Bike Touring Gear List: The Essentials You Need to Bring

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Having the right bike touring gear makes your cycling trip much more enjoyable. That’s why we’ve created this list of what to bring for your bikepacking trip.

You want to ensure that you have the essential bike touring gear but without overpacking, since then you’ll over-exert energy that is better served exploring. Check out our recommendations for your bikepacking trip that assumes you’re carrying your own bike gear and staying in accommodations along the way. Bike Touring Gear

Check out our recommended bike touring gear:

day hiking packing list: lightweight fleece with hood

Lightweight fleece with hood

Or another warm layer. I love my Salomon one (similar to the one in the link) because it’s lightweight and warm. Price Range: from $25 to $120
bike touring gear

Waterproof shell with hood

It will likely rain at some point while you’re hiking the TMB. Shells don’t take up much room. It will save you from rain, hail or even snowstorm. Price Range: from$35 to $170
bike touring gear

2 Quick-dry moisture-wicking shirts

Only 2 is enough if they are long-sleeved with the option to roll the sleeves up, otherwise, bring 2 short-sleeves and 1 long-sleeve shirt. Price Range: from $8 to $55
Women's Cycling Jersey - Bike touring gear

Cycling Top 

The advantage of wearing a cycling-specific top is the nifty pockets on the back. They are great for holding extra food, your phone and other small items. They are also incredibly comfortable and made with cool fabric, perfect for summer and spring. Price Range: from $17 to $28
UV Arm Sleeves - Bike touring gear

UV Arm Sleeves

While cycling you may need to protect yourself from the elements. UV Sleeves are a great way to protect against sun and moderate wind without having to add a whole layer that may make you overheat. They are also super easy to slip on and off. Price Range: $12 to $15
Cycling gloves are a must-have on your bike touring gear list

Cycling gloves.

Look for ones that are shock-absorbing, or with gel padding. They make a huge difference in preventing handlebar palsy, a painful condition where the ulnar nerve becomes compressed. Price Range: from $10 to $60
cycling helmat for men and women
cycling helmat for men and women

Cycling Helmet

Cycling helmets are not legally required, but we highly recommend wearing one at all times. Price Range: from $16 to $300
Wicking Cushion Thermal Crew Socks for Winter

3 pairs of thin athletic socks

Just as with any high-endurance activity, it’s important to have good socks when bike touring. Price Range: from $5 to $50
Top Tube Bag for Bikepacking

Top Tube Bag 

The Top Tube Bag is perfect for storing items that you use often and may need to reach quickly, like your phone or your tube kit. Price Range: $20 to $40

2 pairs of padded underwear

(you can wear hiking pants over them). Alternatively, you can choose between padded hiking shorts or padded hiking pants. The choice is yours, but padding will help prevent saddle soreness. Price Range: from $7 to $20
Danube cycling tour packing list padded cycling shorts

1 pair of padded cycle shorts

You may/may not require these depending on the time of year that you are cycling the Danube, but I recommend them between mid-May to mid-September. Price Range: from $20 to $105
Danube cycling tour packing list padded cycling pants

1 pair of padded cycling pants

I would always bring a pair of cycling pants (or padded underwear with hiking pants), with me, even in summer, since temperatures can vary dramatically. Price Range: from $20 to $50
Cycling Shoes are a great addition to your bike touring gear

Cycling Shoes

This sneaker offers you the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the ease of clip-in pedals and still be able to explore without having to change your shoes. It’s a great alternative to traditional cycling shoes. I used normal trainers while cycling and had no problems though. Price Range: $80 to $90
Danube cycling tour packing list waterproof paniers

2 Waterproof panniers

I recommend these even if you are having your luggage transported for you. They come in handy for carrying water, rain gear, and extra layers. You won’t require 2 if you’re having your luggage transported, but I would still recommend two, just to stay balanced. If you are doing the tour on your own, two should be sufficient to carry your gear. That was all I used, and I had a laptop in mine as well. Price Range: from $50 to $350
bike touring gear

Puncture-proof tires

These make a big difference over regular tires and can result in you spending more time cycling, and less time on the sidelines fixing a puncture. Price Range: from $30 to $150
Danube cycling tour packing list cycle repair kit

Bike repair kit

You only require this if you bring your own bike. On our recommended cycling tours, you’ll be provided with a bike and with a repair kit. Price Range: from $8 to $40
Danube cycling tour packing list flipflops

Flip flops

For wearing afterward and for sightseeing. Part of what makes the Danube Cycling Tour so special, are all the sights so ensure that you have flip flops, or other comfortable shoes for sightseeing. Price Range: from $15 to $150
Danube cycling tour packing list cycle odometer

Cycle odometer

You don’t technically need this, but it’s fun to monitor how far (and how fast) you’ve cycled. Price Range: from $10 to $60
Cellphone Holder for your biking adventure

Cellphone Holder  

It’s always great to have your cellphone where you can easily reach it. This one is easy to attach and remove from your handlebars.  Price Range: from $16 to $22
bike touring gear

2- 3 litres of water

There are lots of towns and villages where you’ll be able to stop and get something to drink, but I recommend always having enough water with you. Check out this post on hydration packs for more options.  Price Range: from $13 to $60
Insulated bottle holder - optional bike touring gear

Insulated Bottle Holder

Although completely optional, this is a nifty piece of bike touring gear. It’s adjustable so you can store an extra bottle or a portable coffee flask. Price Range: $10 to $13
Bike Lights are a great addition to your bike touring gear

Bike Lights

Safety should always come first. It’s always good to have a bike light (front and rear) in case you’re caught in bad weather, are riding on busier roads or get delayed and end up riding into the night. Price Range: $10 to $17
bike touring gear


Don’t forget to include sunglasses in your bike touring gear. They don’t only protect you from the sun but will keep dust and insects out of your eyes too. Price Range: $80 to $200
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Additional Notes on this list of Bike Touring Gear


Depending on where you’re cycling there may be restaurants along the way. However, I recommend checking this first and bringing some nutritious snacks with you, since you may get hungry along stretches where there is nothing available. When I cycled the Danube, a typical day for us was a quick coffee stop in the morning, lunch in a restaurant, followed by another coffee and cake stop later in the afternoon!

This bike touring gear list ensures that you’ll have everything you need for a fantastic cycling trip.

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