Best Places to Visit in Italy

Oh Italy! Italy is a place that I keep coming back to and every time it feels new, but different! The regional differences are truly incredible!

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Best places to visit in Italy
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Gelato Tasting in Turin Italy

It's no secret that Italy is famous for its gelato, but have you ever indulged in a gelato tasting or a Pinquino? Not to be missed at Gelati Pepino in Turin.

The Spirit of Salento, Italy

I left Salento inspired. Not by my usual inspirations, but by the people and their passion for traditions and keeping them alive. And the music. Especially the music!

Activo Park: An Exhilarating Day in Umbria

I love adventure. I love challenges. I love looking down, way down, knowing that if I fall at best it will really hurt, at worst.... Given my adventurous spirit I thought a day at Activo Park in Valnerina, Umbria would be child's play. Luckily I was wrong.