Best Places to Visit in Thailand

In my early 20s I had the pleasure of living in Thailand for 2 years! I taught Business English in Lampang, a city south of Chiang Mai for a year, then not having my fill for Thailand, but wanting to move somewhere bigger, I accepted an internship at the Thai-Canadian Chamber of Commerce/Department of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok for another year. There’s soooooo much I can say about Thailand, but unfortunately you won’t find much of it here. It was long before I started blogging and from what I hear a LOT has changed. I used to make recommendations to friends about secret getaways, where there were only 3 huts, a place that only the locals knew about. They would go there on my recommendation and send me a photo of a built up resort area. Sigh, so I’ve stopped giving travel advice for Thailand. But I will say this. Spend a few days in Bangkok, then get out of the city, since that’s where the country’s real charm lies. And the people. It’s called The Land of Smiles for a reason. This post shows you just how kind Thai people can be!

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