Are You Wondering What Tools I use to run Monkeys and Mountains?

I’ve listed most of them HERE.

Are You a Brand Looking for a Sponsored Post?

I do not do one-off sponsored posts, but am happy to put together a digital marketing campaign that lasts a minimum of three months. That way I can  achieve better results for you. If you are not interested in a minimum of a three month campaign, then please do not contact me.

Are You a Travel Start-Up/Blogger Looking for a Book or Product Review?

I wish you the best with your project, but do not provide free reviews. If you are interested in a paid campaign lasting a minimum of three months,  please indicate that in your comment.


Something else to say? I’d love to hear from you!

If I haven’t responded within 10 days, please contact me again.  While I try to respond to all emails that follow the above guidelines, it can be difficult to stay on top of them when traveling.

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