Best Places to Visit in Finland

I've been to Finland 4 times. Each time I go, I gain more and more respect for the strong connection with nature that Finns have and the ability to really take it all in - to be silent. On my most recent visit, I discovered the Kvarken Archipelago, Finland's only natural UNESCO Heritage Site, which remains my very favourite place in the country to-date! But despite their calm exteriors, the Finns also have a crazy side! They can drink in a manner which would challenge the Russians, they love karaoke and prisoners are allowed to use the sauna once a week! Seriously! Who knew!

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10 Finnish Foods You Need to Try

Finnish food is a mystery to most people that haven't been to Finland, but it's another great reason to visit Finland. And yes reindeer is delicious, not to mention nutritious!

The Number One Bird Watching Spot in Finland

Liminka Bay is the number one bird watching spot in Finland, according to wildlife photographer Jari Peltomäker, who promises that he's not biased. You can find over 200 bird species there!

5 Fun Facts About Finland

Fun facts about Finland. For example, did you know that prisoners are allowed to use the sauna in Finland - but only once a week? Find out why here:

Finn for a Day in Oulu, Finland

I become a Finn - well I felt like it for one day at least in Oulu, Finland. I might even have been more Finnish than most Finns were - if only I could stay in the sauna for longer.